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  1. Hello I am new to C-Hook. I installed SDK for X9, and established a new C++ project by using mastercam C-Hook template in Visual Studio 2013. Then I built this dialog project successfully. I copy the .dll file into the X9 chooks folder. After that I open Mastercam X9 and click "run user application" with opening the .dll file. But it shows that "Invalid User Application->C:\Program Files\mcamX9\chooks\CHookX9v2013c1.dll". I have tried many times, but the result is the same. However, I can run the original .dll files provided by matercam in the chook folder with no error. I don't konw how to deal with it. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Zephyr Ibsen

    Creat lathe custom tool

    Fanuc 0i TD, left spindle, rear turret
  3. Zephyr Ibsen

    Creat lathe custom tool

    Hello, everyone. In these days, I am learning how to creat a lathe custom tool. But when I get into the Geometry tab, I am confused about geometric tool orientation and tool orientation in turret. I want to know how I can select these two configurations. From the tuorial, these two configuratons are set in same position. I do not know whether I can always do that.

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