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Edit Bnci and Post with C-Hook


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I've come across various issues related to modifying Bnci files, and I've successfully addressed many of them. However, I'm currently facing challenges when it comes to implementing these modifications into existing operations. Despite making changes in the Bnci file, the alterations appear as "dead sections" when I regenerate the Bnci file to validate my work.

My objective is to effectively apply these changes to operations. Specifically, when I generate the NC file, any feed rate modifications, such as adding new line and changing its feedrate to "5493," do not seem to reflect in the actual NC file. Successfully accomplishing this would allow me to simulate and verify my changes at the end.

For instance, I want to insert additional points between existing ones in the toolpath or modify the feed rates of existing points. Subsequently, I aim to simulate these changes to ensure the successful insertion of points. In the simulation tool, it should be easy to observe the updated values of x, y, z, and feed rate.

Screenshot 2023-11-20 123623.png

Part of my code given below. What is your suggestion to solve that issue? 

Explanation of the code:
I copy bnci line which is a linear feed move type of operation. I change its feedrate. Then, I insert it after the existing original line. For the result, insertion is successful. However, changes cannot be seen if you generate NC file. Because of that, I cannot observe new feedrate values on the simulation too. However, changes can be seen as a "dead section" inside the Bnci file.

Is there any solution for that issue? Important issue in here is that I need to insert additional points between existing points. 

Example : 

Old Toolpath: A -- B -- C

New Toolpath: A -- A.i -- A.ii -- B -- B.i -- B.ii -- C

A.i, A.ii, B.i, B.ii are new points added between existing ones. 

for (auto const& opId : opIds)
CBnciReadWrite bnciWriter;
int numOfAddedLines = 0;
bool needToOverwrite = false;
auto currentOperation = TpMainOpMgr.GetMainOpList().OpByID(opId);
bnciWriter.ReadSection(currentOperation->op_idn, false);
auto bnciLines = bnciWriter.GetData();for (int index = 0; index < bnciLines.size(); index++)

CBnciReadWrite::BnciLinePtr bnciLine = bnciLines[index];

switch (bnciLine->gcode)


case NCI_LINEAR: // 1 (mill nci – linear feed move)

bnciLine->u.m1.feed = 6767; // Feed rate
if (fpos == -9999)
fpos = bnciWriter.RewriteLine(*bnciLine, true); // Feed rate is updated as 6767.00. Rewrite the line to Bnci.
CBnciReadWrite::BnciLinePtr bnciLineSptr = CBnciReadWrite::MakeBnciSptr(*bnciLine); // Copy Bnci Line
bnciLineSptr->u.m0.feed = 5493; // Change specific parameter of the Bnci line for testing
bnciWriter.InsertAt(numOfAddedLines + index + 1, *bnciLineSptr); // Insert new line just after copied line
numOfAddedLines += 1;
needToOverwrite = true;




if (needToOverwrite)
int x = bnciWriter.RewriteSection(false, false, false);
this->m_opId = opId;
this->Regen(); // Regenerate current operstion


Thank you everyone for their time and consideration.



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Sorry, but why are you using an external process to add point when Mastercam has everything needed in every toolpath to accomplish this task and have it come correctly from the software? What process are you using to look ahead and back in the code to make sure these added points don't conflict with the correct running of the machine?

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