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  1. Hello. I am extremely new to Mastercam, so forgive me if I don't make a lot of sense. I am working on a lathe part that also requires multi-axis milling. I've been tackling it for quite some time now. It is very important to note that I am doing this for work and on a company laptop. Said laptop is also being used by other programmers, for other machines (I am trying to program this part for an OKUMA.) When I tried to post my G-code yesterday, I noticed that the feeds for the multi-axis milling portion of the job had drastically changed. I am talking a difference of about 100-150 (I am not quite sure where to see what the units are). I did not make any changes to the program, I even tried posting the code from a similar (almost identical) project that I know was using the correct feeds before. Same thing happened. My theory is that one of the other programmers made a change to the software that I am not aware of. The code, however, seems to be ok- seems to be generated for OKUMA. Any ideas?

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