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  1. JDposed

    Mill turn programming help

    this is a test Z2G file, lets see if someone can figure it out. g40 test.ZIP g40 test.EIA
  2. JDposed

    Mill turn programming help

    I am using the c axis and 2d milling tool path, I haven't seen feed 500. in any of the tool parameters.
  3. JDposed

    Mill turn programming help

    AND ONE MORE PROBLEM ........ CODE OUTPUT WILL HAVE M511 AND M513 EVEN MACHINE DEFINITION DOES NOT HAVE SECONDARY SPINDLE... (PART OFF) (T1212 - OD GROOVE LEFT - NARROW - CORNER RAD .012") G53.5 T1212 G18 G123.1 M202 M511 M08 G97 S97 M03 G00 Z-.833 X3.922 G50 S100 G96 S100 M03 G01 G99 X3.422 F.0025 X2.176 X2.376 G00 X3.422 M09 M05 M513 G28 U0. G28 V0. W0. M30 HOW TO GET RID OF IT?
  4. I have been changing this number in red manually for a while. Every time I Programme for milling it will be there on every tool approach. have tried to change inverse feed option but no help... (T1010 - 1/8 FLAT ENDMILL - DIA .125") G53.5 T1010 G17 G123.1 M200 G97 S3667 M203 G00 C0. Z.51 X1.7776 Y0. M08 G17 U0. H0. G12.1 G01 G98 X1.7021 C-.2563 Z.51 F500. Z.23 Z-.2 F6.16 X2.0556 C-.0795 F7.33 G03 X2.1216 C0. R.1124 X0. C1.0608 R1.0608 X-2.1216 C0. R1.0608 X0. C-1.0608 R1.0608 X2.1216 C0. R1.0608 G01 X2.2215 Does anyone know how to control that number?

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