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  1. I can't wait to see one of these up close : D http://www.micromanufacturing.com/content/lumex-avance-25-machine-combines-additive-subtractive-processes
  2. Dave Ball

    Lathe live tooling

    Check out our tools at http://www.planet-products.com/index.html
  3. Dave Ball

    Hass Probeing (VQC)

    Care to share how you figured this out?
  4. Dave Ball

    specifying dialog window locations?

    Did you try what George suggested? I've always ran with a custom toolbar state and all of my windows have always opened where I last used them.
  5. We design and build them as the orders come in and around here the Nakamura isn't as popular ( M**** national headquarters is local) I keep telling them to work deals with machine distributors to get design data in exchange for a free demo of said tool
  6. This is an article about some of the things I make. Those of you that use live tooling for extended periods or at high RPM will find this very interesting. http://www.pddnet.com/articles/2012/11/taking-heat-live-tooling-longer-life-high-cycle-operations
  7. Is anyone here currently using the Mazatrol post from Camaix? Do you like it? How reliable is it? Do you need to do a lot of hand editing at the control? Pros/Cons?
  8. Guess I should have added CNC
  9. I'm soliticing recommendations for a cyclindrical grinder, what would you recommend for grinding shafts with 3 or 4 diameters no larger than 1" x 6" long.
  10. Dave Ball

    Creating a model from G-code

    Solidworks with DezignWorks plugin and a Faro arm would be my prefered method.
  11. Dave Ball

    Dowel Hole Location Tolerance

    A group decision was made to go with .001 true position.
  12. Dave Ball

    Dowel Hole Location Tolerance

    Positional tolerance isnt critical as they just locate the jaws, however the axis between the two holes must be perpendicular to the vise length. I guess a simpler way of asking this would be What should the tolerance be between two dowel holes used for alingment? How far "out" of perfect location will allow a slip fit?
  13. Just looking for input, this is part of a new line of hydraulic workholding for us. In the picture the center jaw is secured by SHCS and located by two .5005/.5009 dowel holes. What do you think the true position between the two locations "NEEDS" to be?
  14. Look at page 222, here is what I have hope it helps
  15. Dave Ball

    G2/G3 Makes B axis Move?

    OK so I tried putting the G17 on its own line per the suggestion from Mazak and it fixed the problem, I havent tried the G17 on the G43 line but it appears that if the XYZB locations are called out on the same line as the G17 things work correctly but if only the B is set on that line and then XYZ on a later line its gets goofy. So it looks as if you were correct Griveous74, Thanks a ton!

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