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  1. megagigadude

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

  2. megagigadude

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

    Everything is difficult to start with but we discover problems and find solutions. Before vending machines there were drawers full of stock that needs to be managed and sometimes isn't. Before cadcam like it is today there was cnc hand written. Before dynamic milling we were all doing plunge and plow cutting with a lot less reliable toolpaths Someone will be the pioneer..
  3. megagigadude

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

    We are also exploring how to do it. The pdf format could add notes that are typed for cleaner set up sheets. Varco is making us have a better look at it. A bit more info on the setup sheet could be good instead of printing out 4-6 sheets or more with large jobs . If you could display one page at a time and just flip or click through them it would be easier. We want to also try to get to the point of using high QA so we could have live results that either the operator enters or cmm . Live without having to try to find the traveller. It would be great to have No traveller. I'm sure in a few months we will have collaborative ideas to make it an easier transition.
  4. megagigadude

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    Here are some shots so you can get an idea. to get the correct code i need to have duplicate tools with just slightly different naming so it thinks it needs to change the tool.
  5. megagigadude

    Why have duplicate tools when using transform?

    I already had that checked
  6. I have to create duplicate tools in the tool manager to get around the issue of the the code being output without a tool change and an additional output of a g68 when going from a plane at B0.0 to a Plane and a coordinate at B90.0 I made tool paths for only one of the eight details and then transformed it. I tried using a separate transform for different offsets , as long as its the same tool it changes angle of the head without a tool change and without a g68 line -DANGEROUS. I also tried just clicking the force tool change button--> then it outputs a tool change every time it indexes the rotary axis to do the next detail. I am forced to create a duplicate tool with a slightly different name to make the tool changes happen and the absence of the additional returns to home every time the rotary axis index changes. this creates a messy looking tool list for the operators and a bit confusing - ANY IDEAS

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