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  1. Metallic

    Tool.db issues

    bump...anyone have any ideas how to re-migrate files?
  2. Metallic

    Tool.db issues

    Im having trouble opening and modifying my tool databases in 2020. I already ran the migration wizard twice and still no luck, within Mastercam or within the standalone Tool Manager program. I am confused. Thanks in advance!
  3. Metallic

    DATUM QUESTION for Faro Arm Inspection/Verisurf

    I am not totally clear on the question, but why dont you create separate planes with G54...55...56 offsets to represent each datum. Are the datums used for setup? That is a key piece that's missing in your description
  4. Metallic

    Project Curves offset issue

    Thanks for doing that, I took a look at it and it works perfectly.
  5. Metallic

    Project Curves offset issue

    Yea, that is weird. I can't be the only multiaxis user who engraves using solid carbide center drills so hopefully it gets resolved but we will see. It works just fine with a ball, so I will do that in the interim. I may submit a bug report. I prefer Project Curves over Curve if I have the choice. Thanks for the help guys
  6. Metallic

    NCSimul vs Vericut

    I have hosted a VUE and plan to host another, and Vericut v9 was demo'ed to us back in April. Looks like most of the upgrades/updates they are offering is the exact reason why I was considering switching to NCSimul. However, NCSimul in my context is approximately 10 times more expensive, even with a discount. CGTech offers a much more attractive pricing structure for us, including maintenance. CGTech also told users in that VUE that V9 would be released by September, so..... I think I will wait to see what V9 has to offer before reconsidering the alternatives. As I primarily use it for simultaneous 5-axis, I am not sold on CAMplete and other softwares that may or may not simulate and emulate machines accurately with the actual g-code. I really don't mind having to post from Mastercam and loading into the verification software. WYSIWYG Thanks all for the input! Edit: As a side note, is there a Mastercam 2020 C-Hook for vericut yet?
  7. Metallic

    Facing 5 axis 2020

    My usual method would be simply transforming a 2D face op around the cube/prism/component. Aaron's seems more effective
  8. Metallic

    Nvidia quadro

    updating my Nvidia drivers and restarting my PC s Updating my graphics drivers and restarting my PC fixed the warning
  9. Metallic

    NCSimul vs Vericut

    I know this topic has been asked before, but I wanted the 2019 take on the matter. I am in the process of potentially changing verification softwares. Anyone have preferences for either NCSimul or Vericut? I know Vericut v9 is going to be released "soon", but I like the fact that NCSimul is written with OpenGL instead of Java. Does anyone have experience with both and can compare the differences? Thank you!
  10. Metallic

    Project Curves offset issue

    yes this is a problem I have been facing lately. I am not sure how my config transition to 2020 got so effed up
  11. Metallic

    Project Curves offset issue

    I will take a look at it next week. Thanks for the assistance!
  12. Metallic

    Project Curves offset issue

    No one?
  13. Metallic

    SpaceMouse and 2020

    A funny NASA joke I hear is... Customer: Hmm the spy satellite isn't working properly NASA Tech Support: Have you tried de-orbiting and re-orbiting?
  14. Metallic

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    Agree with the above posters...if you give them 30 minutes on a component your company already runs, they should be able to have several toolpaths ready to go, depending on the complexity. Something like the ^ example above would be good, especially regarding planes and orientation. If they cannot do that, maybe move on.
  15. Metallic

    My Mastercam Down?

    I noticed this too since I was trying to upgrade some of my systems with MCfSW 2020...luckily i had a hard copy of the installers on the network. I suppose your reseller would be able to hook you up in a pinch, but for us it needed to be done ASAP. Some better communication would have been good from CNC Software, just send an email blast. However if it's significant network breaching, that could be real bad news. Hope it's resolved smoothly.

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