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  1. Metallic

    Threadmill Operation Bug? WIerd quirk

    So it seems maybe in 2020 some of these bugs will be worked out? I hope so. Is it worth it to draw the helix?
  2. Hey all. So I just scrapped a critical part on my machine because of a crazy threadmilling quirk. Something Ive never seen happen. I use my Harvey thread mill. I copy/paste the operation and copy/paste the tool in order to change the diameter (new tool number as well), but keep the original tool unchanged in case i need to come back to it. BUT. Mastercam CHANGED THE PITCH back to the default 0.05 for no reason. I just recreated the issue, simply by changing to a different diameter tool, Mastercam has changed the pitch back to default 0.05. I changed no other parameters. Anyone ever had this happen before? Or am I missing something? Thanks!
  3. Metallic

    Mill Face Problem

    turning off depth cuts works for me most of the time as well, as long as the tool isnt close to the same size as the geometry. I am glad there will be a 2020 fix.
  4. Metallic


    I have also been having coolant issues with my particular 3 axis mill/machine def...I still don't quite understand how it works overall, but it was working for quite awhile. This is the thread I started. Maybe it will help, but yea, X style coolant trips me up.
  5. Metallic

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    Thanks all for the replies, I think I have figured out a method to deal with it. Ill post a pic of the final product if/when we can get it machined.
  6. Metallic

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    The number of STL surfaces to select for this would be so cumbersome. Is that what youre suggesting?
  7. Metallic

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    Can you explain this a little further? I spent the time to use the Solidworks Scanto3D add in to get a really un-detailed surface model. I will modify it and get one that is more refined, but it looks like this:
  8. Metallic


    anyone care to explain what a boolean surface is?
  9. Metallic

    Thank you!

    Indeed... Colin, Ron, and the crew have been so helpful in figuring out simple or complex problems!
  10. Metallic

    Finding centerline of letters

    I believe Harvey tool just released some new tools for something similar to this, so that you could use Contour with cutter comp to the inside of the chain perhaps. EDIT: nevermind, I misunderstood what you meant...carry on!
  11. Thank you, that is a great resource to have available.
  12. Metallic

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    I discovered the method of creation.... has the full moon map and this allows you to export STL or OBJ models...I am gathering I need a specific piece of software to create a clean mesh, but maybe not. Something like RapidWorks
  13. Metallic

    Surfacing the Moon's surface

    want to pm me your dropbox? I can share the Solidworks model since I have a .emcam license
  14. I have this curious project to be made from acrylic...and maybe my customer's incoming model is not ideal for such a thing, but has anyone ever done surfacing of the Moon's surface topography before? They customer got this from getting at NASA scanning data of the topography but I am not sure if they did it right, or even how they did it. Its bogging the crap out of my system and causing crashes left and right, not to mention the striated surfaces that aren't stitched at all. I would share the file but it is about 50MB, so here is a screenshot of what I mean. You can see the lag of the selection window when I did a Snip. Any alternative ideas or models?
  15. Metallic

    Lathe Compensation for tools

    I understand that first part...been modelling and saving my tools for future use...finding certain radii on my old tools can be a pain tho. Having the exact physical tool correctly shown in mastercam lathe seems to be much more critical than mill. Like i said, I started as a mill guy so I am hopping onto the lathe bandwagon late. Have made some good parts but I am by no means a "lathe guy" yet. Thank you for the help!

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