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  1. Metallic

    Mastercam Vericut Interface

    Theyre taking a look at it now. I forgot to mention (pretty importantly) that Vericut does work on its own, it is merely the Mastercam interface causing issue.
  2. Metallic

    Mastercam Vericut Interface

    Basically when you try to run the interface, nothing happens. Initially it was throwing an error about the location of some system variables. We set the LSHOST variables correctly and now it does absolutely nothing when you click "run" It only happened when I moved from 2022 Mcam and Vericut 9.2. Clicking that interface run does nothign! Also on the backend IT side, they moved to a new server situation which I claim caused the issue. Of course IT geniuses say that is simply impossible even though it was working before.
  3. Hey guys I am having trouble with teh Mastercam to Vericut interface, which is causing headaches. Our IT can't figure it out, and Vericut can't figure it out. Either way, the interface ain't playing nice. Is there any way to import Mastercam tooling data into Vericut manually, so that I don't need to build out a tool library in Vericut. Has anyone ever done this? Thanks as always.
  4. Metallic

    Multiaxis Deburr 2022

    Multiaxis deburr now allows you do define proper chamfers or fillets for deburring operations instead of just simple edge breaks. I have messed around with it and while it does lack some of the controls a multiaxis parallel toolpath (or similar) might offer, it really speeds up the deburr process considerably. Simple select an edge and tell it how you want to treat the edge and the system takes care of (most) of the rest. Pretty sweet!
  5. Metallic

    solid model regen

    Are you creating solids within Mastercam? Model Prep - Remove solid history if you are done creating a solid. Then yoyu can move things without issue. Otherwise your solids will become dirty if you move/alter them
  6. Metallic

    Multiaxis line/vector selection

    I will keep that in mind for the future, thanks for letting me know and thanks for logging this as a feature request! Cheers
  7. Metallic

    Stock Modell and OptiRough eating all my time

    Yes, for example saving STL from OP 1 and setting that up as your source stock for a Stock Model toolpath will generate a lot faster than if you were using a previous stock model as the source. Currently doing that very thing and it makes it way easier
  8. Metallic

    Stock Modell and OptiRough eating all my time

    I am currently working on a part and the Mastercam file is over 100Mb. Not huge but pretty big. I think I have 8 stock models and about 750,000 lines of code. That is a lot of data to crunch. Your graphics card looks like it can handle that, and you clearly have enough RAM. I was regenerating a 5 axis finishing stock model and it took about 30 minutes and it bogged my whole system down. It wasn't happening previously, so I nuked that operation and re-created the stock model. Regeneration time is about half of what it was. I don;t know why. Similarly, in certain multiaxis toolpaths you can change a parameter and it throws off your toolpath motion completely. Rechanging the parameter back to its previous value doesn't fix the now screwed up toolpath. In that case, my best bet is to nuke the toolpath and create a new one. Very frustrating. What are your tolerance bands on the stock models? Sometimes bumping that up to 0.01" will speed things way faster. Make sure "mill flutes only" is checked on. What is your RAM usage set to? Ideally you'd have 75%. Hardware acceleration turned on?
  9. If anyone at Mastercam is listening, please update the multiaxis module line/vector selection window! It would be really nice if you could just select/deselect vectors without having to manually unclick them. Make it like the chaining dialog window and we're in business
  10. Metallic

    Promoting myself to customer

    thanks for all the help Aaron! Good luck in your newest venture
  11. Metallic

    New CAM programming algorithms

    Yes it does not sound like something for the faint of heart! Not going to lie Hurco is definitely a niche brand here in the US (which is funny cuz they're based in Indy, Taiwanese iron though). Over in the UK they seem to have a huge following based on what I have seen by listening to and watching MTDCNC youtube/podcast. All around it is a capable machine builder but it certainly isn't a high end machine. Mid range. Good for job shops. I guess they really try to sell folks on their controller for programming but I just can't justify it even though I learned how to program CNC on a Hurco. Mastercam is just way more powerful and capable. In the end I am running ISO G Code (basically Fanuc) but I do like the controller for setting up. Way more intuitive than Fanuc. In a perfect world i would only have Heidenhain machines
  12. Metallic

    High Speed Machining

    Yes the Hurco codes output in much the same way...G05.2 Q0.0001 for example is the max deviation for smoothing, G05.3 P25 is a smoothing parameter where "P" can be from 1-100 and results in either slower or faster machining depending on value (smoother motion, smaller number). Based on the fact that my post uses Misc Integers to define those G05xx values I guess I will leave it off. Anywhooo, thanks!
  13. Metallic

    High Speed Machining

    Good morning, Can anyone explain what this parameter in the control definition does? I believe my control does support such a function. Is this specific to Fanuc controllers? What does it do? The help file says it uses G5...does that include things like G05.2 and G05.3 (surface finish controls). Thanks
  14. Metallic


    Where are these parameters located? Also, why choose free cutting mode over accurate cutting mode? Thanks
  15. Metallic

    New CAM programming algorithms

    I was just finishing up some 5 axis surfacing toolpaths and went really deep into attempting to get the best surface finish. I was very impressed with my little Hurco VM10Ui machine throughout the process...very capable controller. It does get hung up on some really small interpolation moves but that is manageable. Here is an example of a Unified Parallel Morph surface finish. As far as surface finishes go, how much can servo tuning play a role? The machines run Yaskawa Sigma 5(?) servo drives, which from my understanding are very capable little units. I believe they can be tuned. Now, is that something the machine tool builder does when building a machine? Or is that something the end user can do? I am falling into the rabbit hole of what is "good enough" but if tuning servos can make for smoother motion, I am all for it. When you start smoothing a 5-axis finishing toolpath, are there methods and techniques to help create smoother motion that don't just say, shorten segment length? Our controllers do offer G05.2 and G05.3 misc. parameters, which from my reading are similar to Fanuc AINano smoothing and the like. Just curious to get others' opinions on developing a process that leads to the BEST surface finishes, but also at reasonable feed rates.

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