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  1. Metallic

    Lots of good enhancements

    I still don't quite understand the hate for every release on this forum since Mcam 2017. Have you all submitted bug reports to CNC Software when these issues crop up? You also do not have to upgrade to the latest and greatest software. I have found that the first patch from CNC fixes most of the issues users have presented. Or do we all just like dumping on the software that has made us $$$? I don't get it.
  2. Metallic

    Arc Filter and tolerance input

    Can I ask you what machine in particular that is? Thank you
  3. Metallic

    Arc Filter and tolerance input

  4. Metallic

    Arc Filter and tolerance input

    I am currently in a webinar covering the topic of Arc Tolerance/filtering and smoothing Does changing this value to something like 0.0005 or 0.0001 "generally" lead to higher quality surface finishes?
  5. Metallic

    Billet roughing programs

    that is why I said "use the biggest tool you can". My parts definitely usually arent that large...maybe ill be at 12"x12"x4", so a 1" makes more sense in alot of instances. But I agree, he probably made a fortune!
  6. Metallic

    Billet roughing programs

    why is it lazy programming?
  7. Metallic

    Billet roughing programs

    I tend to do OptiRoughing with my 1" Kennametal mill 1-10 bullnose insert mill. That thing can rip through Alum like its eating breakfast. In terms of Optirough, there are alot of controls that can create redundant moves that do not make sense. Crank your back feeds up to max rapid, run the tools faster. That is my approach. I also used to hate when it would rapid up and back down to the new cut zone, but Ron is right, sometimes Z rapids are quite a bit faster than back feeding. Once you understand the controls, I think you will appreciate the new HS toolpaths more. That isn't to say "traditional" 3D paths do not have a valuable role to play. I find using smaller tools and running them faster results in fewer restmilling ops, quicker material removal etc...obviously you want to use the biggest tool you can, but sometimes a 1" for me is faster than a 2" on a machine that maybe has limited torque or something like that. Many ways to skin a cat
  8. Metallic

    Undercut surfacing lollipop

    Nick, Can you explain your process for getting the .DXF files properly loaded in the the Tool Manager? I have struggled with DXF files for as long as I can remember and never seems to work. It is especially unfortunate since I use a lot of Harvey and Helical tooling Sorry to derail
  9. Metallic

    Mastercam 2020 is released

    I am waiting on my IT department to re-image my computer before I make the transition. But from the "What's New" PDF, I am looking forward to it. I haven't had many issues at all from upgrading all the way back from X7 annually
  10. Metallic

    RAM usage on stock models

    As this topic is relevant to me, I thought I would share some results of my processor comparison. My organization uses Xeons as an enterprise solution, which is great for stability on electrical work, programming, and other softwares. Mastercam usage is not the primary use for most of those stations, so I got stuck with one. But its a great computer for sure, and not cheap. For the price of my chip, which is only 600, you can definitely get some cheaper i7s for better value for this use-case.
  11. Sometimes it helps to do the math. If a part costs 3 hours of conventional milling time at 50-80% spindle load, versus 1 hour with Dynamic at 25% spindle load, the clear winner is dynamic. The tools on that first part are going to have a much shorter life, in fact probably not even close, depending on material. Maybe it is rougher on the ball screws, but my tool life in aluminum has basically increased to infinity with Dynamic toolpaths (unless of course i break the tool due to error). With steels and Ti, I am easily seeing 25-50% higher tool life. My spindle loads are much lower, and my parts come off the machine way faster, with better surface finish. All of those factors combined justify pushing my feeds to the max with Dynamic toolpaths as much as humanly possible. I never even use 2D pocket anymore because its a waste of time to me. Keep in mind that in this game, time is money and if you save 60% of your money on tooling and faster parts, but you have to replace ball screws once every 3 years, you probably made way more money to justify the business expense of replacing those ball screws. Its probably also way cheaper to replace or recalibrate your lead/ball screws that it is to replace a blown out spindle cartridge, which I recently had to do. In my experience it is also way easier and more consistent to program using the Dynamic approach, especially in complex 3D applications or even just complex pockets Edit: Agree with above, you need some serious lookahead capabilities, a modern controller, and the servos to be able to harness the power of these paths. Most new-ish machines have these capabilities.
  12. Metallic

    Paperless reporting on shop floor

    M4573RMZD as we are in a University setting, security is not a huge priority, while we do a lot of work with researchers at our labs, our network is pretty impervious to issues. We have campus wide security protocols, and within our department is a robust IT team with a secure server/network. Pushing setup sheets and code is not a huge concern for us, and no ITAR or anything. PDF format would be ideal as then markups could be possible, the back and forth between operator and programmer much more streamlined. I will look into Invaware. Hope someone has done this...NYCCNC posted a video of a shop tour at 3DTechDraw in Europe and they had implemented paperless everything
  13. Metallic

    RAM usage on stock models

    I just found this as well, and changed to high. Do you know what the "Realtime" setting does? Thanks EDIT: Definitely regenerated a 2MB OptiRest toolpatch MUCH quicker, but still capping RAM at 66.66667%
  14. Hey all, I am considering moving to a paperless reporting system for our shop floor. I have zero experience with this, however. My main thought would be to use an iPad (or several) on the shop floor where I can then Push my setup sheets, tool lists, and reports out to operators, or for myself for convenience. Does ActiveReports or VarcoReports or X+ support this functionality? Or is this more suited for ERP software? Have any of you successfully implemented such a shift? Thank you.
  15. Metallic

    RAM usage on stock models

    As a side note to this problem, I only have 16 gigs of RAM on my machine, but when I look at my Task Manager Performance tab on a heavy crunching operation, it only allows me to utilize 8-9gb of RAM. I have my Mastercam config set to use I missing something?

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