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  1. SGarofolo

    Mastercam Closing Slowly

    He has another computer a few feet away that runs fine! Set up the exact same way... to my knowledge at least.
  2. SGarofolo

    Mastercam Closing Slowly

    Thanks for the help! -No need for d'fraging, its a new computer -Its an HHD. They just powered it up and installed Mcam X7 on it. -Anti-virus is a possibility -Yes, it does it on a fresh boot. -I figured it was a memory issue too (still makes the most sense), but it was the only major application running at the time. Like i said, they powered it up, installed Mastercam, then called me to help them set up their posts and configs. Should be a fresh computer, not sure whats eating all of the memory.
  3. SGarofolo

    Mastercam Closing Slowly

    I am working with a guy who has just installed Mastercam on a new computer. The computer is beefed up to new versions of Mastercam, however, the issue he is having is that his Mastercam takes about 45sec-1min to close. The software is running excellent on that system, it just closes as slow as molasses. Any thoughts on what would be causing this?
  4. SGarofolo

    X4 on Windows 7

    First thing you should check is NhaspX. This is found in your start menu-->all programs-->Mastercam X4 folder-->Utilities--->NhaspX If you're using a normal hasp, make sure its set to local and hasp. If it is a nethasp make sure its set to nethasp and network. In my experience if this doesn't fix it, its a simple registry fix: search for regedit.exe in your start up search, then go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-->software-->CNC software inc when you click on "CNC software inc" you should see where it says "sim type", H stands for hasp and N stands for nethasp. Make sure that is set accordingly. To change it, double click on sim type and you can change the value.
  5. SGarofolo

    X5 and WCS issue

    Whenever you are programming an HMC, WCS is always TOP because the center of rotation on the part never changes. Lets say after you do all of your work on the first face of your tombstone you want to rotate it 90º and do work on the "right" side. In this case, you're going to want to set up a plane on the right side, on either the part or the tombstone. Once you set this plane up with the correct axis orientation, you can then accept it and give it the correct work offset #. When you're writing your toolpaths for the right hand side, you need to set the tool plane and construction plane equal to the plane you've just created. However, WCS should still be TOP.
  6. SGarofolo

    Tool Manager Glitchy?

    DPARKS, I did a webinar on the Tool Manager recently and had the same issue, so I contacted CNC software about the issue so I didn't look like a fool. The key to getting it to work is to first definitively click on the tool or holder you're trying to drag, then after you click on it once, try to click and drag it. That works every time for me now.
  7. Is there any way to find the angle between normal WCS and a WCS that I have created? I know I can make geometry and then use the analyze function. But I was hoping there was quick way to check that.
  8. SGarofolo

    Hosed up tool bar states

    To restore your toolbars go to: Settings->Customize Then click the folder icon in the bottom left hand corner of the customize window. This should open up a browsing window (which should have its directory set at my mcamx7/CONFIG) and select "mastercam.mtb" or "defaults.mtb." This should restore the toolbars back to their default state.

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