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  1. I can't keep up with all the responses guys, one at a time please, haha!
  2. I'm wondering if anyone out there has a program for pushing to a stop on an Okuma LB3000 EXII using a LNS QLS 80 S2?
  3. Thanks a lot for the pdf! I just saw it now and it's extremely informative. I sure wish our local AE had information like that! Much appreciated!
  4. Great advice Doug, thanks! I didn't know that Mid-Auto Manual would work for that. That will be helpful.
  5. I appreciate your help guys. Have a great day!
  6. I would like that but their applications guy is the only one in the area and he hasn't even used a sub spindle Okuma before.
  7. Exactly. It's a new machine and I want to set it up so that it's fairly easy to run. The "master tool" seems weird. Yes, it has a tool eye. On the subspindle side, I can't use the tool eye because of the length of the tools.
  8. The guy the dealer sent out said that you have to create a master tool. Basically, he wants us to take our finish turning tool and calibrate it so that the z will be zero when touched off. All tools touched off after that will reference off of that tool.
  9. Good morning, I'm not a fan of having to create a "Master Tool" for the LB 3000 EXII MWY. Maybe it's because I've never seen anyone explain it well. Even our trainer was stumbling through it. Does anyone have a detailed, step by step list on how to create one properly? Thanks.
  10. Titanium

    Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW (Y axis parameters)

    I appreciate your input!
  11. Titanium

    Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW (Y axis parameters)

    I had that switch on before I posted my question but it wouldn't allow me to go past the stroke limits. I was thinking that maybe it only lets you come back from a crash etc. when it's traveled past the limits?
  12. Does anyone know where the parameter is for overriding the y axis limit switch so that we can have access to the additional bolts that hold on the cover that is between the y axis box ways?
  13. Titanium

    Face Grooving Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW

    Okay. That's what I'm working on right now. Thanks Doug.
  14. Titanium

    Face Grooving Okuma LB3000 EXII MYW

    My groove is off by 1/2 the tool width. The Id is perfect and the Od of the groove is big.
  15. Hi, when doing a face groove using IGF, it works well in graphics, including the x and z positions. Somehow, when it goes to the actual cutting on the subspindle, it makes the groove OD too big. The ID is perfect. Does anyone have any tricks to this besides entering the improper numbers?

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