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  1. I believe Optimize fixed it. THANK YOU!! I was attempting to curve the edges, then Simplify Spline, and it was creating geometry that was off by just enough, that it would've screwed me in the end I think.
  2. I have a step file, that when imported into mastercam, is mostly splines and NURBS, rather than arcs or circles. When I convert these splines to circles, I'm getting very small errors, which is giving me weird toolpaths. Is there any way to import this file into mastercam to avoid this problem? I'd share the file if I could, but unfortunately, that would put me in some hot water.
  3. JB7280

    Reading angle of a plane

    Am I crazy, or does it seem like there should really be an easier way?
  4. This feels like a dumb question, but I can't figure it out. When I create a plane, say, from geometry, or a solid face, how can I find the angle of that plane, relative to the WCS?
  5. JB7280

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    These .pdf's of yours are always super helpful. Here's another document detailing the G131 functions. 8.1 (a) Basic usage of the IPC .pdf 8.1 (c) Useful information on IPC v2.pdf
  6. JB7280

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    Oh, ok. That makes sense
  7. JB7280

    Forcing arcs into line segments for better accuracy?

    Will the machine feed that fast in P3? I recall P3 level putting a pretty aggressive cap on my feedrates.
  8. JB7280

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    Right? I feel like this guy would be happier with literally ANY software.
  9. JB7280

    Model Transparency

    That's what I've been doing. Wasn't sure if there was another way. Thanks!
  10. JB7280

    Model Transparency

    I stated that in my original post. That makes everything transparent. I only want the stock transparent.
  11. JB7280

    Model Transparency

    Is there a way to make one solid transparent without using the Glass function? I want to make my stock transparent for the setup sheets, but everytime I use the glass function, my workspace gets weird. It seems like it then wants to apply material surfacing to all solids. And if I use the translucency function at the bottom right, it makes everything translucent, which I don't want.
  12. JB7280

    Different stock in Verify vs MachSim

    Same results. I give up. Back to the standard verify.
  13. JB7280

    Different stock in Verify vs MachSim

    Not sure, I've honestly never used machsim until this week when I tried to use it, but it keeps making weird alterations to the stock .stl. Right now it's showing this as the stock. Not sure where it's pulling that state from. At no point is the part in that state. It should look like this, but that only shows as the intial stock. I can always use the regular verify, just wasn't sure why in the world it's doing this. Unfortunately, same result, but thank you for the suggestion.
  14. His videos are some of the original videos I learned MC from. Good stuff.
  15. JB7280

    Overcut in deburr 3d chamfer

    With just saving the backplot geometry, and using arc filters, I was able to reduce the toolpath size to less than a third of the original. Picked up 2 killer tricks in one day today. THANKS!

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