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  1. JB7280

    Saving STL's

    Thanks Ron. I'm never against a "long winded" post from the smart folks on eMC.
  2. JB7280

    Saving STL's

    Is there any advantages, or disadvantages of saving an STL from verify, vs. saving an STL from a stock model? Also, I tried it both ways, and I tried using some of the new mesh features to clean it up a bit, and got a warning that it is non-manifold/not watertight. Is there a way to fix this? Or what caused it?
  3. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    That screenshot was with 3D > Hybrid. You're referring to area mill, right? I like the toolpath from area mill, I just don't like how the tool comes in right at the edge of the part. For instance, on this part there is still stock on the walls. There's no way to extend that without using arc entry, or extra geometry, is there? My question isn't necessarily about THIS part. These types of features just seem like they always take a little more work than they should, for a simple feature.
  4. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    I've got a wireframe boundary picked that's well outside of the face to be cut, aside from that wall on the left.
  5. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    Is there a trick to getting it to start outside? Or to cut the whole face?
  6. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    I usually am happy with the toolpath you get from area mill, but I don't like that you don't have any control of the entry point, without making extra geometry (that I know of, anyways) And I try not to use the vertical arc entry, as some of our older machines can't afford the extra code. and if you just set them to 0 it comes in right at the edge of the part, with no clearance. I know I could make extra geometry, and that's usually what I do, but I'm trying to eliminate the extra steps, when possible.
  7. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    No wonder I couldn't find a way to limit it to 3 axis
  8. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    Multiaxis pocketing? I'll give that a try. Thanks for the suggestion Ron. Will that work if the pocket has raised islands/bosses as well?
  9. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    Thank you. I'm just trying to find some different, or more efficient ways of doing things, rather than just making several contours paths for 1 feature.
  10. JB7280

    Horizontal Finishing Entry

    I know it sounds petty, but I generally don't like using the dynamic toolpaths as a finish toolpath, for nothing other than cosmetic reasons. Kinda bugs me if the finish passes aren't uniform, lol. *edit* - meant to quote you @Colin Gilchrist. Not sure how to add that after the fact.
  11. Is there a way to control where the entry point is on a Horizontal toolpath? I have an open area I'm finishing with it, and I'd like to enter off of the part, if possible.
  12. They ARE a badass tool. We've gone to the TG1 style from Ingersoll for most of our feed mills, but there are still some instance where the 5M seems to hold up better. Not sure why, or when one is preferred over the other, but they're both great, stable tools.
  13. JB7280

    Tool Manager Issues

    Thank you David. That's way beyond me, but i'll forward it to our IT guy.
  14. JB7280

    Tool Manager Issues

    in the first link, the download is dead. I found the files elsewhere, and get this message now. I tried to follow the second link, and it said it was "trying to perform an unauthorized operation"...so I might have to get IT involved on this one.
  15. JB7280

    Tool Manager Issues

    I asked this once before, but Mastercam has been no help, so I figured I'd ask again. In hopes that maybe someone will see it that didn't the first time. I'm trying to combine a few different tool libraries using the standalone tool manager, and any time I drag an assembly from one library to the other, I get this error message.

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