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  1. When I'm at my desk, my laptop is upright, in one of these (Amazon.com: Upgraded Laptop Vertical Stand, OMOTON 3-in-1 MacBook Laptop Holder Dock with Sturdy Silicone Pads for Ultra Protection, Suitable for iPhone/iPad/MackBook Pro/Surface/Samsung/Android Tablets, Black : Electronics) Do you think being upright helps to keep it cooler? Do you know of anything like that air vacuum that would work for this positioning?
  2. So then that would add an rpm change (S5000 in this case) any time I chose to use that canned text, and operate as normal when I don't use it? Sorry for the ignorance, I've never messed with canned text even a little bit.
  3. Well, problem with this method, is I don't understand any of how to execute it, unfortunately. Where can I learn more about how to execute this method? Would that be in the MPMaster manual? I think sometimes you guys are so smart that you take us dumb folks for granted, lol.
  4. Well, in this particular case, I suppose I worded poorly. It really just needs to move away from the tool change door, then ramp the spindle up in a few steps. It wouldn't work for an actual mid toolpath cutting tool rpm change, but for this instance it should work, unless I'm missing something.
  5. That's the ones they used to build the egyptian pyramids. I think you're both referring to FARO Arms.
  6. Thats a good idea. So one M code that references a macro with ramp-up S commands and dwells? Could you then just build it into the machine def as a coolant command?
  7. I thought it might have been toolpath editor, but I didn't see anywhere to change spindle speed in there. In this instance, I'm using a chip clearing fan, and they recommend starting it at 1500rpms, then moving up to full speed to lessen wear on the blades.
  8. I seem to remember a toolpath, where you could change the RPM at certain points. I thought it was the Point toolpath, but I looked again and that doesn't seem to be it. Maybe I'm thinking of advanced drill? I know I can do it with Manual Entry, I just thought I remembered something different.
  9. Sounds like something better left to the professionals. I've never purchases a custom post and I know there's a few providers out there. Would IHS be the go-to on something like this?
  10. I've always had issues with using MAP for a "facing" type operation. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but if I change the RDOC and ADOC to something more like what I'm doing(large RDOC, small ADOC), it wants to change the cutting method to slotting.
  11. Thank you, I'll do that. I didn't know if it was something already hidden in MPMaster somewhere.
  12. I am working on an HMC that has TWP, and we are using a lightly modified MPMaster post for it. Will we need a new post to make use of the TWP, or can the MPMaster be easily modified to work?
  13. I never see anyone mention that they're using Mastercam for Solidworks. Is it not worth using? Is it limited, compared to Mastercam standalone?
  14. Yea, lots of these "features" in Mastercam feel more like bugs. I've grown to accept Mastercam much more than I did when I first started using it, but my biggest issue is that it just feels like an incomplete, or "amateur" software. I don't mean that to sound disrespectful towards the developers, as they're way smarter than myself, but it's the best word I can think of. I think it's a product of trying to make it too customizable, or trying to make it appeal to EVERYONE, instead of just focusing on making it a solid, polished software.

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