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  1. JB7280

    Setup Sheet

    I've wondered the same thing many times. We have a nice AR setup sheet we've created, but every time I need to browse for the template, input the information again. It's a bit frustrating.
  2. Gotcha. I do this often when I'm using something like the Big Kaiser Mega Micro collet extensions. I usually just make it part of the tool holder.
  3. Couldn't you accomplish the same thing by using a .stp or dxf to generate the shape of your drill?
  4. JB7280

    Islands at end of dynamic toolpaths

    That was a great video. Thanks for the link! On the technique where he basically separated the facing into 2 squares, I would have used the part square as a machining region (not oversized geometry), from outside, and used the top, bottom, and right sides as air regions, rather then working from right to left. not sure if that would've been any more or less successful or efficient. Longer transition moves, but also seems like more time consistently in the cut. Either way, splitting it in half is a simple trick I hadn't thought of!
  5. JB7280

    Smoothing Tolerance

    I noticed the metric endmill to the left. Could OP be working in metric perhaps? Actually, after seeing the 4800 feedrate, I'm sure that is the case.
  6. JB7280

    Thoughts on tool management

    I don't have a whole lot to add to this, but I'm replying because I'm interested to see what others have to say. I find that I spend more time in Mastercam building tools and holders, than I do creating toolpath. (that may be an exaggeration, but it's definitely more time than I'd like) One thing I don't like, that could very well be operator error, is the fact that when I build a cutting tool, I have to attach a tool number to it. I have no need for a tool number until I have an assembly. Having more/better separation between holder/tools/assemblies would be great, IMO.
  7. JB7280

    Islands at end of dynamic toolpaths

    Thanks for all the suggestions!! I ended up using the corner-pretreament on this one, as it's a simple part, and that was the quickest method, but I will definitely try the other suggestions on future parts.
  8. How do you guys usually eliminate this problem? I run into it quite often. This one breaks off when it gets thin and I'm pretty sure it's going to eventually kill my tool.
  9. JB7280

    Dynamic Milling on 316 Stainless Steel

    What kind of tool was that? Sounds like a Rough-Air or an Aluminator
  10. JB7280

    Dynamic Milling on 316 Stainless Steel

    Ron, I use FSWizard (the stripped down HSMAdvisor) as a starting point, but I usually end up backing off most things. Do you find that their speeds and feeds usually end up pretty close to real world? Do you utilize the tool libraries in HSMAdvisor or do you usually end up using their already built in speeds and feeds?
  11. JB7280

    Why can't I generate a cleaner surface?

    Nice trick, THANK YOU!
  12. JB7280

    Why can't I generate a cleaner surface?

    I noticed that, but if I curve those edges, it created a nice arc, so I thought maybe it was just a rendering thing.
  13. JB7280

    Why can't I generate a cleaner surface?

    I had set that to .0001". Thank you for the suggestion though.
  14. JB7280

    Why can't I generate a cleaner surface?

    Thanks Colin. I actually got the crash when I tried doing an extrude cut to the model. I didn't want to sent the entire solid. I came in this morning and got it no problem though. Thanks! surftest.mcam
  15. JB7280

    Why can't I generate a cleaner surface?

    So I started to modify the file, MC froze up, so I got frustrated and went home because it was past quitting time on a Friday! Lol, I'll try to post it tomorrow.

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