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  1. I'm using the MPMaster post. I made a simple change, to output M58 for through coolant in the .pst file. I have that mmd, cmd, and pst chosen, but it doesn't seem to be taking. I output M58 ONE TIME, but after that, back to M08. What am i doing wrong??
  2. JB7280

    backside chamfer/deburr

    I'm trying to deburr the backside of a part with a double angle chamfer tool. I've accomplished it by using a contour toolpath and basically dropping down the appropriate Z amount, and using a negative in the stock to leave section. Is there a more straightforward way of doing this? it would be nice if it could be done with model chamfer, or Contour > 2d Chamfer, or something like that.
  3. Good to know. I'll add it to my book 'o secrets!
  4. off topic, but what kinda code is that??? Never seen it before.
  5. I noticed on one of my first parts programmed in MC, that I messed up when I made the model. Luckily the program had been shelved for awhile, and we hadn't started machining it yet. I caught it this afternoon and am working on fixing it right now. My plan was to make new levels, and copy the model of the part, fixtures, etc to their own "COPY" level. Then modify them and start assigning toolpath geometries to the CORRECT model. I feel like it's going to be a pretty tedious process, and I guess I'm just curious if there's an easy way to do it, since I seem to always have problems when going back to CHANGE things that I've already done. Associative features, and all that sort of thing. In the meantime, I'll be working on the tedious process in a copied version of the MC file. THANK YOU!!!
  6. I do have the X+ add-in, but I have not dug into it too much. Partially due to the fact that it's been said it will no longer be a free add-in after 2020, and I don't see the company purchasing something like that. I hesitate to spend time learning something that I won't be able to use anymore in a year.
  7. Perhaps its the type of work we do, but that's all way beyond me. I would like to do some things to reduce setup time here. However for now its just a matter of indicating fixtures, edge finders, etc.
  8. Why isn't it done already is an interesting question. In my opinion, it's lack of motivation, lack of willingness to adapt, and maybe lack of knowledge. Despite having some very very nice machines, the shop is lacking in most other areas. Tooling, holders, standardization is non-existent. I've heard our reseller refer to it as the "Wild West" and that's a very fitting description. We only just recently purchased a tool pre-setter. The owner is quite motivated to change, however. I believe I will start with reading up on the Active reports designer, and the tool library management, and starting there. My machining background is not quite as extensive as some others, so I tend to struggle with what functionality to add to posts, def files, etc. However if I could get everyone on the same page, or even the same chapter, I could most likely find a way to implement the functionality they suggest. Hell, the first program I made, I had to explain how the G10 line worked, because up until then, they just hoped and prayed they didn't overwrite an offset in use!!!
  9. Reading your post really got me thinking. I started at this shop in April, and was my first time using Mastercam. The posts (or lack thereof) are a mess. Pretty much just using the generic posts for everything. I've since pretty much nailed down a Matsuura HMC post, and a Matsuura VMC post. Well, nailed down enough to be usable without making hand edits. We have no tool libraries setup, no proper machine solids. We are more or less just building each tool, with speeds and feeds from scratch each time. The shop where I first started programming, used Esprit, and while the posts were better, we didn't have tool libraries, setup sheets, machine solids, etc there either, so I assumed that kind of thing was just a luxury that only the HUGE, super lean, corporate type shops took advantage of. What I'm wondering about, is at what point is that necessary? Would we benefit? It seems as though somebody would need to almost make it their full-time job for a period of time, until things are ironed out, which i would imagine, in the end, would pay off with the increase in efficiency. We are a shop of 2 shifts, about 25-30 mills, and maybe 15-20 lathes. We do small runs of parts. Most often under 100 at a time. We have 5 Mastercam mill programmers, and I believe only 1 or 2 for turning. Would fine-tuning these things benefit us, or am I getting carried away?
  10. JB7280

    Placement of Manual Entry

    Hmmm, I'll check those links out. Probably a little above my skill level, but I'll see what I can get from it, and if I can't make sense of it, I'll forward that to my reseller. Thanks again.
  11. In my programs, I like to have some ()'d quick setup instructions in the beginning, and G10 L20 P1, etc lines at the beginning of the program, just after the header, before the first operation. However, if I add a Manual Entry Toolpath as the first toolpath, for some reason it places that Manual Entry AFTER the program header, tool list, etc. Is there any way, aside from cut/past every time, to get the Manual Entry to post AFTER the header where (IMO) it should be?? Or is there a better way of writing offsets at the beginning of a program?? Thank You!!
  12. Never thought about using colors to separate things. I like that concept.
  13. I believe these are the things I need to adapt to. I keep hearing that quick masks and viewsheets are helpful, but i nearly NEVER use them.
  14. That's just for selection though, right? Esprit had a similar feature, not sure what they called it. Masks in Esprit though, was just checkboxes, where you could VISUALLY turn off different things. Attaching a screenshot. Does Mastercam have something similar?
  15. Fantastic explanation. Thank you. My apologies for the previous post. We've got a new "process engineer" that may have me just a bit edgy, haha. In Esprit you had levels, or "layers" but you also had "Masks" where you could turn off all solids, all geometry, all chains, etc etc, so I find myself probably not using enough layers, and a clean mcam file is kind of important to me, and something I've been struggling with a bit. Thanks again.

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