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  1. We have a customer that is moving to using solids, no drawings, and just using the features/tolerances built into the model. I know Esprit had a Solidworks add-in called Esprit FX that helped Esprit to recognize the solid's built in features. I would imagine Mastercam is capable of the same? Or would we have to start using Mastercam for Solidworks?
  2. As you can see in the screenshot, when I try to extrude this chain, I get a faceted radius made up of a bunch of surfaces, or faces. When I check the geometry, it shows as a regular radius, not segments. What gives?? Thanks
  3. There ya go, that's a better explanation.
  4. Looks like i need to learn some .css stuff. If anyone else happens to have a similar brain-fart....I didn't know you also had to make an identically named copy of the .css
  5. That worked great, but I lost the lines separating all the fields. Is that something I did differently, or is something different in the script?
  6. That layout looks amazing. Is that possible with 2019?
  7. Oh nice!! I had no idea you could actually enter data into the left side. I suppose I'm slow...lol
  8. Just got into the shop this morning. I had a rare, but much needed saturday off I will get that file sent to you in just a bit. I will also give the manual entry a whirl. I just noticed that the "Group Comment" section will output as well. This is the section I'm referring to as NC Header. If you notice, the ones I have blank, still output, but they're blank. Some of the fields I'd have no use for, and will just be unnecessary info on the page, and I'm just trying to clean it up to the important parts our shop would use. Thanks!!
  9. Thanks Gunther, I'll look into those things. Any chance of getting a comment box for setup instructions in the future??
  10. A few questions... #1) I would like to change the name of some of the field description/headers (tl manufactor, tl mfg code, etc) Is there a way to do this? I know I've seen a renaming script for this, but the most recent version was for X9, and I wasn't sure if it'd work. #2) Under the NC-Header fields, if I leave one blank, it still outputs it, just...well, blank, lol. If I'd like to not use some of these fields, can I remove them? #3) Is there a way to place setup instructions, offset pickups, note, etc? #4 and final) Would some of you who have refined X+, and taken advantage of its capabilities mind posting an example setup sheet? I'm trying to get an idea of what X+ is capable of, and what I can utilize vs. where I'm asking too much of it. Thank you!! **edit** ok, I lied about the final part. I looked through some of the files, and cant find a way to change the size of the company logo. It's sized correctly in the setup sheet, but very large in the tool sheet.
  11. JB7280

    Saving simulation state

    Thank you. This all seems like a lot of work when I'm used to just simulating, then clicking "Save Simulation State". Seems like it would be a pretty commonly used feature. Then again, I could very well just be using MC wrong....again.
  12. JB7280

    Saving simulation state

    I suppose i worded it poorly. Saving it as an .stl would be fine.
  13. JB7280

    Saving simulation state

    Perhaps I'm doing it wrong. That saved an .stl of my part/fixture.
  14. JB7280

    Saving simulation state

    Can I use the state of my part, after simulating an operation to create a solid? That way of have an accurate model of the state my part will be in after each op/fixture?
  15. JB7280


    OK, I see now. I misunderstood your original post and was looking at it wrong. Still, I like the idea, and I definitely think it makes for a cleaner MC file.

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