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  1. I was going to ask this question. I hate that button, and always forget to turn it off. There's no way to keep it off by default?
  2. Hey Ron, I was checking out your file, and had a couple questions. When you machined the floors in the pockets, you used a Horizontal toolpath. Any particular reason you use that, versus area mill, or pocket? Just different ways to skin the cat? Or is horizontal better in some way? Also, when stepping down the pocket like you are, in the swarf and Surface Contour toolpaths, I almost always end up with steps, or ridges on the walls. What's your trick to eliminate that?? Oops....I also just noticed the date on that post
  3. Doesn't seem to have changed much. I stripped the file down and left 5 drilling operations so I could upload it. It looks like it's still unsure which axis it's rotating about. A few issues with the code - the machine needs B90. Not B-90. There's no reason for the second B rotation to B-270. That's why I think it's rotating about the wrong axis. X values should also be X-.614 for all 5 holes, but 2 of them are at x.614. eMastercam wouldn't let me upload the file. Here's a GDrive link. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ocXBTjif2RYeo_MT88NYE0TJn62EbNWz/view?usp=sharing
  4. Do you know HOW to do it in the machine def? I'm not too familiar with that side of things. I just use the MD/CD/PST that i'm given usually. Yes. I've also tried the Haas VF_TR 5X post
  5. I'm programming a part for a VF-4 with a Nikken, 5X indexer. The primary axis rotates about the Y axis. The generic haas post I have, rotates about the X axis. Is there an easy way to rotate this? I'm only doing one part for this machine, so it's not worth it for me to buy a post or anything like that, If I can get around it.
  6. I've had this problem, and I believe it was related to tolerance (which I see you already have quite low) and maybe clearance.
  7. I started having wrist pain from a standard mouse, and the Elecom changed my thoughts on trackballs. Now I switch back and forth every 3-6 months just to prolong the carpal tunnel https://www.amazon.com/ELECOM-M-XPT1MRXBK-Trackball-Bluetooth-High-Performance/dp/B07DMF2DNW?ref_=ast_sto_dp
  8. Might have been tough because you've been looking at compressors instead of indexable tooling. (juuuust kidding) We usually keep a little drawer organizer with about 10-20 of each of the screws for any indexable Ingersoll tooling we have. From what I'm told, those screws actually bend a tiny bit, as part of the design, which is what keeps the insert tucked in the pocket. On most of our High Feed Mills we replace them at routine intervals, otherwise we end up losing screw heads, and inserts during cuts.
  9. In the integrated tool manager, you can right click > edit tool assembly, and build an assembly with multiple holders.
  10. Tomorrow I'll try to recreate it on a different model that I can share. As far as detecting flats, I have another part, where I used same stepup/down and it didn't seem to pay any attention to the flats rule. There was a large radius on the part that is still wanted to treat as though there were .050" stepups. Parameters set to .300" stepdown, .300" stepup.
  11. I learned from a post here, and I also noticed it says the same in the help file, that setting stepup/stepdown the same is supposed to detect flats. But it doesn't seem to work like it should very often.
  12. Any time I use an optirough/rest toolpath, it wants to make this little step at the top of the part. It's almost never necessary for the sake of roughing, in my experience, and wasted cutting time. How can I avoid this? I can't share this file, but on this particular tool path, I have stepdown/stepup set the same, to pay attention to just the flats.
  13. I'm using a model chamfer toolpath, and it's outputting the lead-in feedrate at the "plunge feedrate" speed. Is there a way to change this?
  14. Our experience with Methods has been great.

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