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  1. JB7280

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    Yes, I'm guessing that you're probably right. The backup is now set-up. Thank you! 282KB
  2. JB7280

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    It seems that our server isn't set to save previous versions, and even if I try to turn it on for future use, it only lets me choose local drives. But thanks for the suggestion! Thank you. My backups are now setup in a seperate folder. Nothing there....but thank you. Looks like I'll be starting over. Shouldn't be too bad at least. It was only a quick fixture and a finishing op.
  3. JB7280

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    I'm not sure what you mean. When I open the file, it's literally empty. Like a new file....
  4. JB7280

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    I just went to open the part I'm working on, to find that the whole file is empty. No solids, no toolpaths, nothing!!! Not sure If I accidentally saved over it or what. Do I have ANY chance of recovering my work????!?!!? BTW, I had autosave and everything set up, however earlier this week, Mastercam wouldn't open and tech support told me to rename the mymcam folder because i probably had a corrupt file, so it hasn't been backing up/autosaving.
  5. JB7280

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    I think I've got it now. I'll play with it a bit and update later!
  6. JB7280

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    Oh, ok...so where is that "tool crib #" grabbed from? i put an entry in mfr code, and description to test and didn't get an entry from either.
  7. JB7280

    Pre Stage Tools

    Damn....finally one i can answer and I'm 4 minutes too late!
  8. JB7280

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    hmm, i'm on 2020. Maybe that's why it didn't look right. This is what I get. OKK_VMSIII.pdf
  9. JB7280

    Adding 2 items to Active Reports

    Maybe I'm missing something. One of those opens as a normal tool list, and the other says invalid template type.
  10. I've done some very minor editing to my setup sheets in active reports. Because I'm not sure what I'm doing in there yet, they're temporary band-aid fixes. I changed the "assembly name" to say EDP#, and I just put the edp # there in my MC file. Because I want to do it the correct way, am I able to make AR output the "manufacturers code" and "description" lines from the tool manager page?
  11. JB7280


    Perfect. Thank you!!
  12. JB7280


    Is there a list somewhere with descriptions of the C-Hooks included in MC? I saw a list on the MC website, but that was in 2010, and it no longer works anyways.
  13. I think most of my issue has been with not understanding how planes work in relationship to the B axis rotation that the post outputs. For some reason I hadn't wrapped my head around the fact that top doesn't necessarily have to be "Top". But just the relationship between the WCS and the t/c plane must be correct.
  14. More than before, yes.
  15. Ok, so i see that you have a stock model for the second setup, that refers to the previous setup. If I'm simulating only the second setup, shouldn't my stock have the previous operations performed on it? Also, any reason you didn't use a stock model for the third and 4th setups? Is it just because they're simpler operations?

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