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  1. Aaron Eberhard

    best end mill for aluminum extrusion

    In general, I'm a big fan of YG-1. They always seem to come out as a great choice when you're comparing the cost/life/material removal/availability matrix. I love their dream drills, though often I've find that Kennametal is just as good and a bit cheaper & more available from the local tool suppliers that I try to deal with, at least here on the East Coast. But as always, you can choose to dance the "I have no idea what I'm actually going to pay from MSC until I order it" purchasing dance...
  2. Aaron Eberhard

    best end mill for aluminum extrusion

    This is along the lines I was going to say, but with .3 thk, I don't think you'll have too much problem. You can make good chips with .3" thickness. It's a real pain when you're working on thin-wall extrusion, as you always the issue of clamping it tight enough to hold, but not tight enough to deform. Then you cut a thin strip and it grabs. Ugh.
  3. Aaron Eberhard

    New laptop for Mastercam/Solidworks

    (Painting with a broad brush here) In general, Xeons are better a multithreading at the expense of individual core speed. i9s will have better individual core processing power at the expense of less cores. IN GENERAL, using a CAM system will often be bottlenecked by individual clock speed for a specific operation. However, if you have a very specific range of conditions, a Xeon can be faster, but it's rare. I gave a (very simple) example here.
  4. Aaron Eberhard

    Setting Up Multiple Stock Models

    I haven't tried it with MachSim, but I remember that it worked fine with Verify when I tried it. I'm assuming that you have to start with a solid, though, that's what I did it with. Unrelated, I hope Rotary Ninja is doing well, I haven't seen him around for a while, and I remember he was looking for a new gig a few years ago...
  5. Aaron Eberhard

    Setting Up Multiple Stock Models

    I know this is a necro thread, but do know that things are better since 2013, but definitely not perfect! You can now define meshes as a single body even if they're disjointed. Use Mesh from Entites and make sure that "Combine selection into a single mesh" is checked.
  6. Aaron Eberhard


    But if you ever run into that situation, please send a copy of the file in its broken state into [email protected] Perhaps they can track it down.
  7. Aaron Eberhard

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    That's a hard disagree from me
  8. Aaron Eberhard

    Open pocket, from inside, then up the wall

    By trimming, I meant how the toolpath reacts when it hits the boundary. In the case of that Equal Scallop (and most of the 3d High Speed toolpaths), if you're set to "Inside" containment, as soon as the edge of the tool gets to the containment boundary, it will trim the toolpath so nothing gets outside of there. That's why I had to "cheat" the margin a bit so it was allowed to go outside of the containment a smidge. ON the second question, Hybrid seems like it would do the job using these settings with the same containment & geometry selections as Equal Scallop: But I calculates top down, I can't figure out how to get it to go from inside out.
  9. Aaron Eberhard

    Open pocket, from inside, then up the wall

    WindowsKey+Shift+S, then paste into Paint right now. Once I get a few more invoices in the door I'll grab a copy of SnagIt.
  10. Aaron Eberhard

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    What version and resolution is your monitor? In 2022 on a normal 1920x1080 @ 100% zoom, mine looks like this out of the box:
  11. Aaron Eberhard

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    Right, that's how I remembered it working years ago too... But hey, It allowed me to submit my first bug report for my new company, so that's worth something, right?
  12. Aaron Eberhard

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    What I meant is that it does everything from your selection down. For example, if I have the first group selected here: And hit Alt+E - it'll expand both groups: But if you only have the second group selected, it'll only act on that one (and any groups underneath it): So it's clearly broken, but in an odd way.
  13. Aaron Eberhard

    Open pocket, from inside, then up the wall

    The easy button is Parallel (or Unified with a single curve set to "Parallel" strategy if you're in 2022): Use your surfaces (level 4) because it can't "fill in" the missing surface and understand that you want it machined as if it were solid. Then just set the curve up to the top edge, set your step over and Tool Axis Control to 3 axis. Oh, and you'll want the Cut Pattern > Advanced options.. > Method set to Exact: If you don't have multiaxis, then I'd go with a Equal Scallop. You have to guide it a bit more than Parallel, otherwise it will try to cut the back side of the part. The easiest way to lead this toolpath is to give a boundary (I used your Containment level (#3), and used "Wireframe > Close Arc" to make it a complete circle. Then select your surfaces as your Model Geometry (again, you don't want the gap in the middle). All of the magic here will be on the Toolpath Control page, here's the important bits: Note the Compensate To & Offset Distance settings. If you hit Comp to Center, it'll allow the tool to go all the way up to the edge of the compensation chain, then trim the toolpath. In this case, it will really roll over the edge and waste a ton of time: By limiting it to the Inside, it'll cause the opposite problem, it'll trim as soon as you hit the edge it'll trim, so it won't walk up the wall at all. You can get around that by allowing it to go a smidge over the center by adjusting the Offset distance. I just gave it .010" to give it some wiggle room less than the stepover, and my first image was the result: Note that I didn't mess with any linking settings or anything, so that stuff is all ugly. I don't have 2021 installed over here yet, so here's a 2022 file. I hope my walk-through above helps if you can't get a copy of 2022. slide insert test - 2022.zip
  14. Aaron Eberhard

    Toolpath Groups Advise

    I'd add a link to your website in your signature... . Just sayin'....
  15. Aaron Eberhard

    Spring pass

    What John & Byte are talking about is this option here when you're selecting the geometry: That will intentionally throw away a duplicate point (duplicate in this case being in the same axis, but a different Z height). If you're trying to select the same exact point twice, it will not allow that. The second time you click it will deselect it. You'd have to use a separate cycle or, if this is something you do often, I'd recommend adding the option directly to your boring cycle. Your reseller should be able to do it in a few minutes for you if you're not comfortable editing your post. That would allow you very easily have 4 spring passes if you wanted them.

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