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  1. Aaron Eberhard

    Open pocket in 2020 broken overnight?

    Mastercam doesn't update automatically, you have full control over that. If you allow it to check for updates, it will download it in the background while you're working, then, when it's downloaded, it will pop up a box in the lower right corner of Windows (by the clock) that says something like, "A Update is available, click here to install it!"
  2. Aaron Eberhard

    Promoting myself to customer

    Thanks everyone! Luckily, I have a good partner going into this, he's been running the shop for the last 25ish years and knows the ins and outs of the industry. This is going to be a very gradual transition. He's just not very skilled in the CAM & CNC machine selection side of things, so that's what I'll be working on improving with a focus on manufacturing efficiency. Yes, we use Mastercam over here, and we've already got the 4th axis on the way.. Multiaxis license incoming. Hopefully the 5 axis machine will be delivered in December. SlaveCam - No, funny enough, I gave my resignation notice the day before I found out that we were being acquired. I do believe that being acquired was inevitable, and of all the dance partners that it could have been, I'm very happy to see Sandvik at the helm. I have a few contacts in the CAM world that are quite envious because they didn't get purchased by Sandvik and instead ended up with Hex or AD... That made for unhappy work environments...
  3. Aaron Eberhard

    Promoting myself to customer

    Waspalloy? I'm going to be posting that about aluminum next week! A little light on the CNC side right now, only a few lathes and mills, but that's what I'm going to be building up. A lot of manual & powerfeed DRO big toys for industrial fabri-cobbling, though. Oooohhh, I AM the job shop! Shout out to HSMAdvisor for doing a very good job of not making me look incompetent!
  4. Aaron Eberhard

    Promoting myself to customer

    Thanks Ajmer! Hopefully I'll still be able to offer some
  5. Aaron Eberhard

    Promoting myself to customer

    Is it okay to complain about the ribbon and maintain that V9 was the best ever? Luckily, I'll still be on here harassing you guys, I just won't have the inside scoop anymore!
  6. Aaron Eberhard

    Promoting myself to customer

    Hello forum people! I wanted to let you know that after 9 years here at the helm of Multiaxis and Hole Making, I'm going to let someone else have a turn at the tiller. I'm going to transition into owning a shop nearby in Hartford, starting on Monday. This is my last day @ CNC Software. Thank you all for being here! I've been on eMastercam longer than I've worked at CNC, and I'll be here long after, but I may lose access to this particular account. I'm not sure Cheers,
  7. Aaron Eberhard

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    Remember, with Waterline (and all HST toolpaths, and multiaxis toolpaths, and...), you can use Stock. For example, let's say that you waterline the whole inside and get this: If you had a stock model that had the roughed out part: In the toolpaths, go like this: The results will be this: Obviously, this is a poorly done example, but I think that it might make your life easier.. Waterline Stock.zip
  8. Aaron Eberhard

    Strange toolpath manager behaviour

    You have "Dependency" selection turned on:
  9. Aaron Eberhard

    Need some advice milling deep slot

    Yeah, I'd want an inserted gun drill probably, if money were no object.. But since it's just 6061, a solid carbide with through tool coolant should be fine. If you're REALLY stuck without through tool, solid carbide with pecks, but that'll be REALLLLLLY tedious. Ooh, I just had another thought.. what's the call out for surface finish on the slot? You'd probably be able to finish machine the wall a lot easier with a barrel mill using Waterline. There'd be tons less chatter that way than trying to use a reduce neck endmill... But you'll have scallops at some level. I don't know if they make any long enough, though.
  10. Aaron Eberhard

    Need some advice milling deep slot

    Without your exact part, it's always difficult of course, but I thought I'd throw this out there if you have access to Multiaxis toolpaths. A lot of people don't know that you can convert a most of the advanced multiaxis toolpaths (Unified, Morph, Parallel, etc) to a plunge rough. I agree with JParis that I'd try plunge roughing this material out. You should be able to get a 10.25mm or so drill, and that should be accurate enough to only leave like .375mm of material on the walls, which will make your job a lot easier. One note is that you can't "use a drill" for this toolpath, so I just defined an endmill with the same parameters as my drill. The first toolpath is just how to set up a Parallel to cut the wall, the Cut Pattern page is set up to follow the long wall with a single pass: The offset is controlling how far away from the wall to stay ((11mm slot-10.25 drill)/2 = .375mm). Tool Axis Control is set to 3 Axis. I'm using the collision control to trim away from the edges: I then Copied the toolpath and converted it to a plunge roughing just so you could see the difference: I'd just finish with a reduced neck endmill doing a spiral (contour ramp). There'd only be .375mm (.014") of material, so two passes should do it with a 10.5mm endmill, possibly 3 depending on harmonics.. Parallel Plunge.zip
  11. Aaron Eberhard

    Circle Mill, no starting diameter for roughing?

    Eh, cycles are cheap... And there's no guarantee that you used the same sized drill for a variety of hole sizes.
  12. Aaron Eberhard

    Circle Mill, no starting diameter for roughing?

    Hi guys, I've been away for a few days, don't go all conspiracy theory on me that these are dead products... We've made a lot of improvements to them in the past few years! SlaveCam - This is a good idea, I don't believe I've seen it mentioned before. I was thinking through the parameters, but the easiest solution to me seems to just recognize stock, so I think that's the direction we're going to go with it.. That'll solve the problem of multiple sizes of holes selected at the same time and work the same way as the rest of the product. Thanks for the good idea. As a note, you'll probably get faster response from CNC if you either post on our forum or email requests like this into [email protected] Cheers,
  13. Aaron Eberhard

    Mastercam default tolerance settings

  14. Hah! I helped someone with some process enginerding and modernization of a part that would have saved somewhere in the area of 30-40 hours per part, basically ending up around $160k of savings per year, thanks to faster material removal, better fixturization, etc. They ended up declining the new setup because it wasn't worth the effort/profit to them to get the part re-certified. It was the same exact situation you've described, where it had to be on that particular machine for all of the processing, which meant they were doing 3 total fixture changeovers. It was hilariously inefficient.
  15. Aaron Eberhard

    Blade Expert

    As Dylan mentioned, without the file it's hard to be of too much help, but with that much overlap, I'd take a close look at your clearances, side tilt, and lead angle. By default, the minimum lead is 0, but sometimes you have to lead a bit as the tool tilts to get under that overlap from the main blade. Try something crazy like allowing -45 to 45 lead angle and 90° of side tilt and see if that solves it. If it doesn't, it's probably your clearance amounts. If the lead/lag or side tilt solves it, then dial it back down to see what it needs. Remember that the problem with roughing is that you're leaving stock on the blades, so even though it looks like the tool "Should" fit through the slot, the slot is smaller by X on all edges from the stock left on the blades.

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