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  1. I was updated to v 8.1.1 . I went to the mcam patches site to double check that I had all the latest updates. I did find out that I didn't have the appcfg-1016.exe update.....so intstalled it.

    **patches that i have.....








    I still get the same error even though I applied the above patches and am running v8.1.1 .

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you,


  2. When I try to apply toolpath operations to surfaces the following warning pops up.

    Warning - Appmch8.dll is not compatible with this release, please remove from the apps directory.


    What does this mean? I can't apply toolpath at this time and it a little frustrating.


    Thanking you in advance,


  3. I am not an icon person. I'm on the computer constantly and I try to limit my mouse clicks where I can. I feel this is better/faster than going thru menus.

    I'm new to mcam. I would like to mirror all my shortcut keys (from smartcam) into mcam, so when I bounce back & forth between the 2 cad/cam packages certain events will be the same.

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