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    Fanuc d offset help

    Sorry to dig up an old thread but this is almost the exact situation at my current shop I am dealing with. we have 3 of the exact same model and control ES450's in our shop. 2 of them have the "type C' offset table that has 4 columns (H, H wear, D, and D wear) The last machine has the "type B" offset table with only 1 column of just basic offsets numbered 1-99 I have the same issue where if I give a program to a setup guy and he sets it up on the type B ES450 without altering all of his programmed D values, the machine will crash when it called up the tool length as its D offset and tries to make a -10" offset Does anyone know if the upgrade from type B to type C offset tables is something that can be done in house with a parameter change? Or do we need to get with FANUC?? All 3 machines are 1997-1998 Matsuura ES-450H models with Fanuc 18i-M controls which is why I was hoping it was a simple parameter change. thanks for any help or direction
  2. Pgreenlaw

    deep pocket in aluminum (continued)

    Does your machine have air blast??? Last resort if you still have to stop the machine to remove chips maybe instead of an M00 that requires operator interaction keep it all automated? Tool change to a small diameter empty holder (whatever diameter holder provides good air pressure, empty collet holder would work as well) and air blast your chips out. After good air blast and chips are gone pull the 3/4 back out and continue roughing. Also, that 3/4 should have no problem roughing at full depth in 6061 with a good dynamic routine. Depending on machine HP, reduce your step over amount. Try the non chip breaker style if you have it. This will create longer skinnier chips and actually utilize most of the 3.5" flutes your end mill.

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