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  1. bhayden10

    transform toolpath issue

    I am having the same problem with an axis sub simple contour pass, I did the translate method before but only had 3 indexes and input them manually. now I am doing a gear with 74 teeth so I would like for it to output the rotations. I cannot get it to post out the rotation on each tooth, it just repeats the same axis sub move over and over?
  2. bhayden10

    SolidWorks Vs MasterCam Question.

    I learned how to do cad and create solid models in mastercam on my own and like others can create most anything. I finally after 6 years convinced the boss to buy solidworks just from reading about what others on this forum thought about it in posts just like yours. I took a basic course in solidworks and now i rarely draw in mcam. We design parts and create blueprints for some of our customers. Solid works saves hours for making prints, and changes are so much easier to do and the print updates automatically. I want to take more advanced classes because the potential for what you can do in solidworks is amazing. The question about updating programs is my only complaint with this setup. I cannot import solidworks files with their history to edit them into mastercam. I have got to where i export .x_b parasolid files so a change on a part is a pain in the butt at times. I have'nt used the change recognition feature before. I think you and your boss will be impressed with solidworks, have them come in and give you a demo, he will be convinced.
  3. bhayden10


    Can you use a flowline pass? They always seem to work better for me.
  4. bhayden10

    Solid Workds Add on in X4

    Just curious why you use .x_b verses using .x_t? Do you get better results when machining or is it a better model somehow?
  5. bhayden10

    Rotary Help

    That is the correct way to get your rotations!
  6. bhayden10

    What causes tool marks in surfacing paths?

    The part isn't so thin that warpage is my problem. I am holding onto the bottom lug in a vise its .375 thick. the outside wings are for clamping in the final op as this part does get thin. They get milled away. I have to use a .375 because it is .475 between the .05 tall square lugs. I am only taking .05 in the horizontal pass. My post is putting out I and J for radius's. I feel it may be that the control can't keep up with the code but we also have a haas that i try to use for most of my surfacing paths as it does a much better job so I haven't spent much time trying to figure out what these older Mazaks like or need to run good finishes in most cases. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. bhayden10

    What causes tool marks in surfacing paths?

    Thanks for the reply, it was a surface high speed horizontal area toolpath. Used a .375 tool, both with a .05 radius and one with no radius. stepover was 65%. I don't do enough surface paths to get a good feel for the tolerance settings but this one was on "better" and cut tol was .00028 and smoothing tol was .0007. I just did the indicator test everything looked good except i could pull and push the spindle over about .001. Got me wondering so i checked our 414 and h400 and they both were about the same. My lead man said this is normal as long as they all come back to center? Seems odd to me. He checked the backlash and it had .001 in the x and y so we will adjust that. These are all old machines but we do take good care of them and not do alot of hard milling. Could it be that this old machine cant look ahead enough that it is actually pausing in places? I have seen it do this at times running over 60 ipm. but i was around 50 in this pass. Just not sure how these old mills handle these paths i guess and what settings should be used for these old controls. Thanks again for your input.
  8. I am wondering if anyone can give me some ideas what would cause a 1997 Mazak 16a vertical mill to make tool marks like this picture? This seems to be happening everytime i try to run a surfacing pass on this machine. It looks like the tool dwells for a second and cuts deeper in that spot. We had the x and y axis rebuilt last year. It holds tolerances well but the finish is not good. I'm not sure if its the machine tool or if i'm not doing something on my surfacing passes that i should. I changed this pass to a 2d pocket with arcs on the ends and it does not gouge the part like before. I appreciate any input thats positive.
  9. bhayden10

    Change NC File name

    Click the group name so it highlights all operations and then right click edit operations change nc file name. That will change all of the processes at once.
  10. bhayden10


    John, I've been playing with it, i am guessing i would need to create a plane rotated 10 degrees for my 2nd chain, my first is in the top view with my wcs in top for all ops. Its not working correctly, i know its a setting i have off. Would it be easier if i sent you the file?
  11. bhayden10


    I am milling teeth on a gear with a mill cutter using a simple 2d contour and then transform rotating the path. In order to make it faster, is there a way to make the tool cut in x+ then rotate the part the 10 degrees then cut in x- so i am not rapiding back and starting over on my contour path. I can do this at the machine but would like to post it out right if it is possible. Thanks
  12. bhayden10

    Hasp for home

    I have tried to run mastercam through log me in from home but it gives me an error that it can't find the sim. I only have a single user sim. does that mean it won't work at all remotely or do i need to do something?
  13. I have been using file merge to bring in solidworks files. The only problem is if you bring in the original tree it will shut down solidworks on import. Without the tree or history it doesn't. I'm using a 64 bit system too.
  14. bhayden10

    pencil pass problems

    I am hoping someone will help me out here. I put a file in the x3 folder called pencil pass. I programed this in X and I only have x3 on my computer now and was wanting to try to change this pencil path and when i regenerate the operation (#34) The tool will only cut one side of my part when it used to cut both sides the same way. I would also like to keep the tool down more and not veer over to where the red surface is on entry if possible. I appreciate any help offered as this type of pass won't play nice with me. Thanks
  15. bhayden10

    Why does X3 shut Solidworks down?

    Well i don't think we should hold our breath, if the guru's (no disrespect intended) ain't having a problem then it most likely won't be addressed. It will take someone having the problem to figure it out for us. I've got a brand new system with clean installs of both so i'm guessing its a vista or 64 bit problem with either x3 or solidworks. As more people get new systems i would think the problem will come up more. On my system if I don't bring in the history it won't shut solidworks down.

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