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  1. deckerc

    spindle sync on EMCO

    We currently do these in a mill. Just looking to eliminate an extra set up.
  2. deckerc

    spindle sync on EMCO

    I might have used some bad terms here. There is no sub spindle. I just want to cut a grove on a sphere. You could almost call it a spherical thread. Everytime I take a depthcut on it, it starts at a different spot on the spindle rotation.
  3. deckerc

    spindle sync on EMCO

    Does anyone know if I can sync the spindle with the z motion on an EMCO Turn 325 with a Fanuc 21-T? Basically I'm trying to cut a grove on the OD of a sphere. I can't use the threading cycles because of the arc. I found a pattern repeat cycle(G75) for this machine which does the x/z motion, with a step down, that I want but the spindle isn't synced.
  4. deckerc

    Posting for Bridgeport

    i think you need seperate machine and control def's for the bridgeport. X is different than 9. In X you select your machine then do the toolpaths. Not like in 9 when you would hit post and then switch posts. update your v9 bridgeport post to X and it should create your machine and control definitions.
  5. deckerc

    5 axis Drill Help

    You might need to select the line from the other end. when selecting the line there should be a direction arrow that shows up. try to get that arrow to go the other way by selecting the other end of the line.
  6. deckerc

    5 axis Drill Help

    how are you selecting your geometry? If you're using points and lines, your points should be only at the bottom of the lines. In V9 we had problems if our holes were vertical (3 axis) it would try to do them upside down, so we would seperate the 3 axis holes from the 5 axis holes. can't look at your file right. I'm blocked from the ftp at work.
  7. deckerc

    X2 shipping?

    Got ours last week too
  8. deckerc

    creating a 3d chain

    turn off infinite look ahead in your toolpath you may also run into trouble with gouge check inside the lead in/lead out box
  9. deckerc

    Surface curves on 2d arc

    sorry, can't think of anything else unless it is in the config tolerances
  10. deckerc

    Surface curves on 2d arc

    Shade settings, chord height. Make it smaller.
  11. deckerc

    Mitsubishi Wire Post

    Jeff, i think we work for the same place but different building. call Prism (our dealer), they are very helpful.
  12. deckerc

    Levels........erase them?

    hit "all" the check "level" and select which level you want to delete. If you want multiple levels, hole the control key while selected the desired levels.
  13. deckerc

    Chaining a path problem...

    when chaining first pick the point then pick the chain. in lead in/lead out you set them to use start or use exit point
  14. deckerc


    A smaller total tolerance would help. i run mine about .001mm (.00004in). makes for a much bigger program though.
  15. deckerc

    "Save as" to a specific network folder

    also when you go to the save as window, you need to click the button in the upper right corner and set it to "use defualt directories"

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