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  1. For FANUC 31i B G2900 P1 (Text.....) G2900 P0 -> Clear Coment)
  2. MES

    Mill Face Problem

    ajmer .....turn off depth cuts and it works on my computer.... It is the problem, I did not know I am using 2019 for one year and never see before. Thanks for your s answer. MES
  3. MES

    Mill Face Problem

    Rekd, thanks. 5th Axis CGi, thanks, I never see this error before, now the two MC seat here are unavailable to generate FACE. I don't know how to fix it. I am thinking reinstall MC2019, but after your answer i don't know if a new fresh MC fix it. Thanks MES
  4. MES

    Mill Face Problem

    Good morning. My MC 2019 was working fine but yesterday in the afternoon the FACE (milling) do not work anymore. Do not Windows 10 update or driver update. I move the key to another PC and the same problem. We use the other key in the different PC and the same. Not Backplot and when you try generate the g code MC show this message. The FACE in the old MC files are OK. The file is attached. Thanks in advance. MES Face Test Original.mcam
  5. MES


    Finally downgrade to MC 2019 and working fine.
  6. MES


    After Update 1 MC simulation is not working more. No message of error and to reload MC need restart the PC. MC 2018 working fine. Is somebody running update 1?
  7. We are in South Miami. We brought thru Gosiger and we talk to the engineering application they recommended MT. We use PartMaker too. Now We need to decide what is the better option.
  8. Thanks for all your comments. Finally our decision is OKUMA. Good machine and good service in this area (GOSINGER). One question. Are you using MC Mill Turn to programming this machine.? Thanks in advice...
  9. We are locking quote for a new lathe our specification require: Double spindle (3000 rpm or more) Spindle Bore: Min 2" Twin Turret, Live Mill 6000 rpm MIN. Material : SS 303 and Aluminum 6061 We have quote for OKUMA LT2000-EX-2T2MY and DMG-MORI NZX-2000 I like to hear your opinion about these machine, other recommendation are OK. Thanks in advance. MES
  10. Finally WE got MATSUURA VX-1000, 15 RPM, NIKKEN 5X (3+2) and REINSHAW. Excellent machine nice price and good service. Thanks for yours answers....
  11. MES

    Coolant Help

    Thank you what techcool #?
  12. MES

    Coolant Help

    any other brand of coolant ?
  13. MES

    Coolant Help

    any other brand of coolant ?
  14. MES

    Coolant Help

    we clean and replace a coolant 2 times in the last 4 week.

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