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  1. Hi, We have a Star SR20II Swiss machine. We're using a USB to load and save program. It's only extend in Head 1, but it can't extend program in Head 2 of sub spindle by using M198P****. Is there any setting in parameter? would you please help? Thanks,
  2. myrock

    8 Digit File names on Fanuc 31i-A5...

    Hi Guys, We have a Star SR20II Swiss machine 18i Fanuc control. we're using USB to load program into machine. it's able to extend program in Head 1 but it can't extend program by using M198P**** in Head 2 of Sub spindle? Is there any parameter setting? Would you please help?
  3. myrock

    Viper VTL C Axis Orient

    Do I need to cancel after turned it on at the of program with G50 C ???. What's the C axis in absolute or incremental?
  4. myrock

    5axis paths

    Those toolpaths don't have compensation direction option, which mean left or right cutting path. I only do computer, and don't do cutter comp.
  5. myrock

    5axis paths

    Morph between 2 curves, paralell to surf, or swarf milling don't have compensation direction option. Therefore, they could not comp left or right. I don't want to redraw surfaces or offset wireframes.
  6. myrock

    5axis paths

    Would you please give ideas how to create simultaneous multiaxis paths for this part and don't use 3+2 multiaxis indexing paths. Thanks, 5AXIS_TAPER OF
  7. myrock

    Code Expert Font Size

    Hi Cjep, Is it possible to create shortcut and place it on desktop of computer.
  8. myrock

    MP201 - MT_Lathe Post Processing

    Hi Colin, is it on the mastercam website?
  9. myrock

    inverse feedrate

    Thank you for reply Dandle D. If I do the math as you show me. The line move distance is about feed/distance 1.0487-.3646 =.6841 Then 115/6841=168.1 but the post only F=2.83 Is this number is set correct? pri_limlo$ : -99999 pri_inthi$ : 99999
  10. Could you help me to modified my Haas 5 axis post to get inverse feedrate right # Post Name : Generic Haas VF-TR_Series 5X Mill # Executable : MP 14.0 use_fr : 3 #Output feedrate inv_sec : 3 #Inverse feedrate is in seconds maxfrinv : 9999.99 #Limit for feed inverse time #Rotary axis travel limits, always in terms of normal angle output #Set the absolute angles for axis travel on primary pri_limlo$ : -99999 pri_limhi$ : 99999 #Set intermediate angle, in limits, for post to reposition machine pri_intlo$ : -99999 pri_inthi$ : 99999 Using Swarf milling toolpath – .25dia carbide E/M – S7500 - F115.0 - Aluminum 6061 G94 X1.098 Y-2.3342 Z5.1549 F115. X1.0953 Y-2.3246 Z5.1486 X1.0908 Y-2.3157 Z5.1422 X1.0846 Y-2.3078 Z5.1358 X1.0769 Y-2.3014 Z5.1295 X1.0682 Y-2.2966 Z5.1231 X1.0586 Y-2.2937 Z5.1167 X1.0487 Y-2.2924 Z5.1104 G93 X.3646 Y-2.2985 Z5.1081 B1.028 A19.997 F2.83------------------TOO SLOW X.3549 Y-2.2948 Z5.1095 B.388 A19.996 F133.79 X.3402 Y-2.2976 Z5.1087 B.961 A19.987 F181.67 X.3177 Y-2.3049 Z5.1062 B2.605 A19.967 F181.52 X.3095 Y-2.3028 Z5.1071 B2.281 A19.959 F181.61 X.3024 Y-2.3008 Z5.108 B1.813 A19.957 F181.5 X.2729 Y-2.3067 Z5.1065 B3.847 A19.909 F132.77

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