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  1. Incogneeto

    Programming G112 by hand??

    Thanks so Much for your time. I'll give it a shot!!
  2. Incogneeto

    Programming G112 by hand??

    Did I Send The wrong E-mail?
  3. Incogneeto

    Programming G112 by hand??

    I Did, Thanks Again.
  4. Incogneeto

    Programming G112 by hand??

    EXACTLY !!! And I'm not sure if it can generate a .250 hex with an 1/2 Endmill. Adding the Radius to the offset it screams tool to Large. And it throws alarms on The .010 radius. I had no problems on the Okuma Captain But it was Years Back. Would Love to understand how it works. I think its a 2012 But could be a Bit Newer Maybe up to 2016 I forgot to look, But will Monday. Thanks for the Help Both of you.
  5. Hi Guys, Anyone familiar with a Haas ST 30. Im trying to hand program axially a .25 hex X 1.25 long using the G112 with a 1/2 inch endmill and 3/8 material. with a .010 radius at the points. Don't tell Daniel,But we haven't got Mastercam yet , and I'm trying to convince The Boss. I'm Not familiar with the G112 and its giving me Fits on the Radius. Thanks for the Help.
  6. Incogneeto

    I Don't think So.

    I Misspoke We have Mastercam Lathe and a Post (shopware) I just haven't had any Formal training Yet. My understanding of this machine is that X and Y are integral to each other. you can't use one without the other. But I could be Wrong. (I'm not I just said I could be)
  7. Incogneeto

    I Don't think So.

    yep, But my question is ...Isn't Y incorporated in all X axis movement?? I can't just put Y at Zero and run a strictly X program Can I ??
  8. Incogneeto

    I Don't think So.

    We have a Tsugami M08SY. 4 axis Lathe and No real way to Program for it. (Training) My Boss says "well then just use it as a 3 axis for now" But with this design is that possible??
  9. Incogneeto

    Engineering Change...Again !!

    Thanks Gentlemen, You too G, And yes JP orientation is kicking me , I didn't make the original so I'm unfamiliar with the program as of now. Thanks All of You.
  10. Incogneeto

    Engineering Change...Again !!

    #3 sounds right on 2018 should I go through Change Recognition? I'm not seeing import or export.
  11. Incogneeto

    Engineering Change...Again !!

    Hi Guys, Can someone explain How to import or export all of my toolpaths and Definitions to a stp.file that has been slightly modified by engineering. Hate having to restart the whole process over when its only a simple change. TIA
  12. Compared to most yes. But I don't try as hard so it's easier for me.
  13. I don't know. Can you instigate and insult ??
  14. If you are hanging around getting ready to Lock this thread Maybe you can give me a suggestion on which etutorial I should purchase? I'm serious lathe Mill/turn
  15. Can I Invite Reko and Mowens ???

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