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  1. I'm waiting now for C-Hook for MC2020. As soon as I get it I will switch to MC2020.
  2. I should get C-Hook for MC2019. You can download it from CAMPlete website.
  3. OVodov

    4th Axis programming

    I got a good post from In House. It always works on G59. I keep coordinate of center of rotation in G58. So only thing I have to do is set my WCS wherever I want on my part as G54 Post calculates every rotation and overwrite G59.
  4. OVodov

    strange toolpath request

    If you could use 2 lines, so probably BLEND MILL would fit you.
  5. OVodov

    Best toolholder for 1/8" shank tools?

    Pretty useful topic for me now. We are planning to buy shrink fit machine this summer and started to check all offers in market. The first one was Techniks, but I understand you guys wouldn’t recommend it.
  6. Sorry, I didn't get it. If you trying to call me Jon B you make a mistake.
  7. I believe this guy came to Mastercam with Solidcam experience. Solidcam has the feature that called SEPARATOR. Which looks like a red arrow in MC but you could add them as many as you wish and keep them on screen.

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