Toolpaths Mastercam Supports Circle Segmant Endmills

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Hello Mcam world. 

So I have this part coming up that will require a lot of surfacing on pocket floors. For a while now I've known about Emuge Circle segmant endmills but never really needed to apply them till now. The pocket floors will all have 30" radius' and they are a pretty good size. The endmills that I think would work best would be the "Lens-Shape". The Pockets are not deep, maybe .300 but I want this for finishing only. 

Does anyone know whether Mastercam 2017 has multi axis toolpaths that support these tools? Is there ad on tools I can get to support it? Anything you know on the subject or a link to another thread if it's been covered would be great.

Thanks in advance

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In MC2017, you can define the Emuge Lens Form tool as a Highfeed Mill tool and use the tool in toolpath/surface paths (classic and 3D HST). More to come in 2018


To do so in 2017, set the Highfeed Mill Cutting diameter, Lower radius and Upper radius.

Set the Tip diameter to zero.

Leave the Lower Taper angle (hidden) set to zero.

Set the Upper Taper angle from this equation:

Upper Taper angle = inverse sin of (( 0.5 * Cutting diameter – Upper radius) / (Lower radius – Upper radius)).


Example:  For a Cutting diameter of 0.95, Lower radius of 1.0 and Upper radius of 0.1, we have:

                Upper Taper angle = inverse sin of (( 0.5 * 0.95 – 0.1) / (1.0 – 0.1)) or

                Upper Taper angle = inverse sin of ( 0.375 / 0.9) or

                Upper Taper angle = inverse sin of (0.41666) or

                Upper Taper angle = 24.6243 degrees


Sometimes the tool dialog will show an odd image for the tool rendering or will balk at these numbers; if so, just reduce the Taper angle slightly (24.60 say) or give it a really small tip diameter (0.001 say).

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There is also a library of Emuge tools on the Official Mastercam forum.

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