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  1. It is a very useful product. I have cut molds at speeds I wouldn't have thought it was capable of. Yes, your Fanuc can handle it as long as it is 5 axis ready. I also recommend getting Johns post as it needs zero tweaking! By far the least inexpensive way to get into true 5 axis machining.
  2. You typically want com one and it is generally a 9 pin port. To test it, find pin two (send) and three (receive). if it's a female port, bend it to go into the pin holes, if it's male just touch it across pins two and three. Open your com program up and make sure it is using com one. Send anything out. If it echos on the screen, you have the right port.
  3. The 6M should not need a BTR unless it's an 6MA without the RS-232 option, then it would need the BTR. Just because you have a port, doesn't mean it's hooked up either! Don't try to use a regular serial cable, it won't work. You have to make a cable. Buy Belden 4 wire shielded cable and the correct plugs. Pins 2 and 3 must be flipped. In other words, CNC end pin 2 goes to computer end pin 3 and vise-versa. 7 is straight thru. Jumper pins 6 and 8 at each end. Your baud and parity need to be correct. Even Parity, 7 data bits and one stop bit are normal for a Fanuc. Any comm package will work if all of the above are correct. Easiest way to correct the backwards axis is to change the machine definition. If that doesn't work, you can multiply by -1 on X axis in the post and that will flip the sign.
  4. MultiAxGod

    Solidworks 2011

    I'm running the 32 bit version. I didn't have to register anything or change anything in the setup. I am able to open the sldprt file without a problem? I am not using the Solidworks translator, just directly opening the part file to work with. Of course, I have no part history, just the "brick", but it works fine so far.
  5. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    I used to live in the OC '80 to '84. Worked for the DoD then. Temecula from '95 to '09 and worked with Steve in Anaheim. Lucky me huh? Dinner's at your place maroon! I'll get the Shark Steaks tho' I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to make tho. My truck engine shot craps and I am looking for a new one right now. Hopefully can find one before Xmas, but 454's are hard to find! Have to pick up my other car which is still in Temecula and have a storage locker there too full of furniture and stuff!
  6. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    I'm glad you added this about the helix problem gcode, because we use that a significant amount and you are correct that most machines won't rapid with comp on. Two of the parts in this project that I loaded X5 for have about 50 helix bores each and without knowing that in advance, would have been upsetting. I haven't posted any code yet, so I hope there isn't a coolant on/off problem! Look, touch, feel, seems to be pretty much the same at this point but I can't say yet because I haven't generated any code. Will say (or possibly scream) later, but so far it seems to be more features and the following of Microsoft rules more than anything. If you are going to install, just follow some of the things that JParis and gcode have out here about the install and you should be fine.
  7. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    I will add this, other than a problem with the first download not working (which took over an hour) the install went smooth and the configuration is not such a big deal if you know what to look for. Including download time and all migrating, so far I only have about 4 hours into it to get it running the way I want. I'll compliment the fact that this is the first install that went this smoothly. Have been able to open files easily enough. Haven't generated code yet, but that won't be a problem either hopefully!
  8. Hey, my reputation is neutral! I'm feeling Swiss today! LOL!

  9. Ok dude. You don't show up on my friends list and it won't let me reply to your and gcodes friend request. I can't find the setting to allow it! LMAO!

  10. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    duh! Nevermind about my config question. I just re read the documentation! LMAO! What a maroon! Sometimes I have to wonder if my pants are put on backwards!
  11. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    Thanks Chris. We don't have enough set up yet for X4 so I will just set all new settings in X5. Thanks to everyone for your input. We're installing it today.
  12. Hey dopey set your profile so ppl can add you as friends

    PEACE :o)

  13. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    Love the Serenity pic g. Shiny!
  14. MultiAxGod

    X5 Now or wait?

    Missin me some Thresher Shark from the Dory Fleet at Newport! Yep, I'll be in the front row amigo! K on one cheek and C on the other!

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