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  1. danielm

    ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    I'm getting my feet wet in MW...or MachSim as the Mastercam reps like to call it. I want to make a step by step manual for machsim setup within mastercam and machine building inside machsim and put it up here. There are NO comprehensive manuals that describe how to do all of that so right now its a figure it out on your own kind of deal along with a 'nudge' here and there from this forum. I emailed MW in Germany and they told me to go to the MCAM reps. The MCAM reps said that 'they are working on it'.
  2. danielm

    4axis morph toolpath question

    Yep. I changed my start point and that fixed it. Thanks jlw!
  3. Hello group. This is my first Morph multi-axis toolpath. As soon as I backplot the operation, mastercam shows my holder inside the part and in an oddball plane. Please see picture. I see this occasionally but have never been able to figure out what causes it. Can someone please take a look at it and tell me what may be causing it? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. I just got off the phone with mcam tech support. He remoted into my pc and migrated in my RMB and keymapping. This is what he did: 1) Renamed my mcam2019 to my mcam2019.old 2) Went into the advanced configuration and reset dialog positions. 3) Went back through the migration wizard (Advanced) and checked only the Configuration files and the Workspace files. 4) Unchecked all but Mastercam 2018 5) Chose Update and Replace When the migration was finished, everything was back. ...which was great because I have a lot of custom keyboard commands that take a lot of time to re-map. Hope this helps.
  5. I got the same result as SlaveCam. I had to completely remake my right-mouse-button and all of my Key mapping when going to 2018. Guess I'll have to do it again with 2019. Its a drag that the configuration apparently doesn't migrate over even when you make certain that CONFIG is checked when doing the migration wizard.
  6. Dude. All you had to say was 1)merge in your saved stl. 2)Use dynamic xform to relocate the stl. 3) use save some to save out the stl and rename it. 4)be sure that your in top wcs. But no. You dont work that way. I do. If someone is having a problem and I know the answer from A-Z I tell em and help em. You and others here just toss em a vague clue and tell them to figure the rest out on there own. I hate that sht.
  7. Find a YT video on transforming CUT STL FILES FROM VERIFY using dynamic transform. I use dynamic transform all the time for any all entities just like the command describes. NOWHERE does it say 'THIS IS HOW YOU RELOCATE A CUT MODEL FROM VERIFY'. You get where I'm coming from dude? There used to be a STL_XFORM.dll chook to do it all. Now its gone. Where does it say whats replaced it? Where does it say "ok, heres how you move a STL file using Dynamic Transform?
  8. >>>that was supposed to read more experience THAN you btw.
  9. Idiot. Yeah. Just give a guy a high end CAM system and say figure it out. I'm calling BS on you 'just learning this on your own". You, me and everyone here knows that you sought help...and got it from people that had more experience from you.
  10. I looked on youtube. ZERO videos on using Dynamic Transform to move cut stock from verify. You got one? Put it up.
  11. $100 says that that is never covered in verify or anywhere except in some fkg class.
  12. what a fkd up way to relocate cut stock.
  13. ok. the first thing is merge in the stl right? Pls talk to me.

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