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  1. Roger, that works fine! Thank you for your help.
  2. Thank you Roger, that works fine. But now i have found that i cant't store that print in a file without manually enter the path (with an pdf printer driver). That's what i want to avoid. Now i think like acam did. Make a printscreen image and than store it as a bmp in the directory where the mc-file lives. I'm able to store that bmp with "screen_to_bitmap_file(...)" That works also. But what if i want to manipulate that image before storing it. Saw the function "screen _to_Bitmap(...)" and got the same problems as acam. How to get the bitmap-size in "graphic screen in the original size"? Best regards Norbert
  3. Hello and a lucky new year to you all, i have a further question about creating screenshot or better creating a print like File/Print. Let's assume, that the setup for printer, orientation, color etc. is done. Is it then possible to control that print function with a chook-function (in MC2019 and above) ? Maybe the undocumented function "send_file_to_printer(class CStdioFile *, int, wchar_t *)" is the key for that? Please help. Best regards
  4. Roger, thank you very much for your advice.
  5. Roger, thank you very much for your helpful descriptions. So, my arc's view number is 22 and it lays on a named plane ("S1") with Plane ID 52. But can you give me a hint how i get the Plane ID from the view numer.
  6. Yes Zaffin, you are right, i wish to get the view matrix of arc's too. But also i want to get the view-matrix from my selected and self created views. It works for the "non reserved planes" TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT … but not for my created views/planes.
  7. Hello peter~ and Zaffin, thanks for your replies. My Mastercam-Version is 2019 (21.0.28020.0).
  8. Hello again, trying to access Mastercam Plane which is not one of the reserved, i got Always errors. Don't know why. This code works: const Plane *arcPlane = Planes.GetPlanePtrByID(1); //get-Plane 1==TOP swprintf(sztext, L"Name of Plane %s\n", arcPlane->GetName()); //tell me name, WORKS and gives TOP and this didn't work with existing plane No. 22. plane 22 is in planemanager visible and ok but this code CRASHES: const Plane *arcPlane = Planes.GetPlanePtrByID(22); //get Plane No. 22 swprintf(sztext, L"Name of Plane %s\n", arcPlane->GetName()); //-----------------------CRASH Do you know why? Thanks in advance for any help or hint.
  9. found it and the solution is extern DllImpExp MastercamPlanes Planes;
  10. Hi, unfortunatly i can't get the list of all names of WCS's under 2017 no more? Neither the extern DllImpExp VIEWARRAY NamedViews; ///< Current array of named views nor the named_view_manager(...) worked for me. How can we get the mentioned list of WCS's under 2017/2018? Thanks in advance
  11. Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit MasterCam X7 ( Visual Studio Prof. 2012 Version 11.0.61030.00 Update 4 with Platform Toolset v100 (Visual Studio 2010) Trying the same as rocheey did. And made the same mistakes. After correcting, as discribed here, my debug-environment won't start. i always get many failures "Debug Assertion Failed!". My CHook-Prject is very simple and created with the Mastercam-CHook-Wizard with the "Dialog sample" option and without any additional code. The x64 release version compiles and works correctly. Please give me a hint.
  12. Roger, tried the function build_all_edgecrvs_on_surf with chordal and break angle as i do in Mastercam directly. The output from my chook differs in most cases. 'Mastercam direct' produces at cylinder-surfaces the correct arcs and lines. With my chook i got at the same cylinder-surfaces splines and lines, no arcs. In both cases i use for the chordal-tolerance 0.075 and for the break-angle 20.0. Have you any ideas, what to do, to get these arcs with my chook? Thanks in advance. Norbert
  13. CNCLaundry

    Drill point options

    Hello, having a bunch of drilling operations in my mastercam model, i want to modify the options for these operations, espacially the drilling-point sort options. I need to set them to cross sort SORT_ZzmCcw with an Z-axis to rotate about. First i tested it with setting the variable operation.u.prm_drl.sort_method and rewriting it with the operation_manager(...)-function. That works only for setting the sort_method. I found nothing to set the axis, except in the structure drill_options in Drill_CH.h. My question is, how to set abovementioned options for my drilling operation? Thanks in advance
  14. Pete, thanks for your suggestion. It works fine if i take the mid of the uv extents of the surface. My fault was that i always took 0.5 for U and V. I thougt U and V run from 0.0 to 1.0. But that isn't guaranteed.
  15. Trying to project a point on a trimmed revolved surface, the function project_pt_onto_surf returnes mostly FALSE . I think it depends on the guess starting parameters uv_in . How to find good starting values? Thanks in advance. PS: Tested under Mastercam X2MR2 [ 04-23-2009, 11:22 AM: Message edited by: Norbert Dalhoff ]

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