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  1. alexlikesyou

    dynamic, i guess i still haven't figured it out

    I'll use 2D dynamic with transform rectangle with sort point to point when doing CBs like this. Assuming they're the same size.
  2. alexlikesyou

    keyboard preferences

    I have the Corsair K70 at home. I love it. Smooth action. Really sensitive keys. Almost too sensitive at times. I constantly accidentally press keys just by resting my fingers on whatever keys I just pressed. Very satisfying clicking though. Then I come to work and use the generic dell one I've got and it feels really weird. I don't think there's much difference between the K70 and the Strafe outside of backlighting.
  3. alexlikesyou

    Density setting for steel
  4. alexlikesyou

    transform operations

    I use transform all the time. Most of the things I make have a feature that repeats 4 to 6 times so it cuts down on the clicking. Though I always forget the specific settings when I'm using it to index the rotary and I end up with an unneeded amount of offsets. Laziest way to mill wrench flats. A few months back I tried tying it to a G68/G69 macro for non-rotary work but couldn't get it to post the correct parameters.
  5. alexlikesyou

    Several Crashes so far

    The issue with the tool manager crashing I'm pretty sure is a known issue that's supposed to be fixed in the next update. Happens to myself and my co-worker fairly often so you're not alone there.
  6. I figured I was correct about running dry. Going to try to convince them to let me try to right up an airblast. As for the part size, most of the time I'm cutting .25" to 1.75" slots with full radii at the bottom. I've been seeing some luck with some millstar ball mills with HSN inserts but the downside is these are about 6x long so feed rate suffers a lot. Going to try to at the very least get them to invest in some stubbier versions. So I had been trying to go in with .1875" to .375" EM to take out the bulk of the material and only use the ball mills to rough out the radii at the bottom to make up some time. I believe the unofficial shop motto here is, to quote the great Garth Algar, "We fear change." Thanks for what feedback I've gotten so far, guys. I really appreciate it.
  7. Hey there everyone. Been lurking around here for quite some time and have learned quite a bit. I've only been programming/machining for a little under 2 years so this place has been a wealth of information and perspective. So, to bore you guys with some details I'm kind of in a unique situation where I've learned this trade from coming from being a 3D animator. Kind of weird I realize as pretty much every one comes from being a machinist first before migrating to the programming aspects. I'd like to add that I've learned what I have so far in the trade by cutting a line of products my shop makes which are all made of tool steels and HSS. So, it's been kind of an unforgiving learning process and I'm a little stuck on what to do about certain situations that I'm hoping some of you can help with and this will probably be a little long. So sorry and thanks for reading my wall of text. Some pretenses-- I cut mainly metals like CPM 9V, M4, 4150HT, H13, and recently Z-Max. I'm milling on early 2000's Haas VF2 and VF4, and turning on predominantly a similar year ST20 and an SL30. The main issues I'm having here are mostly in the tool wear department. For turning the biggest issue I'm having is cutting off. We're a job shop so it's kind of a "you have to use what you've got" sort of situation which doesn't help the issue as we're using sort of random/generic inserts with random geometry and no matter what parameters I use we are changing inserts on our cut off tool after every part or every other part. I'm only cutting off something with a wall thickness of on the high side of .5". I feel like this is absurd. What sort of tool life should I be getting here? I've tried speeds from 150-300 SFM and .002 to .004. I've tried pecking, I've tried feeding it straight through. Nothing really seems to be helping. As for milling making an end mill last in these materials is even worse. Generally I'm cutting 4 to 6 flutes on a turned piece in a dividing head starting out by opti-roughing generally doing an 8-10% step over and 1.5xDIA DOC and I'll be lucky if an endmill survives 10-15 minutes of cutting. Sometimes the cut sounds good sometimes it just sounds incredibly rough. I mean these Haas can barely take a 30% WOC .05 deep in 1018 with a insert cutter without screaming so I'm sort of at a loss here. I use HSMAdvisor for my feeds and speeds and try to dial in the parameters as closely as possible there but I'm still having massive issues. Would it be best to run this type of toolpath dry or with air blast? A while back I had managed to get a TiALN coated EM to make it through 17 parts feeding at like 2x the normal feed rate I do by running it dry through the roughing cycle. However, I have guys who have been machining for 20-40 years here telling me I will end up work hardening these if I cut them dry. This seems to be contradictory to my research and that single event/test. With the complete lack of repeatability I seem to be getting (partially due to the fact that every week I'm having to cut with some random end mill with a random coating and random geometry because that's what was on sale) I'm just lost on what direction to go. Also, we only use/have side lock holders. I'm wondering if a milling chuck would be a better fit for this type of tool path? Would that provide some extra rigidity increase tool life? I feel like I'm trying to cut a rock with random pieces of cheese over here and catching flak for using up all the cheese. Anyway, thanks for reading my wall of text and I really appreciate any help you guys can provide.
  8. alexlikesyou


    We have 2 seats here where I work and we both get crashes very often-- at least once an hour. We get crashes doing different things though. I get crashes opening up verify very often while my co-worker crashes immediately if he has to bring up the create/edit tool window more than once per session.
  9. alexlikesyou

    2017 and repaired NCI

    I've had this with 3 files since 2017 and exactly zero w/ X8/X9. Only in lathe though.
  10. alexlikesyou

    2017 has broken stock model

    Are you peck drilling a hole? If so there's a bug with it logged as R-07871 and it will generate indefinitely.
  11. alexlikesyou

    Toolpath: Stockmodel

    I'm running the 2017 Beta that was released earlier this week.
  12. alexlikesyou

    Toolpath: Stockmodel

    This is my first post here after lurking for a while but I've had this same issue with stock models. 40ish ops with 5 or 6 stock models and they generate in no time. As soon as I select a pecked hole to add to the stock model it will hang. If I switch it to drill/counterbore so it goes straight through the stock model will generate just fine. I started to regen a stock model for a rest rough before lunch. It went on for nearly an hour before I had to end task to try to get something done. I've had to resort to switching to drill/counterbore then locking the ops after it generates then switching it back.

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