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  1. Courey27

    Lots of good enhancements

    Bitter sweet for this new 2020. The same thought by my buddy. We were installing the headache rack on his Ram project when he mentioned about upgrading his X9 to 2020. The new issue on 2020 which is not x9 is a big drawback.
  2. Courey27

    2020 Solids from STL

    The ease of use is a good advantage indeed. Seems very pricey though.
  3. Courey27

    2020 Solids from STL

    Sounds like Verisurf is better one.
  4. Courey27

    X+ Mastercam 2020 beta 1

    That sounds like a nice set up.
  5. Courey27

    Default, Create Letters

    Nice! Going to try this using X9. Thanks

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