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  1. George Gerhard

    5 axis pivot distance

    Hello all I service cnc machines, all 3axis. I need to help a customer with a used 5 axis machine How do you find the pivot distance on a 5 axis mill thank you George
  2. George Gerhard


    Hello I am using an aggregate to perform cutting on 4 sides of a entrance door When I create a work plane the post outputs the correct C axis value. However when I want to work on the top of the part to use the aggregate for a scoring blade, I cant get the correct c axis angle. It only puts out C0 the post is set so that if an aggregate is used the will be a C output Any ideas how I can get the C axis output when on the top plane? regards George
  3. George Gerhard

    finding line number

    many thanks
  4. George Gerhard

    finding line number

    Hello all I have a error in my post on a specific line number. Using notepad or wordpad how can I find that line number? thank you
  5. George Gerhard

    Graphics card

    Hello All I did a search and most of the comments were old so I though I would ask here incase there have been changes. AMD Radeon Pro WX 7100 w/8GB GDDR5 will this card run fine on mastercam and autocad? thank you
  6. George Gerhard

    Microsoft surface

    has anyone ran X9 with a Microsoft surface pro 4? thank you
  7. George Gerhard

    Best CNC router for MDF doors, edging panels?

    Northwood makes an excellent machine
  8. George Gerhard

    Posting Error

    thank you Paul great info
  9. George Gerhard

    Posting Error

    thank you a bit better than notepad!
  10. George Gerhard

    Posting Error

    Good morning I updated a post from X7 to X9 now when posting I receive a posting error message, which I did not receive in previous versions of X PST LINE (984) - Quotes on string do not match PST LINE (2033) - Missing a matching close bracket I cannot seem to find these errors, how can I specifically find these line numbers in the post? thank you George
  11. George Gerhard

    Speed change help

    thank you, Im on it
  12. George Gerhard

    Speed change help

    Good Morning All I have a post that correctly outputs a M03 S4000 however sometimes with the same tool I want to change the speed, and the post will output the M03 and the new speed. On this particular machine if the spindle is running and another M03 is issued the spindle will stop. I am looking for some guidance as to how I can block out the M03 on speed changes thank you George
  13. George Gerhard

    Listing tools in the header

    not using mpmaster, but that should give me the guidance I need thank you George
  14. George Gerhard

    Listing tools in the header

    Hello everyone I would like to list in the beginning of the program all the tools numbers, the descriptions, and the offset used. What words am I needing to capture to display this. many thanks George
  15. George Gerhard

    Line tangent to 2 circles

    thank u

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