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  1. Berlec76

    Using the import function

    Having the same problem on my Mastercam 2019 SP2. Today I will try to install SP3. Primož
  2. Berlec76

    endmill holders

    Schunk - Tribos or Celsio D`Andrea - Top Run Nikken
  3. Berlec76

    Form thread milling on 3-x machine

    We use simple 3D chain contour, since the start and the end have to be on the right position (lead in and lead out). The overcut in the verify is the same as measured on part on the measuring machine. The math is what I need to figure out. If the diamter si X and the angle in y and the diamter of the millin cutter Z, how do I define the right profile for the cutter so that I don`t get overcut
  4. Hi I`m having a problem cutting custom thread on my 3x mashine. We are talking about mold form threads, not functional threads. But it also has to be within +-0.02mm/wall (polished surfaces) Usualy I create a thread milling cutter from thread profile, I do a rotate profile. This usualy works fine if the thread pitch is small (2-3°) and the diameter of a thread is big enough. In some other cases (large pitch , big angle, small diameter exe: angle 30°, diameter 12mm, triple thread on 120°)I get overcut on the angled walls (top and botom). I solve these problems with test cuter in aluminium. My guestion is: is there a way to define a thread cutter, so that it dosen`t overcut. Mathematicali, geometricali, practicaly.... other files can be send to e-mail if asked! thanks
  5. Berlec76

    Creating a custom cutter in X

    I also use custom tools to cut inside and outside threads in mould forms (closures, caps, shoulders...) I have an additional question: The cetters are always shown in backplot but NOT always in verify. So I can not always compare stl with the actual form of thread. Whay is that. I draw the profile in the separate mcx file, on x0.y0.z0 questions: do you draw a centerline of the tool? do you connect the bottom of the cutter with x0.y0.z0? do you save the file in the same folder with toolpath or in mcamx/mill/tools...? do you draw a cutter in the samo file on a different layer?
  6. Berlec76

    Finish Flowline path

    First try Ram saver, in case something is left behind, else, you should start all over again, new file. From the beginning
  7. Berlec76

    Surface Finish Contour

    Draw a containment!
  8. Berlec76

    X4 MU2 poor graphics

    I have the samo problem in X4MU2 on Win7 with Quadro Fx 1500. When I draw lines or arcs I get all kind of graphic trash on screnn (white squares, toolpaths used to be on screen....) What would be the best setting for Nvidia card, or where would i get the configuration for nvidia control panel settings!
  9. Berlec76

    mastercam x4 invalid sim found -error code 2

    usualy it is an error, becouse you had pirat copy of mastercam na that comp. Only solution is format. Check older posts. Use search!
  10. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    I have tried one thing. Firs importing IGES file and then proengineer part file. Proe worked and Iges didnt!??Figure!?
  11. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    I have tried all that as well. Mybe the problem is in my AMD Athlom X2 procesor. I have heard that there were some problems with athlon and Multi-threading!
  12. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    yes I can, send me your e-mail address!
  13. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    The problem is not in the parameters. For instance, I can create raster toolpath in SHS or with old toolpaths with the same parameters. They both get calculated, but the SHS toolpath is 0.2kB big, and nothinh in it. No error is reported. Sometimes it helps if I restart computer, or if I start programing part from begining!
  14. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    the point is, that no mather wich tooplpath i choose from SHS. i get nothing!
  15. Berlec76

    No toolpath calculated

    When I use Surface High Speed toolpath for milling I get : Toolpath - 0.2K. If I use Old toolpaths everything is working OK. I have tried replacing config file, reinstall .net, reinstal Mastercam X4... Any ideas?

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