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    Post Help

    I added some new variables and tried adding them in the callout at the location i need it. That got me close. I need it to output a D and the dia of the tool and it is putting out just the number zero. How can I get it to put out the dia of the tool in decimal form? Below is a sample of what it is putting out right now and what I need. G600 D0 H.01 V.01 U3-------As you can see it is putting out a D0 and I need it to be D.3937(dia of tool). Right after the this value I need the corner rad of the tool which would be the value R(decimal value of the corner radius. This example is based on a 10 mm endmill with .5mm corner rad Needs to look like this. G600 D.3937 R.0196 H.01 V.01 U3

    Post Help

    I was wrong on the R value. The R value is the corner radius on the tool. I got the code to post out right. I just can not firgure out what calls up the corner radius. ANy help would be great.

    Post Help

    I need to add a line into my post for broken tool detection. I have done that but I have one problem. I want the post to fill in some values. I need to have the post output this line. G600 D? R? H.01 V.01 U3. I want mastercam to fill the D value and R value. D value for the dia offset and the R value for the radius of the tool. I got the line into the post put I do not know how to get it to fill in the D an R value. Any help would be great.

    convert config files

    I just loaded mastercam 2020 and converted my posts and defeult files and that went great. I want to bring over all my custom menus and right click menus also. I do not remember how to do that. Can somebody help me out .

    Tool Holder help

    Thank You Slepydremr. That worked. That sucks that we have to do this that way.

    Tool Holder help

    I have been away from mastercam for a little while and I am getting back into it. I have been making my libraries for the holders and cutters. I noticed some of the tool paths you can add a holder and some you can not. Below are two screen shots to show this. The first screen shot shows a contour tool path that shows holder on the third option down. The second screen shot is a flowline tool path and it has no options to show what holder. can somebody help with this.

    x+ Setup Sheet question

    I used to use the X+ setup sheet amd loved it. I nade my own setup sheet and it was working great. This was back during X5 mastercam. When I moved to X6 it all stopped working. I never went back to it because my shop had me go to another software. I am back with mastercam now and I want to get it working again. I have the original files that I used for my setup sheet and do not know how to get it working. I do not remember if the file needs to have the file with a .template extention or not. Can somebody help me here?

    Mastercam to Vericut help

    I am having a problem with the mastercam to vericut. I have jobs that are setup with different WCS's on one part. This way I hjave one program for all sides. When I run the vericut chook to set it up in vericut I do not know all the setting to use in the chook. I tried it and the model comes in one way and the tool comes in another. I know this is my doing but I can not find the right combination. Any help would be appreciated.

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    I am using 2017

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    Where do I get MCfSW file to load?

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    My general manager wants me to look into going to camworks because it is integrated into solidworks and will communicate with each other. The other programmer here mentioned to me about mastercam in solidworks and was wondering if we should look into that. The general manager wants one software that will do every department and talk to design also. We have been using Mastercam for many years and would love if Mastercam stand alone would talk to design. I also use Featurecam and that software will tell if a model that I brought in has changed. Just trying to gather information from real professionals(all of us programmers) not salesman.

    Mastercam in Solidworks

    I have a question about mastercam in solidworks. If the model changes in solidworks does it update the mastercam program?
  13. I want to use X+ again but having problems with it. I used it with X6 and loved it. When I moved to newer versions of Mastercam I can not use the same setup sheet I was using. Is there a way to update the setup sheet you use to the new version X+? I miss using X+.

    Mastercam 2017 Machine Simulation Problem

    I am just trying to use one of the default machines to see it work before I would build my own.

    Mastercam 2017 Machine Simulation Problem

    I am trying the one in the machine tab.

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