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  1. This appears to be isolated to a single workstation and 2019. Our IT guy will figure it out. May just need to re-install 2019 Thanks for the help!
  2. PMDc

    Axis Combination

    Uncommenting the pwrtt$ line did the trick. Thanks!
  3. I tried regenerating the files but no change.
  4. Yes and in the Control Definition.
  5. Is anyone else seeing "T0" output for the first and eof staged tools? I'm getting this in MPMASTER and Generic HAAS posts.
  6. PMDc

    Axis Combination

    Thank you very much Colin! I will study all of this and get my post dialed in. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the education you just provided!
  7. PMDc

    Axis Combination

    I'm using MPMaster. If I understand what you are saying, the MPMaster should already output what I need. My issue is that when using the 4-axis combination in the TOP plane it omits the "A0" but outputs non-zero rotations correctly. Hmmm
  8. PMDc

    Axis Combination

    My MP Documentation is Version 9.1 which I think was for X6. I'll ask my reseller again. The last time I asked Shopware for the updated documentation I received no response. Yeah, fun times. Thanks for the information. I'll let you know what I find out.
  9. Can I read the axis combinations into the post? What I need is when the 3 axis combination is selected the A (4th axis) is omitted and when the 4 axis combination is selected it outputs an A. As it works now I don't get an A move on a 4 axis combination path when the tool plane is equal to TOP. I tried duplicating the TOP plane but no Bueno. My thought is to read these in and set a switch for pfcout.
  10. We are considering the purchase of a Haas EC400 with a Pallet Pool. If you have one of these machines, what are post are you using? I contacted my reseller and they said the standard Haas HMC 4X post works fine and they'll tweak for us as needed and I also have requested a quote from In-House for theirs. I am no stranger to post and MD/CD modification but I'm, curious what everyone is using and how much they massaged the standard post. -Pat
  11. Has anyone experienced issues with MCAM 2018 not importing Parasolid or STEP files? I have one computer that will not import these files. The X_T files will show there are models on the levels and statistics but the graphics screen is hosed meaning there are no entities visible and the Gnomons show only the axis labels and arrowheads but no axis lines. If I click new file all is well again. Any ideas where to start? I have uninstalled and reinstalled Mastercam with no change. Thanks!
  12. I know this thread is ancient however I wanted to post a success story on this topic. I have a customer that has a HASP with maintenance that expired at Mastercam X. (as in X1) I only had the install disc without any MR's or SP's and got the same HASP not found (15) as stated above attempting to install on Win 7. I tried the Virtual PC/XP Mode... DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME ON THAT. The performance degradation is so bad MC is useless there. I contacted our reseller and they were able to supply me with Mastercam X MR1 SP2. Installing this and updating the HASP drivers via windows update... voila! Success. Mastercam X is not supported on Win 7 but so far no issues have come up. This key is a Mill Level 1 so it's not as though it will be taxing it much. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else has an old HASP they would like to make use of.
  13. I need to have my function wait until the invoked command is finished. Currently is executes passed it. Below is what I tried but it acts the same as without this code. private void CreateBndBox() { ExternalAppsManager.PostFTCommand("create_bbox"); //this.Close(); } private void BndBox_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { SelectionManager.UnselectAllGeometry(); LevelsManager.SetMainLevel(6); TurnAllOff(); LevelsManager.SetLevelVisible(2, true); LevelsManager.RefreshLevelsManager(); GraphicsManager.Repaint(true); SettingsManager.MainColor = 224; Task t = Task.Run(() => CreateBndBox()); t.Wait(); LevelsManager.SetMainLevel(4); LevelsManager.SetLevelVisible(2, false); MoveSolidto5(); SelectionManager.UnselectAllGeometry(); LevelsManager.SetMainLevel(2); TurnAllOff(); LevelsManager.SetLevelVisible(2, true); LevelsManager.SetLevelVisible(4, true); LevelsManager.SetLevelVisible(6, true); LevelsManager.RefreshLevelsManager(); GraphicsManager.Repaint(true); Close(); }
  14. Mick you're awesome! Thank you very much!!

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