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  1. pro grammer


    OS is win10. I just updated to MC2020 update 2 last week and noticed the issue 2 days afterward.
  2. pro grammer


    That is already checked.
  3. pro grammer

    Lathe Chips

  4. pro grammer

    Mastercam 2021 Public Beta 1

    Check out the new advanced drilling cut parameters.
  5. pro grammer

    Lathe Chips

    Here is a problem than bothers my in MC lathe. When doing bar work if you cutoff the part and try to do a lathe stock preview, you get nothing, unless you do your preview before the cutoff. I then use this preview and my op 2 stock. I am assuming that MC views this as a chip instead of the actual part. Yes I know there are work arounds but is there a way to make this work properly?
  6. pro grammer


    No. This is within mastercam. Not the windows file explorer. Here is what I do.. When MC is open click on file click open mouse over recent files list. It used to show an image.
  7. pro grammer


    Up until yesterday when I would open an existing MC file whenever I would mouse over a filename in the recent documents list I would get a nice icon image of the part within. Now it does not work. Is this some sort of customization setting?
  8. pro grammer

    Transition moves on dynamic toolpath

    I would say that the big question is why didn't you radius those sharp corners?
  9. pro grammer

    automatically post out high speed machining codes?

    I set these up as misc Integer codes in the post processor so I can control them independently for each operation.
  10. pro grammer


    I used 2 versions of SC lathe that were about 15 years apart. The lathe was the same in both. I do not wish SC on anybody.
  11. pro grammer


    I prefer to have a correct model. It seems that I still have issues seeing the wireframe chains.
  12. pro grammer


    You are making me cry. I like the solid edges, but you cannot see them after your process was generated like you can in mill. I tried 5th axis example. Still not working.
  13. pro grammer


    Is there a way to see the toolpath chains (solid edges) that you already have selected? Whenever I try to view the chain I see nothing. MC 2020.
  14. pro grammer

    I know i'm out of line for this question

    MC is pretty good compared to others. However, in my area many many customers are seeking alternatives because the support you get from MC in this area is god awful. They promise to show up and end up as a no-show, no-call. Their post help is inexcusably bad. I agree that you will probably not like Featurecam at all. But, it was probably a choice made out of desperation.

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