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  1. pro grammer

    HSM pack

    I had never heard of it before yesterday.
  2. pro grammer

    HSM pack

    Has anyone had experience with Cimco's HSM package?
  3. pro grammer

    2021 beta version extremely slow

    LOL. Typical. I went through that BS with our reseller. It could not be MC. He blamed 4 other softwares until it was obviously MC.
  4. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Well, if you are desperately trying to twist the comment in an an effort to try and "look" witty I suppose you can look at it whichever way you like. I understand your need...completely.
  5. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    What seems to be out of the box stock its turning on xcoolant before a tool change. Somebody there needs to go run a fanuc machine for once.
  6. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    well. It is standardization because MC has yet to make a standard. Just a mess :;
  7. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Don't worry 5th axis. I am not a woman. It just bounces right off of me. I have learned a bit from your posts. I do not hold grudges like my wife does. I just believe people make some really bad choices in machine shops. American shops really need to pick up the pace when it comes to standardization. And, that should be coming downhill from machine manufacturers and software companies. When I write a post I try to standardize as much as possible. For instance: when I am importing variable from NCI parameters I use a special code. Leat us say parameter 10201 #3 (just as an example) I will convert the number to an easy to decipher variable. aoboa-13. If it is a string it would be saoboa-13. It makes troubleshooting so much easier. When I go to a fanuc lathe G76 is threading. Okuma is G71. Absolutely no standardization. When we hire a setup guy they first thing we do is beat him down and then build him up as to how we do things. Most of the time it works. But, when it works everything runs more smoothly and gets along better once the egos and the "I used to do" are chucked.
  8. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    I won't read any more than your first line because I know where you are headed. Here is an example. Mastercam has a feature called "dynamic milling". Other companies have pretty much the same feature. Every company names their feature something else. Use the same wording. If mastercam has a feature called grooving would everyone else have to come up with a different name like "3 sided stock removal"? It's ridiculous. And, I completely understand why you guys fail to see the logic and automatically jump on the 16 year old, adolescent, insult wagon because you fail to strive for uniformity. I would imagine you personally have been machining for many years. You seem to have much skill. However, people such as you never strove to set a standard. That is why China is kicking your butts. To me it is arrogance. Everybody wants their finger prints all over every part of a workpiece. It is wasteful. So, let me ask you this. How many fanuc controlled machines have you setup and operated? 100? Why is it that every manufacturer insists on putting the buttons (coolant, tailstock, whatever) in a different position? There is no excuse for it, other than arrogance or idiocy. I should be able to go from a Mori to a Kia to a Puma with a funuc control and have the same button in the same place. Do you people even understand the philosophy of ISO or ANSI? If so why do you think that machinists are too good to follow the same mentality? Arrogance? It's kind of like every few years some brilliant, cubicle dweller at MC decides it time to change all the icons in an effort to fit in with the Jones'.
  9. pro grammer

    The dumbest thing I have ever seen in a mastercam post

    Well, here is the way I look at it. The the biggest problem with american manufacturing is the inability to conform to a standard. Even though the entire world tries to conform to a standard (ISO) machinists and software vendors refuse to get in line. They are completely dysfunctional. What the post writer is doing is refusing to conform to a standard that MC users have adopted to for a very long time. We "had" someone in our shop that was the same way. He refused to get in step and wanted to put his filthy fingers in everything. It would take him 5x longer than anyone else to do a setup and he always scrapped parts. Now for those of you that may think that this has something to do with does not. There is no way it could. One of the biggest problems with MC posts that I see is nobody can create a standard. Every time you have to edit one of these you must reeducate yourself as to what the current terminology will be ...this time around. It is a complete time waster and just flat our moronic. Suppose I went down the street and changed all the lens colors on the stop light just because it was my preference. How well do you think that would work? Frankly, it is no wonder why american machinists can no longer compete in the world. They just do a lot of stupid stuff. As for people who say I have a problem using MC? I disagree. I have a problem with all the bugs in MC. BTW...I do write my own posts. For the fella that cannot read posts, here is what is going on with this post: pe #End of line e$ All that section of code does is rename the e$ function to "pe". Just renaming. that is it. And, that code can easily be locked as any other code to "avoid piracy". Actually, this post did go exactly as I had planned.
  10. pro grammer

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    Sort of. AMD bought ATI years ago.
  11. pro grammer

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    And MC does not play well with ATI.
  12. pe #End of line e$ pfe #Forced end of line *e$ pn #Line numbering n$ pfn #Forced line numbering *n$ Yeah. This takes the cake for both arrogance and stupidity.
  13. pro grammer

    mastercam background

    Be default look in your documents file. Mine is here: C:\Users\program1\Documents\My Mastercam 2020\Mastercam\CONFIG look for the "mcamx.config" file and delete it. Restart mc and a default will replace it. Once you get your config the way you want it, SAVE IT under a different name, BACK IT UP and then set it up in MC to run that config file.
  14. pro grammer

    mastercam background

    Delete the config file in the mymastercam folder.
  15. pro grammer


    It is a stupid question, I know.

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