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  1. Programinator

    mastercam glitch

  2. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    I do. And remember I have seen it on two different computers with 2 different graphic cards. I cannot make it repeat either like you.
  3. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    I do use multiple screens and have my toolpath manager docked on separate screen. I don't know how I can work otherwise. I guess I will just have to deal with it as I have been doing. If the multiple screen is the issue than I would think that many would be experiencing this problem. So why is it so random then?
  4. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    So for a while now I have seen this. Its random and unpredictable but happens frequently. For example when using Bounding Box. The dialog box will pop up to set the parameters and everything will be grayed out and not register my mouse clicks visually even though it really is registering the clicks. If I then click in a text field to enter a value for the size of the bounding box it does not register visually that I am in that text box. BUT as soon as I start to type a value the whole window suddenly becomes in focus and like normal. This happens on other things as well, Not just the Bounding Box dialog. It has happened to me on multiple workstations and was doing it in 2018 as well Anyone seeing this thing pop up?
  5. Programinator

    mind blown

    I tend to wait 2 weeks to a month before jumping to next version. Not because im afraid of any Gui changes but because im worried about bugs. I feel that 2 weeks to a month is long enough to see if there are any rants on or forums. If I don't see anything major then I go with it. Off course I leave the previous version installed unless I need disk space for some reason, which usually is not a problem.
  6. Programinator

    Lost custom right click menu

    I learned my lesson years ago and now I alway save backups to key files and folders once a week. You just have to do it now. Especially if you have everything customized. It would probably take me a good day to get my setting to where I have them now if I started from stock setup
  7. Programinator

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Spacemouse pro. Best bang for your buck. I got mine used on ebay. Have not had any issues with it. Here is one. Spacemouse pro
  8. Programinator

    Drilling peck in backplot

    Would be nice to have the option to toggle on and off pecking in backplot!!
  9. Programinator

    Drilling peck in backplot

    I loved it. Was way faster and you could tell it was going to peck but you didn't have to visually see it doing all the pecks. It looks nice seeing the pecks I agree and is what the machine will do but its painful when doing backplot. Time waster in my opinion.
  10. Programinator

    Drilling peck in backplot

    but is this a change for update 3? Because in update 2 it was not the same. I remember when I first got 2019 it showed all the pecks until I put subsequent peck to 0. then it did not show all pecks but still posted out correctly. That's if im remembering correctly. kind of fuzzy
  11. Programinator

    Drilling peck in backplot

    When backploting a drilling toolpath I just hit the s button. For some reason now its showing every peck when It used to show only the first peck and then drop down to final depth. I liked it to just show the first peck and then drop down to final depth because it was way less time on the s key. I don't know if something was changed from update 2 to 3 or if I changed something without knowing it. How do I get it back..... here is what I have
  12. Programinator

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    that works if you think of it that way I guess.
  13. Programinator

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    I try to think of it like the model on the screen is in my hand that uses the 3d mouse. If I wanted the part closer to me I would pull it toward my body. That's the natural way I look at it so I leave it at the stock settings for zoom. Tried it the up/down way and it made me dizzy.
  14. Programinator

    MC 2019 Update 3

    That makes more sense. I just downloaded no problem. sig updated Thanks Pete
  15. Programinator

    MC 2019 Update 3

    Same here. I was prompted for a few days but was too busy to update. now I go to help/check for updates and all I get is a message that says no updates available. Im going to wait a few more days just to be safe. That kind of scares me

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