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  1. Programinator

    Slot mills not working correctly for stock model creation

    Thanks JParis, I had that box checked. i unchecked and regenerated and it worked perfect. thanks
  2. Anyone notice that when creating a stock model with one of the toolpaths being a slot mill it does not generate correctly? In backplot and verify everything looks good. The stock model generated however, has a huge gouge. I have seen this since 2021 everytime i use a slot mill. Anyone know why its doing this?
  3. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    Yeah, we thought we purchased everything we needed from our reseller but i guess this slipped through the cracks. We are talking with our reseller to get that add-on Thanks Dave
  4. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    I have my autosave set to every 5 min's. that helps. Although sometimes i suspect that is maybe what causes the problem. It tries to save while another process is running and it gets all confused.
  5. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    I get that too often when doing random things. the graphics go haywire and shuts mastercam 2021 down. Sometimes i can save before it completely goes down and sometimes not
  6. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    No it is not I put the post in the machsim folder but i dont see anywhere the "use external post" setting. where is that? In the system configuration or in the machine simulation options?
  7. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    So the suggestion was made in the Mastercam forum to delete the mwMachSim.ini file in my mastercam 2021 directory. So i delete it and it does open simulation. But then when i go to exit out of simulation it kills mastercam unless i delete that file before i close. Since the file keeps getting regenerated i have to delete it every time i need to open or close simultaion or it kills mastercam. Plus it seems like simulation is making moves that do not match with the toolpaths. Saying gouge/collision when there is none and making cuts that are not seen in verify or backplot. was working fine in 2020! What happened?
  8. Programinator

    Machine simulation 2021 blows up Mcam

    it is from postability for the 5th axis one im working on now. but i cant even get 3 axis stuff to run
  9. I'm having a battle with Machine simulation. I opened it up today on 2021 and the first time i ran it fine. Then i tried to reopen it and it shuts down mastercam. I have tried to restart the computer but that didn't work either. So i opened 2020 and it seems to be working ok. Anyone seeing the same type of problems with machine simulation. Im doing a 5axis part and would like to be able to run simulation to avoid any potential problems. thanks
  10. Programinator

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    That didnt seem very aggressive to me. Unless the video was slowed down
  11. Programinator

    What's New Mastercam 2021 videos

    Did the part move in the vise at 7:25?
  12. Programinator

    Importing operation disables override arc feed rate

    WOW. I have only seen the problem i originally posted on a contour toolpath. Have not tested it on any other toolpath that supports override arc feed rate. Can someone test it on a contour toolpath so i can see if its just me?
  13. So i exported a toolpath with the override arc feed rate checked. When i imported it into a similar job that i was working on it imported with this option unchecked. To me it should be imported checked. right? Anyone else see this happening?
  14. Programinator

    AutoRegen - CHook

    This is a very nice tool that i have been using for a while now. The only thing i wish that it could do is to have it auto regen when changing geometry for toolpath. Other than that i love it.
  15. Programinator

    Benchmark 3.0

    Just ran the benchmark file for 2021 - 3:53 History of my results: 2019 update 3 - 4:37 2020 update 2 - 3:57 2021 - 3:53 Not much of a speed boost from 2020 to 2021 like there was from 2019 - 2020

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