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  1. 2018. Yes that has always been an issue. click off to another toolpath and then click on to reselect. annoying
  2. I was always able to right click toolpath and drag and drop to copy. For some reason when I do this now it doesn't give me the drag option but instead just pops up with the regular right click menu as if you were to right click and not drag in the toolpaths manager. Btw this in intermittent but half the time it doesn't work. Could this be a problem with my mouse right click button or is anyone else seeing this.
  3. So we want to go all digital and portable for setup sheets and tool lists. Anyone doing this? Was thinking about the surface pro line of tablets. A windows O/S on the device would probably be the best. Any suggestions?
  4. Ended up calling reseller and they showed me how to use stock model. wow that's a time saver. thanks for all your help guys
  5. Is there a way to save stl in orientation of op1 or have it come in set to a plane. I think that's the problem.
  6. So my process is as follows. I bring in the file and set my plane to the 0,0,0 for my first operation with that plane in the stock view. Then I go to stock setup and set my stock size. Once that is set I make all the toolpaths for that operation. then I verify it and save the stl file. then I make another plane for the 2nd operation and create toolpaths off of that plane. Then I try to verify with the stl file but it brings it in at a different plane. first pic is my settings 2nd is how I want it to come in and 3rd is how it comes in.
  7. I'm having a problem with the stl file. When I use it to verify the program brings it in at a plane as the one that I'm going to verify. For example I run the op1 and save as stl file. then when I bring that stl file in to run the 2nd op in verify it loads the first op in a diff plane so when verify runs it doesn't touch the model. What am I missing?
  8. found it. file/configuration/toolpaths. there is a box you have to uncheck! here it is mastercam forum THanks jparis
  9. there was a prmdef chook that I used to use. Is this available in mcam 2017? THanks
  10. Is there any way to assign a key stroke to the regenerate selected ops function in toolpath manager? This is from another thread that I found. But it doesn't seem to work for mcam 2017 Here is what I did in X6. First, I unmapped the F5 key, which by default is delete entity.(I don't think anyone uses this anyway) I made a backup of my mastercam.kmp file located at mymcam/config/ Then I added these lines to the end of the .kmp file. KEYMAP Mastercam OMregenSelectedOperations "F5" KEYMAP Mastercam OMregenDirtyOperations "F6" KEYMAP Mastercam OMbackplotSelectedOperations "F7" KEYMAP Mastercam OMverifySelectedOperations "F8" KEYMAP END save the file. F5=regen selected F6=regen dirty operations F7=backplot F8=verify
  11. I want to do some key mapping for the toolpath manager functions. Don't see it available in the custom key mapping feature for mcam 2017. functions such as regenerate selected operations ect.... Does anyone know how this is done? Thanks
  12. Hello, Im looking into getting into the furnature making buisnes. Mostly cabinents and the like. I would like to get a router big enough to fit a 4x8 piece of plywood. Im looking for a reliable low cost option to just get things started. Anyone have any suggestions? I would need to import the maching to South America. I kind of retired and moved down here and would like to start up a small wood shop. Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  13. If a toolpath was created with Volumill and then the file was opened with a seat without Volumill will the toolpath still be postable and or editable? Thanks
  14. Hi everyone. Im looking for some contract programers for mostly 3 axis stuff with some surfacing. We need someone that will provide reliable programs quickly. PM me or email me if you are interested and i can start sending you files to quote. Thanks
  15. Wow. didnt know that was clickable. Thanks robk. Now i wonder if there is any way to run it in sae instead of metric?

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