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  1. Programinator

    Suggestions on long tooling with undercuts

    Well. I really don't know what to do with this part. I searched the tool catalogs and nobody has anything close for tooling to make this part. I feel like if i call a tool rep they are going to laugh in my face. Its difficult being in this spot. So frustrating
  2. Programinator

    Suggestions on long tooling with undercuts

    Thanks nickbe10. I will definitely check that out
  3. Programinator

    Suggestions on long tooling with undercuts

    Thanks for your help Josh. That is what i was thinking too but it just seemed crazy. I thought that because i do not deal with this crazy stuff that often that someone would have a miracle tool that would be the way to go. I will keep searching and maybe get a tool rep involved. Thanks
  4. I have to make an aluminum part that has a pretty deep cavity that has undercuts. I have a 40 taper machine and the part is coming off the lathe so most of the inside is machined out already. I have no experience with long tooling like this that is capable of doing the undercut. Any suggestions would be nice. Here is the file. Thanks EMASTERCAM.mcam
  5. Programinator

    Flowline - Undercut with key cutter

    Thanks for all your help. Yes im trying to do this on a 3 axis. I started out using a lollypop tool but realized I could not hit the full radius. With the lollypop tool I was getting some pretty good toolpaths but when I switched to a key cutter it went crazy. So it looks like I just have to hit as much as I can with the lollypop tool and thats what they get!
  6. Hello. I'm trying to get a clean toolpath for this radius. Its on the bottom of a 1/2 inch hole. I am using a key cutter with .03 rads on corners. Been messing with it for a while and can't get a smooth path. I would appreciate some help. The file is attached.... Thanks UNDERCUT.mcam
  7. Programinator

    Active Reports: Minimum Z depth for each operation

    I messed with this for so long trying to get it to come out right. Never was able to and finally gave up. There was a thread on that talked about a fix for the bug but I couldn't get that to work either.
  8. Programinator

    mastercam glitch

  9. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    I do. And remember I have seen it on two different computers with 2 different graphic cards. I cannot make it repeat either like you.
  10. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    I do use multiple screens and have my toolpath manager docked on separate screen. I don't know how I can work otherwise. I guess I will just have to deal with it as I have been doing. If the multiple screen is the issue than I would think that many would be experiencing this problem. So why is it so random then?
  11. Programinator

    Mastercam losing focus

    So for a while now I have seen this. Its random and unpredictable but happens frequently. For example when using Bounding Box. The dialog box will pop up to set the parameters and everything will be grayed out and not register my mouse clicks visually even though it really is registering the clicks. If I then click in a text field to enter a value for the size of the bounding box it does not register visually that I am in that text box. BUT as soon as I start to type a value the whole window suddenly becomes in focus and like normal. This happens on other things as well, Not just the Bounding Box dialog. It has happened to me on multiple workstations and was doing it in 2018 as well Anyone seeing this thing pop up?
  12. Programinator

    mind blown

    I tend to wait 2 weeks to a month before jumping to next version. Not because im afraid of any Gui changes but because im worried about bugs. I feel that 2 weeks to a month is long enough to see if there are any rants on or forums. If I don't see anything major then I go with it. Off course I leave the previous version installed unless I need disk space for some reason, which usually is not a problem.
  13. Programinator

    Lost custom right click menu

    I learned my lesson years ago and now I alway save backups to key files and folders once a week. You just have to do it now. Especially if you have everything customized. It would probably take me a good day to get my setting to where I have them now if I started from stock setup
  14. Programinator

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Spacemouse pro. Best bang for your buck. I got mine used on ebay. Have not had any issues with it. Here is one. Spacemouse pro
  15. Programinator

    Drilling peck in backplot

    Would be nice to have the option to toggle on and off pecking in backplot!!

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