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  1. Programinator

    B axis rotation post problem

    It was a misc value setting. Thanks
  2. Programinator

    B axis rotation post problem

    So im having a problem with the B axis rotation when posting. If i post out 1 toolpath it gives me the correct B value but when i post out all toolpaths it does not. 1st toolpath is at b0 a0. Second toolpath is at b0 a15. 3rd toolpath is at B0 A-15 The third toolpath should do a b180 not an a-15. I triple checked my planes in plane manager as well as the toolpaths themselves and everything is right. Any suggestions Thanks
  3. Programinator

    backup copies

    What if you check the overwrite the existing file name? That's what I have and it never prompts me
  4. Programinator

    Mastercam 2020 is released

    I don't think so. Download it and install it to test it out. Doesn't take that long. Don't uninstall 2019 just in case you want to go back. That's what i did. I didn't go back though!!
  5. Programinator

    You know what would be awesome......

    Nice! I like it
  6. Programinator

    You know what would be awesome......

    Very true. I guess its just a dream. I hate not being in the shop but i love working remotely too.
  7. Programinator

    You know what would be awesome......

    Never knew that. Thanks I haven't worked much with machine simulation. Wish it was an option in verify or backploat
  8. .....If we could get a real visual representation in backplot or verify of the actual feedrate of a toolpath. Like if we were to hit play in backplot and we would see visually exactly how fast the cutter would be feeding in real life. For the most part knowing the sfm and fpt is good to go on. But sometimes it would be nice to see that visual. For example if i'm circle milling a bore and the diameter of that bore is not too much bigger than the cutter i'm using. If i use the normal sfm and fpt for that cutter it will whip around that hole too fast. I know there are calculations for this exact scenario but i just think it would be awesome to have a way to select a "visual actual feed rate" in backplot. Especially in my case where i'm a remote worker and i don't get to see the machine running. With my many years of setup and operating experience i many times go by visual and sound of a cutter instead of the actual numbers. Don't worry i'm not going to ask for Mastercam to give me sound feedback. haha
  9. Programinator

    RAM usage on stock models

    No i didn't notice much of a change. I just uninstalled it!!
  10. Programinator

    RAM usage on stock models

    I found that Prio doesnt work for Windows 10. Im using a program called system explorer to keep the setting on high permanently.
  11. I have done exactly what Thad is saying with the ops libraries. But i got sick of going through the import process and searching for the correct toolpaths i needed to import even though i had them labeled good like Thad's examples. Once you get all the toolpaths for all the different scenarios it can get into the 500 - 1000 toolpaths if not more. So what i did was design and code a window that sits in the levels manager with buttons and drop-down menus to automatically import what i need. I also made it for different materials so i dont have to mess around with changing tools or speeds and feeds. I pick to material i want, pick the operations i need and BOOM its imported at the red arrow and i just pick geometry.....Done! I just click and in seconds what i need is imported. I also use same window for doing other common everyday tasks as you can see in the pictures. It took many hours of work and coding but i'm so glad i did it.
  12. Programinator

    Inconsistent edges in outline shaded mode 2020

    Well after a couple of days talking to Deb from qc at Mastercam through email the problem has been solved. After trying a few things, what we had to do is update the quadro p2000 driver to 431.02. I didn't even consider this since i just updated about a week ago but i searched for a new update and there it was freshly released. Thanks so much Deb for helping me out. The QC department got back to me very quick and gave me many viable suggestions and didn't give up when they failed to work. Eventually they found it with the driver. I have very clear crisp edges now and i'm loving it.
  13. Programinator

    copy toolpaths from a different file

    Never knew this....Nice. I was always exporting. I never knew you could import directly from a .mcam file
  14. Programinator

    Inconsistent edges in outline shaded mode 2020

    Seems like the straight edges are fine but the radius edges are not. I have tried different models and files and they all do the same. Why is 2019 good and 2020 not? So nobody is seeing this but me!?
  15. Programinator

    Inconsistent edges in outline shaded mode 2020

    same settings in 2020 and 2019

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