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  1. Hello, Im looking into getting into the furnature making buisnes. Mostly cabinents and the like. I would like to get a router big enough to fit a 4x8 piece of plywood. Im looking for a reliable low cost option to just get things started. Anyone have any suggestions? I would need to import the maching to South America. I kind of retired and moved down here and would like to start up a small wood shop. Any suggestions would help. Thanks
  2. If a toolpath was created with Volumill and then the file was opened with a seat without Volumill will the toolpath still be postable and or editable? Thanks
  3. Hi everyone. Im looking for some contract programers for mostly 3 axis stuff with some surfacing. We need someone that will provide reliable programs quickly. PM me or email me if you are interested and i can start sending you files to quote. Thanks
  4. Wow. didnt know that was clickable. Thanks robk. Now i wonder if there is any way to run it in sae instead of metric?
  5. Thanks robk, What it does not give you is speed and feed recommendations for certain drills in certain materials for certain depths of cut. Thats what i used it for more than just ordering tooling. I didnt see that it does that on the online version.
  6. That would work but only on 7 pro. I have 7 home. Any other ideas on how to get it to work on a 64 bit?
  7. There must be a 64 bit one because when i try to install the one i have it says its only for 32 bit. Is there any way to install a 32 bit software on a 64 bit machine?
  8. Is anyone able to put the 64 bit version on the ftp site. It would really help me out. I have the 32 bit which wont install on my 64 bit. Thanks
  9. Thanks.....registering now
  10. I have a spaceball 5000 usb and need to get the drivers. Went to the 3dconnexion site but it seems they are unavailable there. Any ideas on where to find the drivers for vista. Thanks
  11. I have always wanted to break through to design work. A couple years back I took a bunch of solidworks courses and I was exited about finding a manufacturing engineer job figuring that me background in machining along with the ability to design would be a big +. Turns out Everyone wanted someone with a degree and didn't wanted to much less than what I could make as a progrmmer. So I figured the only way to make the transition was to take less money with the hopes I could climb the latter quickly or get a job as a programmer at a place that has a good engineering dept and try to squeeze in that way. I ended up just getting another well paying programming job. Hopefully all the solidworks training I received will payoff in the future.
  12. I wouldn't mind pre-selection if you could customize what it could select. For example if you could tell it not to see solids or surfaces. It bothers me when I move my mouse over the solid or surface and it lights up. That's the only reason I keep it off.
  13. Do you have to have pre-selection turned on for this to work? I have mine turned off and shift does nothing for me but when i turn pre-selection on it allows me to select. I prefer pre-selection off.
  14. I never hit the shift key when chaining! What is it suppose to do?
  15. Imo it all depends on your machining process. Sometimes try leaving material around the whole part and then cut tabs as a last operation. I just try to do as much machining as possible and then cut the tabs. It can be tricky though but worth the effort on certain parts

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