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  1. Programinator

    Importing operation disables override arc feed rate

    WOW. I have only seen the problem i originally posted on a contour toolpath. Have not tested it on any other toolpath that supports override arc feed rate. Can someone test it on a contour toolpath so i can see if its just me?
  2. So i exported a toolpath with the override arc feed rate checked. When i imported it into a similar job that i was working on it imported with this option unchecked. To me it should be imported checked. right? Anyone else see this happening?
  3. Programinator

    AutoRegen - CHook

    This is a very nice tool that i have been using for a while now. The only thing i wish that it could do is to have it auto regen when changing geometry for toolpath. Other than that i love it.
  4. Programinator

    Benchmark 3.0

    Just ran the benchmark file for 2021 - 3:53 History of my results: 2019 update 3 - 4:37 2020 update 2 - 3:57 2021 - 3:53 Not much of a speed boost from 2020 to 2021 like there was from 2019 - 2020
  5. Programinator


    I dont see any arcs in that code
  6. Programinator

    Monitor Recomendations?

    I think mine were 250 each so 322 is a good price for those. Good deal. People are paying 1grand + for little 6 inch phone screens. haha **edit.... Just checked. I paid 221.49 each Back in Oct of 2018
  7. Programinator

    Monitor Recomendations?

    According to that like that would be 1 grand for that setup. Nice, but expensive.
  8. Programinator

    Monitor Recomendations?

    I need to see that. Got any pictures of the setup?
  9. Programinator

    Monitor Recomendations?

    I doubt that thing will even move up and down with all that weight on it.
  10. Programinator

    Monitor Recomendations?

    Here is my setup. I use a 3 monitor setup. 2 Dell ultrasharp u2417h monitors with an Asus ZenScreen mb16ac as a 3rd monitor. I use 1920 x 1080 resolution. I'm very happy with it. I have thought about dual curved monitors. Never used curved so i don't know what i'm missing. Anyone use curved dual monitors?
  11. Programinator

    3d mouse

    Up/down would only make sense to me if i were to put the monitor flat on the desk and look down on it. I think forward/backward for zoom is going to me more natural for most, and tha'ts why its the default.
  12. Programinator

    3d mouse

    I feel the total opposite. i look at it like im holding model in my hand and if im trying to zoom i would pull it toward me. Whatever feels more natural is good. try both ways and see how it feels. Trick is not to give up
  13. Programinator

    3d mouse

    Space mouse pro put together with a gaming mouse with programmable buttons.....Priceless. I rarely have to take my hands off to use keyboard. all buttons mapped. i even have some buttons mapped to type certain things im constantly typing like "rough contour, Finish contour, Drill, Tap, Etc" I posted this message without touching keyboard. Just joking. Get one. Even if you don't use the buttons on the pro model its worth it for the wrist rest. I love mine so much i customized it.
  14. Programinator

    Collision stop on Simulation

    Or just lie to mastercam and tell it the flutes are longer than they really are. I wish it just acted like the normal verify does. And yes it is a HST path!
  15. Programinator

    Collision stop on Simulation

    I get a collision stop in simulation from the shank of the tool touching wall. Im using a cutter that doesnt have enough flute length for the depth im going. So im doing it in steps. The first pass is fine but when the simulation goes for the second depth of pass it stops simulation on a collision. In verify it does not do this but in simulation it stops. Is there a setting or something to get this behavior to stop. I see there is a setting for verify as shown in pictures. is there a setting like that for simulation. Thanks

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