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  1. Programinator

    Export toolpath operations window looking bad 2022

    Just restarted mastercam and its back to normal
  2. Whats the deal with the export toolpath operations window!!
  3. Programinator

    Benchmark 3.0

    Did the same test on my machine. 2019 4:35 2020 3:57 2021 3:53 2022 4:05 !! Looks like we took a hit with 2022 on speeds!!
  4. Programinator

    Adding a vice

    I program remotely 100% and I 99% put fixtures, vises, screws, dowel pins, etc in my files. If you leave it to the setup guys they will make you look bad. Every now and again i am tempted to leave that step out and sometimes i do. But, only if its real straight forward. I use a script that automatically merges in what i need for any specific job and that makes it much faster. Plus i have my setup sheets pretty dialed in. If i was setting up my own program i would not do all those steps though.
  5. Programinator

    Optirough crashes into defined stock

    I wish i could. Not allowed. As you can see the first move plunges down on stock. I know the settings i have should work. have done it a bunch of times the same. I even tried additional offset on the stock model and it keeps doing it.
  6. So i have a stock model that i am referencing in an optirough toolpath. I can't get the path to not plunge down into the stock. As you can see from picture. It plunges down at start of green arc and then feeds on the yellow. I have all the settings correct and mastercam should be able to do the leading with plenty of space off the stock. but it will not do it.. Why is this doing this. I ran the same toolpath on a mirrored part and it worked fine. Any suggestions?
  7. Programinator

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    Thats what i had to do. 3 or 4 in process stock models. Glad i went through the hassle because it cut the cycle time in half which was significant in this 17-4 material. thanks for the help. I was pulling my hair out. I found the solution on one of your old posts Ron, so thanks. Thanks to Neurosis also.
  8. So i have a block with a large diameter through it. I have to put a pocket that goes thru the diameter that is already in there. I want to use optirough and avoid cutting air. So i have the toolpath referencing a stock model that has that diameter already in it. Problem is that it is not seeing that there is air there and cuts as if im not using rest material. You can see the green rampdown moves when it should not ramp when it gets to a certain depth. Any help would be nice
  9. Programinator

    Turn custom coolant off

    That was it. thanks
  10. Programinator

    Turn custom coolant off

    Hello. Anybody know how to turn custom coolant off to be able to just use the standard coolant in the edit tool window? Thanks
  11. Programinator

    Force spring passes

    I have in the past used the "overlap" to make it do a spring pass after ramping. Just have to adjust the amount of overlap you want until it effectively does a whole spring pass.
  12. Programinator

    Config gremlins reset my config.

    Check THIS out
  13. Programinator

    Edge break at end and beginning without geometry creation

    Nice!! That eliminates the need to have the extend turned on. So what i have will make a chamfer at the end of the open chain. I still have not figured out how to do the radius. Thanks JParis Btw according to me mastercam forum this is now logged as an enhancement under R-25483.
  14. Programinator

    Edge break at end and beginning without geometry creation

    I like it!! Thanks for this solution. I Just didn't see it till right now. I tried to make it work the way you are describing but i don't think im getting it right. Maybe a picture would help me. If you can upload a picture of your lead in/out window that would be great. Here is what i have. its for a 1/2 endmill. Thanks for the help
  15. What would be really cool would be to have the option to put a corner break at the end and/or beginning of an open chain. Either a chamfer or radius. So you could get something like this by just chaining a single solid edge or wireframe line.

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