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  1. who is Alex from us two? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I think none of us or both BTW ,cool Norway team . What is it ,paintball ?
  2. My point is in most of cases you need no splines at all let say you have a cone trimmed with tilted plane . Now you have resulting geometry -ellips ,means spline but you can use arc of the parent cone instead -for swarf it is the same ,but geometry is cleaner . As for recreating geometry I use different way . I break spline to segments with very tight tolerances .0.002 mm I have lines now .I change color of big lines Small lines I convert to arcs with the new color . After that I delete first color . Now I have clean accurate geometry . But in most of cases I only recreate parent geometry and that`s all Collin . Thanx for your words . HTH BR
  3. Fig sign


    I installed it and play with it from time to time but I decided that we will wait till sp1 at least
  4. I never move WcS I only change tool plane /c-plane My WCS is always top
  5. I make them inside Mastercam . I define thread mill as a slotmill so I can see threads
  6. Iskander- it does this in verify and in simulation as well, but only between passes in the curve5x op, not between ops.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Disable retract ,leave only clearence . I saw this thi8ng couple of times ,it can be bug . Yet I never informed QC ,cause i can not recreate it in X2 Are you sure you are cutting part -read code . In my case it was only simulation problem-both veirfy and backplot .the machine code was OK!
  7. In case you selected wrong machine/control ,post configuration this what will happen in the Backplot . Cauuse backplot is machine dependable
  8. if the absolute clearance moves are not far enough away and you have to move the model in Z it could cause problems. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I have created my custom holders . I have a folder where I keep them . Every time I write new part I merge existing fixture or create the new one So I know my absolute clearance moves value . This stile of work helps me to check my toolpath - in backplot I see if the holder touchs the fixture or not . Before veryfy I boolian add my fixture and blank part into one solid and use it in verify . I define my tools together with holder as a tool with a step in diameter and actual tool length . So in backplot I see a tool as tool and the holder I use custom levels file so everything set according to the level names and they are always the same one. I know them by heart and tipe them in level bar without calling level manager . I use tool libraries . All set nice and helps me avoid crashes using only backplot and verify .
  9. Iskander: What is that shadow I see on your screen image? I know what it looks like. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is to shoot those who run and pushes to pash violently and the love and frolic . Fot their personal safety . Mick ,just say I am not an idiot !
  10. Open all levels . Select al entities That`s what I do. The worst part is when you rotate or mirror the part You need to change cplanes ,chains directions , and chain sides on some of toolpathes . Try to avoid it BR
  11. The answer is yes ,repost after transform . I always write my programs in incremental ,so every move I make takes me seconds . If you have 300 absolute toolpathes I fell siorry for you After transform and regen check carefully in backplot your toolpathes to be sure you moved everything properly . HTH

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