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  1. Hello Trying to move the model in mc 2020 and gating massage (look at picture attached ) Same model on 2019 acting OK .
  2. mig


    hello just installed mc2020 on my brand new ASUS laptop. MC lunching with : (please look at picture) How I can fix the problem . Thank you in advance
  3. Hello Used just conventional loop mode for chaining solid . And also did it on mc 2019 and got same results. Also I changed diam. of end mill Looks like we have some issue with solid chaining
  4. Hello , If you look at attached pictures on top - chained as solid and on bottom picture chained as wire frame . You can see the deafferents . This is Mastercam 2020 pb4 . Looks like a bug .
  5. Sorry for the stupid question Can you specify where is " tool displays " in common parameters ? I can't find such of tab in mc2020 Thank you in advance
  6. Also you can use contour plunge-pitch will be equal deep of plunge.
  7. mig

    4 axis backplot

    Hello How to set back plot graphics to avoid cross the tool thru the part as on screen shot . Mastercam 2019 . Problem only when positioning rotary on 180 deg . This is graphical problem only
  8. Hello . My friend keep telling me that mastercam 2018 and mc 2019 need permanent internet connection to run stable without crushes . Is it true ?
  9. where I can read about advantages vs mc 2018?
  10. Hello . How to configure antivirus soft (Norton in my case ) not to clash with Mastercam ? My Mastercam keeps freezing from time to time ,probably Norton is issue .
  11. Hello I have 2 questions : 1. For some reason after converting mc 2017 post to post for 2018 my post lost ability to output in comments z min/max value in 3 d tool path only . Is it possible to fix the issue ? Looks strange . ... 2 . Is comments for " stock left value" in 3d tool path is possible to activate now ? Thanks in advance .
  12. Our m560 v was slightly crushed few times so far don't see any issue . 15000 rpm btw
  13. mig


    Okuma and Okuma the best .You just have to know how to use it and you love it
  14. hello Greg Thank you for replay I am trying to avoid to use G - ssb parameters because they are limited and I'm using them for my probing macros .

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