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  1. Hello again folks . I figure it down Every thing is Ok now . Thanks
  2. Hello , For some reason my machine stopped on the middle of tool change cycle (sec step 12) and i cannot to return back to start of the cycle in manual mode . Please give any advise if you have an experience with this problem . OSP P200. Is it possible to finish the cycle by pulse handle ?
  3. T_MALENA , this is what I asking where exactly in I/o I can see which switch tripped exactly? I can't find instructions in the book
  4. Hello , Okuma gurus ,please help! We got the alarm "1704 alarm a stroke end over " . Problem is non of the axis not on limit switch physically as i can see. How i can check in the machine control diagnostic ( e100 control ) which limit switch is activated ? Thank you
  5. Are you sure you need the % marks ? This is Okuma not Fanuc
  6. Hello Okuma gurus What parameters i have to change to be able to do tool change by pulls handle ? Thank you in Advance
  7. Hello . Sorry guys for stupid question . I guess was some option to create one big island geometry from many small islands. Is it true ? Any idea ? Thank you in advance
  8. hello Hide/unhide (alt+e) option stop working suddenly /occasionally , and starts work again after restarting the file . Anyone has the problem ? what solution ? thank you in advance
  9. mig

    mc 2021 backplot

    Thank you Ajmer
  10. mig

    mc 2021 backplot

    Hello. Anybody can give me an idea why after backploting operation (s) and turning off the backplot option all backplot traces stay on screen ? thank you
  11. Thank you Colin Invert selection - exact what I looking for
  12. Hello I am using short cut key alt + E to live on screen one entity and hide all rest . How to hide highlighted entity and leave all rest on screen . (Stupidly forgot) Thank you in advance
  13. Hello Trying to move the model in mc 2020 and gating massage (look at picture attached ) Same model on 2019 acting OK .

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