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  1. never mind
  2. Hello , I don't know what did I do but from some time my wsc origin lines became double colored while I use default (top ) plane (please look at picture attached) . How I can come back to clear brown axis ? Using Mastercam 2017. Thank you in advance
  3. hello gcode Any idea how to minimize this annoying issue? Trying everything , nothing works
  4. Hello Just installed new public beta . I like 2018 but really surprised , bug I have been mention before still there . I talking about appearing toolpath for all operations, when you posting even one operation only .
  5. Ok Thank you for the replay
  6. Hello everybody , Just installed pb1 2018 Each time I posting selected operation(s) ,mastercam does backplot selected operations. Is it possible switch off this function?
  7. what new in the 2018 ?
  8. My filter setting is 0.006 and 50/50 now
  9. Hello everybody my machine is vmc Genos 560 . Strong enough . So far my strategy is HS area mill by 2 inch dia sendvik button cutter ,0.5 dia inserts 1030 grade . Problem is code became way long . Why in this situation mastercam divide straight linear movement on bunch small linear blocks ? Is it possible to fix it ? Some filter setting ?
  10. Hello , What is the best way to remove material when cutting large pocket ? pocket size : 37 x 14 x 2.5 inch material : p20 steel what toolpath type would you prefer?
  11. Hello Updated my 2017 and keep cruuuuushing !!!!! Windows 10 is my OS .
  12. Thank you guys for your advise . I will definitely will try as far I will get the chance
  13. Hello, We upgraded our Okuma - Genos 560 v to 4 axis . Problem by setting on parameters page , maximum rotary can make 27 rotation on one direction. What if I want cut surface with continues rotation? Is it possible to change the settings for no limit ? What if I set p/n travel limit to zero ? Thank you in advance
  14. Exactly. I am running windows 10 b.t.w. I contacted our seller, will see what going to happen on the end . Just interesting if some one also has the problem .

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