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  1. Hello . How to configure antivirus soft (Norton in my case ) not to clash with Mastercam ? My Mastercam keeps freezing from time to time ,probably Norton is issue .
  2. Hello I have 2 questions : 1. For some reason after converting mc 2017 post to post for 2018 my post lost ability to output in comments z min/max value in 3 d tool path only . Is it possible to fix the issue ? Looks strange . ... 2 . Is comments for " stock left value" in 3d tool path is possible to activate now ? Thanks in advance .
  3. Our m560 v was slightly crushed few times so far don't see any issue . 15000 rpm btw
  4. Okuma and Okuma the best .You just have to know how to use it and you love it
  5. hello Greg Thank you for replay I am trying to avoid to use G - ssb parameters because they are limited and I'm using them for my probing macros .
  6. hello everybody. Here is the part of output of the code from my new Okuma mill post . I trying to get out "red statement " on each next tool I am posting for the multiple tools , but I want this statement on my first tool ( or single tool) . Looks like must be some option in the post which can do the job for me . But I can't find the switch . Any one can help me with the issue ? Thank you in advance . ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Z2. M09 G00 Z18 M326 (TOOLPLANE NAME - 180 DEG) IF[VTLCN EQ 14] N21 / N2 T14 M06 (AL 1/4 BALL ENDMILL) N21 M01 (TOOLPATH - RASTER...........) (STOCK LEFT ON WALLS = 0.) (STOCK LEFT ON FLOORS = 0.) G00 G17 G90 A180. X1.4389 Y.638 S10000 M03 G56 H14 Z2. M08 Z.0792 G94 G01 X1.44 Y.6391 Z.0456 F50. -------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. hello Fanuc gurus How to change parameters setting for the "home" position on Fanuc 18 i control? Thank you in advance
  8. Hello , We looking for reliable HMC used or new to be able cut (drill) parts 40 inch of length from sides (no pallet changer). If anyone can give advise for the model would be excellent . Thank you in advance
  9. Thank you Jay Very helpful
  10. hello Gurus I would like to buy 3Dconnexion 3DX-700028 Space Navigator to use with the mastercam Any one using this kind of mouse ? Any recommendation and opinions would be nice Thank you in advance
  11. never mind
  12. Hello , I don't know what did I do but from some time my wsc origin lines became double colored while I use default (top ) plane (please look at picture attached) . How I can come back to clear brown axis ? Using Mastercam 2017. Thank you in advance
  13. hello gcode Any idea how to minimize this annoying issue? Trying everything , nothing works
  14. Hello Just installed new public beta . I like 2018 but really surprised , bug I have been mention before still there . I talking about appearing toolpath for all operations, when you posting even one operation only .
  15. Ok Thank you for the replay

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