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    I used a misc value, attached is the turning file from that vid. Your fav post writer should be able to get this going for you. AUSTECH2009-MU500_TURNING-ISSUED.zip
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    One of the great things about Blend is that it deals with "not perfectly" trimmed surfaces better than most toolpaths. With Flowline, for instance, if I can't easily make a single surface from derived geometry from the part I usually move on to something else, maybe I will stick with it if I have to do only 2 or 3 surfaces separately......but generally I am using it to do corner rads. so I can make a single swept surface easily. On the whole fewer surfaces the better, but the world has engineers in it so it's not always possible.
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    I just mirror the part itself after the shown is programed. Reverse chain and change sides on contours is about the only things I have to do the get the opp going. All the other toolpaths just regenerate.

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