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  1. Thanks guys......my post/mmd/cd are correct.


    My issue was......I was unaware that once you selected the machine file it automatically added the "20" right in the operations mngr, I thought it would add it after it posting.

  2. I want my length offset to match tool number.

    I want my diameter offset to add 20 to the tool number.


    Tool 3 = T3, H3, D23 in program.


    I went to MMD, CD, Tool, Tool Offset Registers.

    I checked "Add to Tool" Length = 0, Diameter = 20



    Yet when I post......the 20 is not added to the diameter offset.....why is this???

  3. I too need to block g94 from posting.


    I #'d out the lines mentioned above....that worked but it also blocked the g90 at SOF. (at toolchange still output g90...this is good)


    How do I get g90 back in there?

  4. So i understand.....lets say you have 5 ops all in the front T/C plane.....now for your next op you change to top T/C plane, this causes your previous ops to become dirty???


    Do the first 5 ops maintain the front t/c plane or do they update themselves to the top t/c plane?

  5. rickster thanks for the "holy cow".


    I never tried the benchmark in x4 till now.


    In x3 procesing time was 4min 51sec.


    In x4 processing time is 1min 44sec.


    Dell Precision WS T7500

    Dual Quad core [email protected] ghz

    4 gb 1333mhz ram

    8 mb cache

    Nvidia geforce 9800 GT

  6. Is there a way to copy tool info from one tool to

    another? (speeds, feeds, oal, loc...etc...etc)


    I need to machine many holes using the same diameter tool covering tool numbers 1 thru 4.


    I created tool 1....can I copy to create tools 2 thru 4.....just changing the tool/offset number?


    I've searched this site and X4 help.....found nothing.

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