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  1. quote:

    5:10 Multithreading on

    7:30 Multithreading off

    Dell T5400

    Xeon E5420 2.5 GHZ

    3 GB RAM

    XP SP3

    Mastercam X4


    Same machine with

    Vista 64

    8 GB Ram

    Same times within a few percent.

    Gene your Xeon E5420 is that dual core or quad core?


    Why would this setup be faster?



    3GHZ Core 2 Duo

    1 GB RAM

    160 GB Harddrive

    Nvidia NVS 290

    MCAM X3 MU1

    I'm buying a new computer and would like to plan ahead for X4.


    Any input will be greatly appreciated.

  2. No i'm not kidding. X4 is in the final process from what I understand....so why not plan ahead.


    If this suggestion is part of the X4 release.... great, if not it could be the first suggestion for X5. You have to start somewhere.

  3. I figure X4 is already rolling along.....let's get a head start for the future.


    What I would like to see is during verify you could setup a parameter for tool wear. This way

    you would be able to see tool wear/steps/mismatch

    during verify.


    For example.....finishing a complex multi surface part with a .250 ball.


    After 4000 inches of path length subtract .0001 from tool diameter. After 7000 inches of PL subtract another .0001 from tool diamter....and so on and so on. Or use run time as a factor or combination of both.


    Something that is customizable for all the different shops, materials, machines etc....we all use.


    We would set parameters from our own experience.


    I realize this would not be perfect but some visual help is better than none. A color change each time the tool diameter changes might be useful also.

  4. We have 8 users here.....all of us use our own post. (7 different machine styles x 8 )....gets a little crazy.


    We'd like to have 1 post/CD/MMD for each machine stored on the network....then post from there. (not locally)


    1)is this advisable?

    2)what if 5 users access post at same time?



    any other thoughts/concerns????

  5. While a bad adware update was a contributor to my issues....I removed all adware software from both my pc's but something still wasn't right.


    My pc/mastercam was still acting sluggish. The file I'm working on is complex 81 mb in size. I noticed that in the shade settings the "outline shaded edges" was turned on....I was messsing with different settings to determine what my issue was....anyway, once I turned this setting off Mastercam is running %100 better with no errors.


    It's wierd how 1 little check mark can make such a huge difference. smile.gif

  6. as far as the pc locking up i beleive a bad update from lavasoft/adware was the culprit.


    i updated just before all this started. i checked online (love the internet) the adware update has been known to change "service" settings to auto start at bootup and run in background.


    it was running in the background spiking between 50% and 98% cpu usage.


    i changed setting to manual start only.


    mastercam has not locked up on me in the last 1.5 hrs.....i'll get back to you all on the compatibilty issues sometime tomorrow.

  7. now i'm getting "machine compatibility warning" when selecting.....mill toolpaths- surface finish-



    i have 2 tool groups.

    1st tool group has ops in top and front plane

    2nd tool group has ops in front plane only


    also while using mastercam my pc locked up 3x in the last 15 minutes. i rebooted 2x. nothing else running.


    any thoughts?

  8. I found a few topics on this, nothing that stated

    what caused this or how to fix it.


    This is a good size solid model with a lot of hours into it already with plenty more hours still to go.


    My concern is that tomorrow morning or Monday morning I'll go to open the file and it won't open.


    Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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