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  1. Neurosis

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    This is the first time in a while that I haven't used migration. I used to set up everything manually every new version. The between X9 and 2019 I used migration and it worked pretty flawless for me. For 2021 I decided to do a clean install and set up by hand. After having not done it in a while, it took a bit. Forgetting where things are, things getting moved, new options.
  2. Neurosis

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    I've posted about this on the official forum. I was told that this was already logged so it's a known about issue? I haven't tried on a new part. The issues seem to be on parts that I've brought up from previous versions. QC asked me to send in a file but I couldn't send the part that I was working on at the time. To sum up the issue, I couldn't deselect any surfaces unless I re-selected them first.
  3. Neurosis

    Mastercam 2020/2021 Stock Model Defect

    If you don't want a clutter of STL files, save the stock model as a PMesh on to a level and then use that PMesh to recreate the stock model. That will allow you to keep all of your stock geometry inside of your part file.
  4. Neurosis

    Verisurf Most Used Free Tools

    One of these day's you're going to find a girlfriend and were going to lose another good one to the dark side.
  5. Neurosis

    Mastercam 2021 is released

    My biggest complaint with 2021 so far is not being able to de-select solid faces in legacy surface contour. Major frustration. Other than that I've been pretty happy. This has been the first release that I've been able to use the surface high speed path and duplicate the results of the legacy path. Three thumbs up
  6. Neurosis

    Verisurf Most Used Free Tools

    You can in 2021
  7. Neurosis

    Deleting drill points

    LOL. Same here. I never brought it up because I assumed that since "drilling" is a pretty commonly used operation, someone had to have reported it. The first time I noticed the bug there was about a 15 minute session of "what in the F is going on here"?
  8. Neurosis


    I did that to my boss years ago. I took a screen shot of his desktop with the icons on it and hid the task bar. He clicked for about 15 minutes thinking that his PC was locked up.. LOL. Yea, he didn't think that it was as funny as I did.
  9. Neurosis

    Power Surface Mastercam 2020

    Someone posted a video in another thread this week that shows how its used. I'll dig it up - This was meant to show something else, but briefly shows power surface as well.
  10. Neurosis

    Changing drill speed mid cycle

    Now there is something that I haven't heard since the IRC days. lol.
  11. Neurosis

    Toolpath Manager

    Which buttons are you talking about? You can arrange the tabs that show <toolpath> <solids> etc.
  12. Neurosis


    Sure it's possible. Especially if you don't mind poor/lower video performance. I've seen people run Mastercam on a $500 dell vostro with a low end Quadro. It's going to depend on what type of programming you do.
  13. Neurosis

    rego-fix holder import

    What do you mean by "pancakes"?
  14. Neurosis

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    There was no official forum back when I originally requested it. That was back in 2009ish.
  15. Neurosis

    Transform toolpath in random locations

    I requested that functionality years ago. Cimatron was able to do this back in the 90's. A couple of other software titles I've used have that ability as well. Not sure why MC is so limited when it comes to transform operations.

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