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  1. neurosis

    "Setting product enable bits..." hang up

    Damn.. this has to be close to the reviving the oldest thread award?
  2. neurosis

    Mastercam and Swiss machines

    Does the Nomura salesman have a list of customers you can call to ask what they're using for that specific machine? Are you going to want full machine simulation with that? Anyone know what's happened with PartMaker since Autodesk absorbed them?
  3. neurosis


    It would be nice if you could lock it per operation rather than globally.
  4. neurosis

    Free Active Reports Setup Sheet

    Here - I just did it on my desktop in about 30 seconds. edit: I didn't see the previous post. Active_Reports_OP_Tool_List_short
  5. neurosis

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    I decided to give it a shot on an odd shaped part were working on. I liked the way the path turned out. It took me a few minutes to get it dialed in. The file size was about 10X what it was using 3 separate optirough operations with multiple stock models. ACK!
  6. The official forum requires you to link your account. The forum that I was talking about is kind of an offshoot from this forum and was created to compensate for a lack of an offtopic section. It was started so that we have a place to play without causing problems for IHS.
  7. neurosis

    Mastercam 2022 Waterline Improvements

    Now if that had the ability to add cutter comp it would be almost perfect.
  8. A lot of us have moved over to Were not trying to take anything away from this forum . We're just trying to compensate for the lack of the offtopic area that was removed.
  9. neurosis

    Optirough not recognizing rest material properly

    Can you filter these at all?
  10. neurosis

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    There is something going on in 2019 that is causing the tool to feed down from who knows where. It does it even with the Clearance and retract turned completely off. I've pulled the file in to both 2021 and 2022 and the issue goes away without having to change anything. Rons solutions works in 2019. I should add, it also works (works better anyway) if you change the feed plane to associative and select the chained geometry.
  11. neurosis

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    On his original file, in 2019, I switched everything and even removed the clearance all together. For some reason the tool wants to feed from some where in space. When I opened the file in 2021 it was fixed without having to modify anything. Edit: scratch that - the one thing that I didn't do is exactly what you said. Set the feed plane to absolute. This is 2021 without adjusting anything. If you remove the clearance all together, for some reason its feeding from outer space.
  12. neurosis

    Depth cut order "By depth" broken?

    I haven't tinkered with this much in 2019, but when I pull it in to 2021 it fixes the issue. I know that doesn't help you right now, but either something is wrong with the file, or something is bugged in 2019.
  13. I'm pretty sure that you can still watch it. Look through the video's on Colins youtube page. There is a link in his signature.
  14. lol. How many states have you lived in now, Colin?

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