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  1. Neurosis

    Advice for Toolpath, Please

    That has to be the best explanation of mastercam pocketing tool paths that I've ever seen.
  2. Neurosis

    3d contour issues

    Cancer baby. I had a radiation plaque sewed in to the back of my eye about 5 years ago. The other is just old age. Your stuff is mostly so good. I have a hard time reading through it some times. My own fault..
  3. Neurosis

    3d contour issues

    That is a little better. I am blind in one eye and the other doesn't have very good eye sight. Not sure how I still do this for a trade.
  4. Neurosis

    3d contour issues

    You guys are going to have to start learning how to make your posts old man eye friendly .
  5. Neurosis

    Circle Mill doesn't recognize stock.

    Not long ago we were running some 10X deep drills in Titanium and the through coolant pump decided to crap out in the middle of the cycle. For some reason it didn't alarm the machine out. lol. I don't suppose that I have to tell anyone how that ended.
  6. Neurosis

    Verify movement

    I've found that to be the best solution. You can see exactly where the tool is going and don't have to worry about that surprise gouge.
  7. Sorry, I didn't word that right. They will be "updated", but no longer further developed. Now two of the reasons I spent so much time on this site are gone.
  8. Neurosis

    Verify movement

    Back in the earlier days, I learned to set the SHS tool paths to min clear at a feed so I could see exactly where the tools were going. More recently I was programming a large part and didn't think that I needed to do that. I was running it in verify and kept seeing a clipped edge. Needless to say, that saved my xxxx on that job. The material for the part was 6k. We don't have vericut. Our boss seems to think that if we need to rely on that then we don't know how to do our job. Stupid bosses.
  9. Neurosis

    a good "regular" mouse

    After all this time I'm still using a Mionix.
  10. Neurosis

    Verify movement

    All of our machines dog leg rapid.. I can't tell you how many times verify detecting that saved my xxxx. I like to keep chit close and tight some times. Crunch.
  11. Speaking of posts, did I ready this right? IH is going to stop updating their MpMaster posts after this year?
  12. Neurosis

    Circle Mill doesn't recognize stock.

    I asked because it's important when people are recommending ramping in to material. If the xxxx work hardens easily, you could end up with a ball of lava on the end of your end mill.
  13. Neurosis

    Circle Mill doesn't recognize stock.

    What kind of material is it?
  14. Neurosis

    3d contour issues

    Watch some of rons videos. I need some training too.
  15. Neurosis

    Mastercam Subscription

    The Dentist I go to machines their crowns on site. They design the tooth right in front of you and the software automatically programs the machining. It's pretty fascinating to watch. I can't help but wonder how far away from that we are in our trade.

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