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  1. neurosis

    2022 Not impressed

    I'm finding the same thing. I did this a while back and didn't bother to post about it because I figured everyone understood what he was doing. I guess I should have chimed in. To add an example for clarity - if you create a few separate lines of text (or what ever), create a contour path like you're going to engrave. Set the selection to in + then select geometry. When you go to create a second contour the setting reverts back to std window.
  2. We have a couple of those that we use for DEEP pockets in Ti. The inserts seem to last forever. Great tools.
  3. neurosis


    He attached the error log. "The formula is attempting to divide by zero, , Calculation returned zero" That post looks pretty old I think?
  4. There is still a 'surface rough > plunge' tool path. Is that what you're talking about?
  5. neurosis

    Stock Modell and OptiRough eating all my time

    Mill flutes only Select to use only the fluted portion of the tool to process against the stock model. The remainder of the tool is ignored.
  6. neurosis

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    It's working. Byte tipped me off. I was using the shs waterline rather than the surface finish contour path.
  7. neurosis

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    Yes. I pasted it in to one of my posts based on MPMaster and it didn't output the cutter comp g-codes. I'm not sure if I missed something?
  8. neurosis

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone tested this little post hack to see if it works?
  9. neurosis

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    LOL. you beat me to the thought I see. If you could have this default to off in the misc values it might be a little more forgiving and allow someone to 'forget' to set the lead in/out properly every time.
  10. neurosis

    Alternatives for creating this toolpath.

    This is pretty cool I assume that you could add a flag (terminology?) in misc integers to turn this on or off? I would add this to my post but I'm afraid that it would help some times and give me headaches others. Mostly do to my own lack of organization.
  11. neurosis

    Toolpath Manager Frustrations

    One thing that I found out by making the mistake of accidentally moving operations around. Make sure that you have the operation(s) that you want to move highlighted and nothing else before dragging. I've had an operation that I had no intention of moving highlighted, right clicked on the operation that I did want to move, drag and let go only to figure out that it never actually selected the operation that I right clicked on and ended up moving the operation that was originally highlighted. I thought that I was going nuts or that there was a bug until someone from MC pointed this out to me. Now I'm super careful to make sure that everything I need to move is highlighted before dragging anything around.
  12. I usually just do a little math and change the minimum and maximum radius values to accomplish this. The other key is to set your top of stock and depth both to the final z depth (obviously you can't to this if you plan on using z depths) and change your feed plane to the top of the hole so it feeds straight down to the cutting depth. Also, set the Z clearance value in the Roughing parameters to 0.
  13. I remember making a block stacker spread sheet for compound sine plate 20 years ago. I'm not sure if I still have it but that thing made me lazy and saved a lot of headaches at the same time.
  14. neurosis

    Posting sub programs

    Thanks! I'll look at that tomorrow.

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