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  1. Quickmike

    Long Reach strategy

    Would sinker edm have been a option
  2. Quickmike


    Under view menu in display they can be toggled on and off
  3. I think a higheed indexable might do good too. However, if it is on a vertical chip evacuation will have to be looked at. On a horizontal would be better. What size radius in the corners and radius between the walls and floor?
  4. Moore Tool Co. does contract work. Could always have them give a price for the finishing ops
  5. I have that book by Wayne Moore. Unbelievable the tolerances that were being held. Pictures in the book of them scraping. Thermal blankets on the castings in the area not being scraped. So the scrapers body heat has less of an effect on the casting. Indirect lights to reduce local light "energy" ie.(heat energy) and stratification. Trying to keep the floor and the ceiling the same temperature. I think some of the finish scraping is done in rooms sunk into the ground to help with this. All being done back in the late 50's I think.
  6. Quickmike

    Opine on facemilling 7075

    Not sure if you have enough time, but it could be sent out and lapped.
  7. Quickmike

    2.25 Internal Buttress thread?

    Not sure but could try Emuge
  8. Quickmike

    high speed machining

    Triple post ☺ I don't post to often, so I guess I don't know what I'm doing
  9. Quickmike

    high speed machining

    I have always liked the TG style collets. They have a smaller taper angle. Does anybody know if this makes them more accurate or not?
  10. Quickmike

    Mori Mapps

    I thought it was called crapps
  11. Check out FCS. They are sold by Single Source Technologies. I don't have any experience with them myself.I saw a presentation about them at the 2014 imts in Chicago. Flexible clamping system. They are made in Italy.
  12. I am not quite sure what you mean by limit. But you might be able to use a large size ball endmill and try contour with 3d chamfer. Not sure how accurate the chamfer needs to be prior to weld.
  13. Quickmike

    Cobalt chrome

    Any chance some of the features could be wire edm'd. Then finished on a mill. Maybe even surface grind some features.
  14. Quickmike

    Leaky Machine Fix

    Yup that's the guy
  15. Quickmike

    Leaky Machine Fix

    Yup that's the guy

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