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  1. Rotary Ninja

    Mastercam 2017 is released

    Thanks! I just switched back to X9. I just couldn't take all the clicking to get to hidden toolbars. Spending the last 6 years getting those toolbars set exactly how I want them has me set in my ways I guess.
  2. Rotary Ninja

    DNC on Okuma OSP-E100M

    We just installed the flash drive upgrade on our Okuma Mill. Now I have a file that is too big to fit in the control. Is there a way to drip feed a file from the flash drive on the Okuma? I can't seem to find any info in the manual that talks about a DNC function.
  3. Rotary Ninja

    Mazak Nexus Live Tooling and Offset Help

    Thanks. That helps a bunch. Would have been better if they had just called it 10.01 in the tool data page lol.
  4. I posted out a program before I left work yesterday. It is a mill drill in station 10 doing face work on a Mazak 250 Nexus. The tool offset posted out as T1010.01. After touching off the tool the operator said making offsets in Z had no effect where the tool was cutting. He thought maybe he was setting the wrong tool. So he set all tool 10 tools to the same values. Then he deleted all but 1 tool and now the machine says the tool doesn't exist. I am not at work, so I can't help him much. And I am clueless on the machine almost as much as he is. This is the first MasterCam program I have posted to the machine. Can someone explain how the Mazatrol tool and work offsets work? What is the ".01" at the end of the tool offset? And if you have 10 tool #10's in the machine, how do you know which one is going to be used? Thanks. I miss my mill area!
  5. Rotary Ninja

    Okuma MB-46 VAE Chip Conveyor Operation

    Thanks for the info. The PM here said they used to run it from within the programs. Not sure how positive he is about that. But I don't think they used M279 if they did. And it is nearly impossible to find any kind of programs here, let alone ones written specific to the Okuma. But I suppose that is what I am going to have to do. I haven't tried any of the other empty M codes to see where else they might have set it up.
  6. We have an Okuma MB-46 VAE with the OSP-E100M control. The conveyor is an MB-46/56V. I am unfamiliar with the Omumas and we are trying to get the conveyor to run. The buttons on the control panel on the front of the machine don't do anything. Is there a secret cheat code you have to press to get the conveyor to run with these buttons? The buttons on the panel on the conveyor itself will move the conveyors forward and backward just fine. And nothing seems to be in a bind. But if use MDI to run the conveyor using M279 I get the error: 3712 Chip Conveyor Motor Overheat This is an old machine we bought used. So I don't even know who I can call for any kind of tech support. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Rotary Ninja

    Mazak Super Quick Turn 18M Mark II Program Transfer Help

    Yeah, our machine is really old. It works fine, but I highly doubt we will spend that kind of money to upgrade it. I would rather they just bought me an Okuma
  8. Rotary Ninja

    Mazak Super Quick Turn 18M Mark II Program Transfer Help

    Yes, it would require (I was told this was a guess) roughly $3500 for the upgrade to be able to program outside of Mazatrol.
  9. Rotary Ninja

    Mazak Super Quick Turn 18M Mark II Program Transfer Help

    I figured out what it is. The machine doesn't have the option turned on to allow external programming. So you can only use Mazatrol programs. Man, I really hate Mazaks
  10. I am trying to send a program from the PC to the Mazak. We have been transferring Mazatrol based programs back and forth just fine. But I have just started writing programs in Mastercam. Every time I try to transfer a file I get the alarm: 515 CMT MIS-CONNECTED. We have no manual for this machine. And I cannot find any info on what the file needs to be... .EIA, .NC, etc. I have saved the file from Cimco as an ISO Turning file and it defaults to EIA. So the program filename is OP-2.EIA. The header of the program reads... O0010 (OP-2) (PROGRAM NAME - OP-2) (DATE=DD-MM-YY - 19-01-16 TIME=HH:MM - 11:46) I have tried changing the filename to: 10.NC 10.EIA 10.MZK 10.CMT Nothing seems to work. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Rotary Ninja

    Lathe - How to make a 55 deg tool cut a groove?

    That was easy. Thanks guys!
  12. I have a pretty simple contour that I would like to rough and finish with a 55 deg turning tool. But I can't get Mastercam to create a lathe toolpath that goes into this groove. It just skips across at the major OD and ignores the groove. The only way I have been able to cut this is with a groove tool and a groove toolpath. But I know the DNMG tool will cut it. The area I am trying to cut is the green geometry. Thanks for any help you can give me. (see attached screenshot)
  13. Rotary Ninja

    Okuma Tool Change Help - MB-46VAE w/OSP-E100M Control

    toolcheck : 0 # Runs the "G111" macro and stages tools, Stagetool must be set to 1 # 0=Off, 1=VC1 VC2 output, 2=G111 A R output So set this to 2? I think I tried 1 already and it alarmed out. The machine is running right now but I will try this tomorrow.
  14. Rotary Ninja

    Okuma Tool Change Help - MB-46VAE w/OSP-E100M Control

    I really need to take a class on post editing
  15. Rotary Ninja

    Okuma Tool Change Help - MB-46VAE w/OSP-E100M Control

    Ok. I would like to try what you initially recommended Allan. I saved a backup of my post. I found the tool change section... ptlchg0$ #Call from NCI null tool change (tool number repeats) pcuttype pcom_moveb c_mmlt$ #Multiple tool subprogram call #if gcode = 0, result = force(maxfeedpm, maxfeedpm) #if gcode = 0, result = force(machtol, machtol) comment$ pcan pbld, n$, sgplane, e$ pspindchng pbld, n$, scoolant, e$ if vmc < 2 & (fmtrnd(cabs) <> fmtrnd(prv_cabs)), p_up_rot if wcstype > one & workofs$ <> prv_workofs$, [ sav_absinc = absinc$ absinc$ = zero pbld, n$, pwcs, e$ pbld, n$, sgabsinc, pfxout, pfyout, pfzout, pfcout, e$ pe_inc_calc ps_inc_calc absinc$ = sav_absinc ] if cuttype = zero, ppos_cax_lin if gcode$ = one, plinout else, prapidout pcom_movea c_msng$ #Single tool subprogram call ptlchg$ #Tool change pcuttype toolchng = one if wcstype = one, #Work coordinate system [ pbld, n$, *xh$, *yh$, *zh$, e$ ] pbld, n$, "M01", e$ pcom_moveb c_mmlt$ #Multiple tool subprogram call pchecktool pbld, *natnum, ptoolcomment, e$ comment$ pcan pbld, n$, "G80", *sgabsinc, "G40", *sgplane, pwcs, e$ if toolcheck = 0, pbld, n$, *t$, "M6", e$ else, ptoolout pindex sav_absinc = absinc$ if wcstype > one, absinc$ = zero pcan1, pbld, n$, *sgcode, *sgabsinc, pfxout, pfyout, pfcout, *speed, *spindle, pgear, strcantext, e$ if use_vtlcn, pbld, n$, "G56=VTLCN", pfzout, scoolant, pstagecheck, !tlngno$, e$ else, pbld, n$, "G56", *tlngno$, pfzout, scoolant, pstagecheck, e$ absinc$ = sav_absinc pcom_movea toolchng = zero c_msng$ #Single tool subprogram call feedhs = feed So I need to replace what part of that with this?: [ #Skip tool call if tool is in spindle, can have at sof or for every change tno = t$ stooln = no2str(n$) stooln = strn + stooln + str1 pbld, "IF[VATOL EQ ", *tno, no_spc$, "]", *stooln, e$ pbld, *n$, *t$, "M06", ptoolcomm, e$ pbld, *stooln, *sm01, e$ #Skip tool call if tool is in spindle, can have at sof or for every change ] Thanks a bunch!

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