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  1. bigjohn

    2022 Not impressed

    I agree 100%, Ron
  2. ASCII characters, perhaps? 34 = ", done twice = "" open and close marks.
  3. bigjohn

    Post format question

    No mate, I'm retired now but still in Sydney. I miss the smell of the tool-room, but. Non of the places I worked before exist any more.
  4. bigjohn

    Post format question

    it is my personal observation that one weak link in the Mastercam chain is the reseller. You can say that again, and again. Fortunately the king of the "hard codding" is no longer there.
  5. bigjohn

    Mois complet?

    #scomm_str, "DATE=DD-MM-YY - ", date, " TIME=HH:MM - ", time, scomm_end, e Delete the # pheader$ #Call before start of file hour = int(time$) min = int((time$ - hour)* 100) if hour > 12, hour = hour - 12 if hour = 0, hour = 12 year$ = year$ + 2000 "%", e$ spaces$=0 *progno$, " ", scomm_str, sprogname$, scomm_end, e$ spathnc$ = ucase(spathnc$) smcname$ = ucase(smcname$) comment$ # File descriptor spaces$=0 #scomm_str, "PROGRAM NAME - ", sprogname, scomm_end, e #scomm_str, "DATE=DD-MM-YY - ", date, " TIME=HH:MM - ", time, scomm_end, e
  6. bigjohn

    G12.1 Polar Interpolation

    Drilling holes you don't need circular interpolation, just index the c axis the required number of degrees, but the c axis has to be clamped before drilling and unclamped after for every hole for the gears not to be stressed during drilling.
  7. bigjohn

    G12.1 Polar Interpolation

    I could never program circular interpolation on a NAKA MURA TMC15 WITH FANUC OTC CONTROL . The control needed the proper parameter for G107 or G112. It was requested many times but big bosses (government bureaucrats) did not know what we were talking about and it never happened. Arcs had to be broken into small segments, but the control memory could not take more than 19K and long programs had to be sectioned into small programs and fed one by one to the control. John
  8. bigjohn

    ` modifier

    Thank you.
  9. bigjohn

    ` modifier

    It would be nice and useful to have a list of modifiers. Is there a list of them somewhere for members to have. I would be very grateful if someone could share. Regards John
  10. bigjohn

    mill turn

  11. I remember having a similar problem if I didn't cut the circle geometry on the centre line. That was before MastercamX. John
  12. bigjohn

    Master cam X4 Post processor help

    I don't think you'll get any help here. You may not be a legal Mastercam user. John
  13. bigjohn

    arcs gouging part

    Thanks Ron, I see the pictures now.
  14. bigjohn

    arcs gouging part

    There are no pictures

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