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  1. jeff


    Are you trying to open up files that were modeled outside of Mastercam? I know that sometimes we get files that were created in ProE and those took FOREVER to open. But I believe that was fixed for 2020.
  2. Do you actually need to do engraving? Or do you just need to machine some letters and numbers on a part?
  3. jeff

    Nvidia quadro

    I have the P4000 and have seen this message also. I believe it was something from a Windows Update that is screwy. If Mastercam is working fine for ya just ignore it.
  4. If all of that other geometry isn't being used, you can turn on all levels, select all geometry and hit Delete. A window will pop up.. .select delete ONLY NON-ASSOCIATIVE ENTITIES. Then anything that isn't being used is gone.
  5. jeff

    Looking for MasterCAM Skill testing.

    have them sit in front of your computer and hand them a blueprint, tell them "see ya in 30 minutes", come back and see how far they got.
  6. jeff

    Finish turning Inconel 718 40-44Rc

    Our Sandvik rep just happened to be on his way over and solved the issue. Was it a perfect fix? No, but we just used a grade 1150? 1105? cnmg 200 sfpm .006 ipr. The deflection from the holes is now at the high limit of .0003" so we're calling it good. This material sucks balls.
  7. jeff

    Finish turning Inconel 718 40-44Rc

    The holes are already in the part.
  8. We have a couple of parts where we have to finish an interrupted face in the lathe. We have carbide and CBN and the face has a tight tolerance on flatness, location and some other stupid callout. The interruptions keep chipping the cbn,and the carbide pushes off .001" when it hits the holes. Have tried cbn at 150-350 sfpm, and carbide at 50sfpm. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Parts are about 6" dia 1" long.
  9. jeff

    Mastercam Direct

    Can you create a Stock Model? I do this all the time in regular Mastercam, but I have never used Direct.
  10. jeff

    EMPTY FILE!!!!

    When you go to open that file, what is the file size?
  11. jeff

    Getting a new computer!

    Looks fine with 1 exception. GET FASTER RAM! This is the main issue I have with Dell computers, they don't tell you what motherboard you have. Get the fastest ram they offer, you won't regret it because 2666Mhz ram is dog slow these days. You want 3300 or faster if they offer it. 32 gigs is fine unless your models are massive.
  12. jeff


    Best way? There's really only one way. It's a drop down box in the drilling cycle page.
  13. I believe it's either Shift+Left Click or CTRL+Shift+Left Click
  14. jeff

    Mastercam 2020 Mask on Arc bug

    Can you make a dummy file and attach it? Are you working with a solid model? Wireframe?
  15. jeff

    Mastercam x5 Post problems

    3 posts in and you're already being a d!ck. Nice.

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