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  1. jeff

    Nvidia Quadro P5000 Graphics Card

    Is that in U.S. dollars? that price seems awful high. Especially for the video card. $1740 on Amazon
  2. jeff

    Nvidia Quadro P5000 Graphics Card

    The P5000 would be a good card, I think most people here running Quadros currently have the P4000 The bigger question is what CPU are you looking at, and how much RAM? Also what speed of RAM are you looking at. 32Gb of RAM is your sweet spot, and get at some FAST ram. You will have to turn on the setting in your BIOS to make it run faster than stock though,but that's easy.
  3. jeff

    Tapping Speeds and Feeds

    My taps for most steels are 50-100 sfpm
  4. It depends on 2 things. Do you have a low end machine that can't take advantage of these toolpaths? How you program it is another big factor. Dynamic milling is a huge timesaver in most scenarios. And if your parts could benefit from it but you're not using it, then you're losing money because your competitor IS using dynamic paths. I've been using Dynamic on my Okuma mills for years. I think 7+ years. And have yet to replace a ball screw because of my toolpaths. In fact, I've only replaced 1 ball screw because of a crash.
  5. Yep, blame the software.
  6. jeff

    4 Axis?!?

    I'm not sure if a 4 axis license is necessary to make that (can't remember the limitations). But that's not using 4 axis simultaneous. And he's only using 3 axis toolpaths. What is the machine you're wanting to do this on? Does your program need to be complete or do you just need to make the part? Or can you just program one feature and hand edit in the 4th axis rotations then cut that feature again?
  7. jeff

    4 Axis?!?

    Odd. Maybe he doesn't know 4 axis stuff? Or they aren't ready to teach it yet? But like Jeff.D said, that MPFAN post is a 4 axis post by default.
  8. jeff

    4 Axis?!?

    What did your instructor say when you asked him?
  9. jeff

    Face Grooving

    what material? how deep is the groove? What machine? Look at Iscar face grooving tooling, or any other big name brands. They all have good stuff but in my opinion Iscar is king of grooving.
  10. Do your own homework,kid.
  11. jeff

    Rookie Mistake

    RMB = Right Mouse Button
  12. jeff

    2d Dynamic milling over engage

    +1 For 1st pass offset, I always set mine to .100" because our sawed stk varies
  13. jeff

    X+ Mastercam 2019

    Mine isn't saving the files anywhere, I just looked in C:/Users/Public/Documents/X+/templates/setup sheets. Chrome even had another update today. 3rd one in about 2 weeks I believe. Oh well, I guess it's Firefox for the time being.
  14. jeff

    Micro drills

    Out of curiousity, how long does it take you to set the length offset?
  15. jeff

    4th axis feed output on Fanuc too slow

    Inverse Time is usually an option. but look in your control definition for this page:

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