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  1. jeff

    Mastercam 2019 project doesn't work.

    I use project often without any issues in 2019. What problems are you having?
  2. jeff


    Drawing a thread in Mastercam is only for cosmetic reasons, there is no functional reason to draw a thread.
  3. jeff

    Automatic Shutdown

    Not that I'm aware of, but maybe you can use a macro of some kind that utilizes ALT+F4 after a period of time?
  4. jeff

    Update old Post very 9.1 to 218

    If it's just a simple 3 axis mill post or simple 2 axis lathe post, you might be better off just getting a new 2018 post.
  5. What alarm are you getting? Is your machine actually set up for 4 and 5 axis? That's typically a $5k option from your Okuma distributor.
  6. jeff

    burring inside port intersections

    My bad, I saw that avatar in your siggy and thought it was a broken link Maybe this video will help? 2nd one down on the page:
  7. jeff

    Recently opened files

    Ok, I misunderstood, the ICON on the taskbar, right clicking that shows most recent. I forgot all about that since I never used it. Mine works in 2019, I don't have 2018 installed though. I'm not sure what would cause that to stop showing the files.
  8. jeff

    burring inside port intersections

    Your video or link is bad, I don't see anything.
  9. jeff

    Recently opened files

    Not sure about the right clicking for most recent files,but I've always used the OPEN dropdown and that gives me my most recent Mastercam files.
  10. jeff

    Error in Win32 Memory

    Does File/Repair help at all?
  11. jeff

    X+ tool shhet

    Assuming you have X+ installed... Right click on the ribbon/customize the ribbon
  12. jeff

    2D Dynamic not cleaning floor

    What if you tell Mastercam that the end mill has a corner radius instead of a chamfer? Does it clean up then? Or can you tweak the Toolpath Radius (not the stepover) a little bit?
  13. jeff


    Yep, pretty much have to buy a tool where the nose dia is consistent so that you can draw your tool correctly. Harvey Tool, Lakeshore Carbide, there are a few places that sell them. I prefer Lakeshore Carbide personally.
  14. jeff

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    Are you using Arc Center in your autocursor to select the hole you want to thread mill?
  15. jeff

    Thread mill...WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE!?!

    But it does work......

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