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  1. lol I'll be the first to admit that I don't know anything about a CMM. But when I was trying to learn it in my free time it wasn't user friendly. Maybe the term "clunky" is more like it.
  2. Heck no, more like a Windows 95 interface.
  3. /hijack We recently got a brand new Zeiss cmm. Man I can't believe how terrible their software is! The user interface is garbage! For a world leading cmm manufacturer they have no clue how to set up a user friendly UI. /hijack off
  4. jeff

    2021 Trimming vs Divide

    The new style of trim, fillet and chamfer... I HATE IT! It's buggy AF and almost never lets me do it the "old" way without issues.
  5. jeff

    lines getting trimmed issue

    No chance of the missing geometry to be on a different level? Hidden or Blanked? I don't think delete duplicates could have given this resut.
  6. jeff

    Hi speed tool path 2018 mcam

    You're joking, right? How are we supposed to help when you barely give us information to even fathom a guess to your problem THEN post a bunch of pictures that are rotated sideways, and don't even post your cad file as requested so we can look at it. Complain that there isn't help, when the problem ended up being your frickin cable.
  7. jeff

    Hi speed tool path 2018 mcam

    Rotate your picture 90 deg CCW so he can understand what it is. /s
  8. Yep, ESC or hit the Red X. I learned that lesson quickly.
  9. jeff

    Hi speed tool path 2018 mcam

    We'd have to see the cad file and how they programmed it. Assuming they programmed it correctly then maybe it's a posting error that isn't compatible with your control?
  10. jeff

    Hi speed tool path 2018 mcam

    Did you give them the same amount of info that you've given us?
  11. jeff

    mighty viper

    I don't know anyone who's ran one or even seen one. Are they now a defunct company? I think they used to have an HQ in SoCal.
  12. jeff

    2021 Chaining Defaults

    Be careful what you wish for.
  13. jeff

    X + is not for free now ?

    It's cheap enough to where my boss doesn't question buying the license every year. It's been a staple of my programs for years.
  14. Another option is the Sky Hook, I believe they are in Idaho.
  15. jeff

    Graphics Issue

    Is it actually "docked" or is it floating? Nevermind. :bonk

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