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  1. jeff

    316 Stainless Plate

    What is the final thickness you need to be at? What is the starting thickness before machining? Cut/flip/cut/clip lather rinse repeat is usually the way to go.
  2. jeff

    5 Ax positional

    Vericut isn't cheap, and iirc it's about that price give or take. As far as the post goes, for our 5ax Okuma post, it was less than your minimum guess. (I know we're not supposed to talk $,but that's the best I can do to avoid the price talk lol). If you can do 4ax, then you can do 3+2 without much problem. There might be a little bit of a learning curve because of multiple WCS and such, but that's about it. I'm still learning 5ax stuff mostly because we don't get a lot of work that needs 3+2 or 5ax simultaneous.
  3. Yep, your geometry was both part of Machining and part of Avoidance, it didn't know what to do.
  4. It's because of how you chained the Machining and Avoidance. 2D Dynamic works a little different than the Core Mill path as far as chaining goes. If you're just cutting down a step left of that wall, try Chaining the single wall entity using Peel Mill, set it to LEFT and however long of a path you want. OR Or for Peel Mill:
  5. jeff


    My understanding from what CNC said, is that they switched to this UI because more and more people use Excel and other M$ programs. If Mastercam looked more like those, it would entice newer/younger users to buy and learn Mastercam. So when they changed, some things had to be cumbersome because of the new UI and they weren't able to incorporate certain things,and we have to deal with it because "there's no going back". In a nutshell,it's a marketing tactic.
  6. jeff


    Gimme 2019 with X9's interface and I'll be happy!
  7. jeff

    6061-O aluminum

    My only suggestion is a 2 flute end mill with WD-40 if you can stand the cloud it produces. 0 temper aluminum is hell to cut.
  8. jeff

    Cut a contour twice without lifting.

    in the lead in/out settings: enter/exit on first and last cut only
  9. jeff

    Helix only won't helix only?

    You just quoted yourself, have you been hangin out with Del and his wacky tobacky?
  10. jeff

    All user settings.......Gone

    Yep! had a backup this morning when I got into work!
  11. jeff

    All user settings.......Gone

    So, I followed your video, set it every thursday morning at 6am... but no backup was done when I came in. Is the status supposed to be "Ready"? or "Running"? Nevermind..... apparently quotation marks are pretty important lol
  12. jeff

    All user settings.......Gone

    Thank you! I've been looking for an automated solution for a while now!
  13. Our lathe guys were like that too, up until I helped them use the toolsetter arm. They never bothered because they didn't want to learn it. Now they can't live without it.
  14. a shot in the dark, but maybe contact these guys? I think Widia/Hanita makes them also.
  15. Have you contacted them to see if they will make them for you? I don't think they upcharge much for specials.

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