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  1. It would be nice if we could remove that damn thing, I never use it. Ever.
  2. jeff

    Graphics Problem - X6 Lite

    What version of Windows? I wonder if that could be a problem. Compatibility mode perhaps?
  3. jeff

    No Retract on Depth Cuts

    Wow digging up a thread that is over 16 years old. That's impressive.
  4. jeff

    Why does mastercam work in reverse?

    Maybe try reading the very first reply, you know the one directly after your OP? And in this case it IS the user.
  5. Ahh if only it were quick and easy to delete a point that you selected. And yes it's still very much possible to select the non-center of an arc when you're going for the side of a solid hole. I've done it and scrapped a part because of that. And when are we getting better window functionality for 2020? That tiny window is only "draggable" for like 3 more holes and doesn't remember size/position. You can't tell me this is the final version. Yes the old way was FAR better, while I have adjusted to this way mostly, it was still much faster the old way as I made you guys quite aware of that on the official forum when the change was made.
  6. jeff

    ductile cast iron

    Ductile sucks because it has some serious stank to it when you machine it. Other than that, it's gravy.
  7. jeff

    Showing hidden objects?

    Try Blank and Unblank. Also in your config, do you have "Delete Duplicate Entities on File/Get" checked? Maybe these are duplicates?
  8. I didn't realize it was cloud based, I assumed you could just download it onto your computer and enter a license code kinda like you do with Mastercam. But then again it says cloud based right where I was looking. hah!
  9. Yes there is a Chook for Mastercam,but they also have stand alone software to program it as well.
  10. Sandvik has an off-line programming thingamajig.
  11. jeff

    Vibratory Tumbler Info?

    We can't give recommendations until you tell us how big you're looking for.
  12. jeff

    integration of Kurt vice

    Save the vise model as a .stp file, and in your main part file just File/Merge the vise model and then save.
  13. jeff


    Once in a while I will accidentally click one of these buttons and will get the F0 error.
  14. jeff

    Printed Gcode

    What is the purpose of having a copy of the program in hand? What you could do, is grab an old crappy computer, centrally locate it between your machines, load up Notepad and connect it to a read only network folder that holds your programs. This way anyone that needs to look at the program can. One computer for all. Unless you have 100 operators. As for how we do it, our guys just look at the program that is on the machine. No need for a hand held copy, especially since our programs would take up hundreds if not thousands of pages.
  15. jeff

    samsung machines

    They were making parts for Mori Seiki for years. Now they are making their own machines. Can't speak for their mills, but their cnc lathes are rock solid. Old school Mori quality. Definitely worth looking into. We have an SL-35. The dealer on the other hand in our area (Dynamic) are absolutely worthless. The support techs I swear they moonlight as cnc techs and their main day job is selling shoes.

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