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  1. Thanks for this. I believe this is the DuraMill lineup, Sandvik bought Dura Mill over the summer.
  2. jeff

    Popups Lagging

    When this happens, is the file you're working on pretty large? have lots of entities and whatnot? Does it lag if you create a new file, draw 1 line and analyze it?
  3. From my notes that I've had for years: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK MC User Parameter no. 13 System Check Mode Set #1 sys check mode to 72 Use handle to move arm then switch screen to "machine axis parameter" move arm until the "TS" value reaches 0 (it has a 0-360 range) Reset from 72 to 0 Re-check tool # values. Display change #25 & #47
  4. What about a TNMG neutral tool?
  5. jeff

    index drill on a lathe

    What indexable drill? This could have a big impact on speeds and feeds.
  6. jeff

    Config Issues Mastercam 2021

    Just a thought, but do you have your custom scripts or you custom UI running on those computers where it's freezing?
  7. jeff

    Thoughts on new PC IT spec'd

    If they haven't ordered it yet, I'd get much faster RAM. Near the fastest that the mobo will allow. But since it's a Dell (yuck) you have no idea what mobo you're getting.
  8. jeff


    That's a bad comparison. Quadro cards are a totally different animal so comparing the specs head to head is futile. For the longest time I was running a GTX980Ti in my cad system and everything was fine...UNTIL we had to start opening up some large assembly files from our customer and manipulating them. This crippled the GeForce card. The Quadro was buttery smooth. A lot of others here regularly have Mastercam files much larger than I have, so I'd say I'm just on the edge of needing one most of the time,but I have noticed a difference. If your files are basic 2D, some minor solid modeling and generic toolpathing, then a gaming card could be enough for you. But if you do any type of work with larger files then you'll definitely want a Quadro, no matter what the specs say it handles cad in a different way because of the drivers, that's what sets the 2 apart.
  9. jeff

    Dynamic Milling

    I used to be like you old timers and didn't like to use solids for toolpathing. Then one day I stopped yelling "get off my lawn!" and gave it a chance. I haven't looked back. Solid chaining makes your life so much easier, but I guess it's dependent on the type of work you're doing.
  10. HAH! It's because one of our customers was sending us some pretty big assemblies,the Quadro handles them much better. The top end gaming card is still really good for Mastercam though, for a lot of stuff.
  11. jeff

    This process not available

    Yep, same here, it's habit for me to save after everything I do in Mastercam. Even if it's drawing a circle. I made it easy for myself and put this at the forefront of every tab on my ribbon: New,Save,Open,Print and Fit are on every tab. Makes my life 100x easier.
  12. Not 100% imperative, but you will definitely see the difference. I had a GTX1080 in my last system,swapped it for my current Quadro and noticed a difference immediately. My advice, get the Quadro. It's only $500 more.
  13. Backside deburr tool? Drill a little smaller and endmill the hole to size? Not much you're going to be able to do if you're just drilling.
  14. jeff

    2021 crashes on fillet

    I thought that maintenance covered the full version and any update that goes with it? I've been wrong once before.
  15. jeff

    2021 crashes on fillet

    Your first mistake is comparing software to a car. As for your maintenance, it's been stated that it will be in update 2, so relax tough guy.

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