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  1. Yeah, I always get a kick out of comparison videos. The competition usually is programmed so ineffective and slow against the new item that is revolutionary. It's a cool concept for sure. But useless if all you have are standard 2ax lathes like we have.
  2. I would say it's the opposite, if you have them to do it manually, the chances of wrong numbers skyrocket.
  3. That's the PEBKAC error! Problem exists between keyboard and chair.
  4. jeff

    2019 Hotkey for Outlined Shaded?

    Thanks, So then it must be a graphic glitch that keeps unshading the edges at times. Not a huge deal, just an annoyance.
  5. jeff

    2019 Hotkey for Outlined Shaded?

    No that just shaded and un-shades the model. I'm referring to the Outlined Shaded that highlights the edges of the model in black lines to make stuff easier on the eyes.
  6. Is there a hotkey to turn on/off outline shaded of a model? Either I magically keep hitting the hotkey by mistake, or it's a graphical glitch.
  7. jeff

    machining stress

    Like Matthew said, rough,flip,repeat.
  8. jeff

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Thanks, that will help out a lot.
  9. jeff

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Just got my SpaceMouse Wireless. Gonna take some gettin used to I can tell ya that! Already turned down teh speed!
  10. jeff

    Backfacing Operations

    What about manual entry and a sub program?
  11. jeff

    Thoughts on gaming mice

    I use a Razer Death Adder. It feels so good in my hand. As for the buttons...nothing special I only use the R,L, and wheel in Mastercam.
  12. jeff

    laptop recommendation

    Once we know your budget we can give you better recommendations. here is one in the $1500 range, and I admit to know nothing about the Quadro MOBILE graphics cards If you don't do extensive modeling, a high end MSI gaming laptop will be more than enough in the < $2000 range and be a lot more powerful than the one I linked above.
  13. jeff

    laptop recommendation

    Do you do lots of modeling? What is your budget? How powerful of a laptop do you need for the work you do in Mastercam? The price range is drastic between entry level laptops and high end laptops.
  14. jeff

    Selecting more colors

    It's not just the "more colors" box, but that seems to trigger it more often than not. The moment Mastercam starts acting funky, it needs to be rebooted. I do it every 2-3 hours now and haven't had an issue since.
  15. jeff

    Thoughts on 3D Mouse?

    Which model do you guys recommend?

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