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  1. COM232VR.EXE

    What is that?
  2. This is a place here in Michigan, though there website is pretty lackluster, they do thermal deburring.
  3. What is the B- limit value set at? Or am I way off base here.
  4. Can you tell your machine def that you can only rotate so far in either direction? I have to do that for our 5ax trunnion. By default it can go -30 to +110 deg. But I have to tell it 0 to +110 because it's pretty close to my X+ travel limit, this makes the rotation change.
  5. Can't wait to be able to use this in V2019. Pretty much the only thing holding me back from using it.
  6. Solids just blew up

    Make sure that in the Advanced tab "thin wall" isn't checked. I've had this turn on by itself a couple of times in the past and it causes me fits until I remember to check there.
  7. Okuma Supernurbs

    Thank you for that detailed explanation Brad!! Very helpful!
  8. Well sh!t. I didn't see that.
  9. Vogel might be something to look at.
  10. Etalon (Swiss made) makes a good caliper, but as far as I know they are only 6". My favorite 12" pair for the last 20 years has been my trusty Starrett No. 120 model. The newer version isn't exactly the same,but it's not bad. No clue where they are made now. Never been a huge fan of Mitutoyo or Browne & Sharp calipers.
  11. You just need to change the data path of those files. In the config settings page, click on Files, select the type of file you want to change the path of and tell it where to look.
  12. Blamked stock model

    They're still a major p.i.t.a. to use. I seem to have to click hide/unhide toolpaths 453 times before I get the result I want. Then when you create another toolpath, that path stays highlighted. Annoying AF!
  13. Benchmark

    Ok, here are the results with tolerance set to .0001" Basically, just over a minute, and with Chrome open having 13 tabs open.
  14. Benchmark

    I thought we weren't supposed to tweak anything? I'll set it to .0001" and run another benchmark.
  15. Benchmark

    Regen'd all 3 paths in 13.564 seconds in 2018. Regen a 2nd time and it's like 3 seconds.

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