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  1. how much wall stock do you leave in dynamic?

    I usually leave .005 or .010" per side depending on the material, how fast I'm running it, and the finish requirements.
  2. remove this -1 from groups

    Unfortunately you can't remove it. This has been a pet peeve of mine for years. I hate that they force the delimiter.
  3. MariTool Holders

    My thinking is that Kennametal gave some $ to Mori to advertise only Kennametal holders. Dual contact is Dual contact, the patent is up and others can make it now. Big Daishowa bent people over the coals with the price while they had the patent.
  4. MariTool Holders

    No experience with Kennametal dual contact holders, but I've been very happy with the ones from Mari-Tool. And you can't beat the prices.
  5. Getting a new PC

    If you have Win7, you're fine. It's the Win10 version of the creator's update that is messing up Mastercam. As far as your issue, I don't have any more ideas. Sorry.
  6. Okuma Ga-25T grinder

    I just got a reply from my dealer. Apparently it doesn't lock, I just need to hit the wrench with a mallet. But yeah, I have been looking for a lock pin like you say and there isn't anything like that. Oddly there is a light on the control that says "Wheel Change" though.
  7. Okuma Ga-25T grinder

    How is the wheel changed on this damn thing? We bought a used one, and can't figure out how to lock the spindle to remove/replace the wheel. Obviously it's our 1st cnc od grinder lol. Picture isn't our machine, but it's the same model.
  8. Getting a new PC

    Did you install the Wondows 10 creator's update? If so, revert back. Mastercam doesn't like it.
  9. mastercam 4th axis

    Thanks for letting us know.
  10. ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    That worked. I've never seen that option before.
  11. ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    If I open it as stand alone, it's blank. Do I need to put it in a certain folder?
  12. ModuleWorks Help File - 08.2017

    Is this for some of the toolpaths inside Mastercam?
  13. Migration to 2018 from X8

    Can you give us a step by step process of how you ran the Migration Utility? It should work flawlessly.
  14. Anyone cut this stuff? I've never cut it, and don't know if it cuts like butter or if it's a p.i.t.a. We have to turn some 5" stock and mill some holes nothing major. Thanks.

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