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  1. X6 in windows10

    It depends on how large of files you work with. Do you have dozens or more solids in 1 file? I currently have a GTX980 and it handles a LOT. If your files are really big, go for a mid to high end Quadro. Don't get a low end Quadro, you'll be wasting your money. So, if you're buying/building new computers and you throw in a GTX1080Ti, that beast will handle darn near anything. A high end Quadro will still beat it but it costs 3x-4x the price. I have a GTX1080Ti in my home computer and nothing has slowed that thing down yet.
  2. Mastercam 2019 HLE

    It will be, and soon. 2018 was available in July I believe.
  3. Transform/Translate question

    Got it! Had to Copy Surce operations Thanks JP
  4. Transform/Translate question

    Getting closer,but it's doing 5 parts now The top left part is the one I'm translating,not the bottom left
  5. I have 3 vises, making 6 parts at a time. 2 rows of 3 parts. Spacing in X = 4.875 Spacing in Y = 4.7588 These are my translate settings The problem is that it moves correctly in X, and only does 1 part. What am I missing?
  6. 2019 File open

    It will change the file path whenever you update your config for anything, like color changing, or any other setting. Because it takes the last known file path location and saves that whenever you update your config.
  7. New seat 2018

    LOL Nope. Where's James when you need him?
  8. New seat 2018

    Wouldn't it be a parameter change at the control to change X to "normal"? The post can do that for sure, but to make it easier I'd check the parameters
  9. What in the heck is that thing called on your everyday 3 jaw hydraulic lathe chuck that protects the sub jaws? Thin walled, 3 small screws holding it in. Sleeve? Cover? We're looking to buy a couple more and don't have the time to make new ones or else we'd just do that. Also does anyone know of a place that sells them?
  10. You could probably bump up the SFPM by about 50%
  11. Nitronic 60?

    It's been a good 15-20 years since I turned it. If i remember right, it wasn't fun, but it also isn't like your super alloys either.
  12. boring bar steel heads

    MSC has this style:

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