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  1. jeff

    Metric Thread milling

    Yes you are overthinking. Just convert everything to a 3 or 4 place decimal and you'll be fine.
  2. jeff

    Hardware questions for Mastercam

    That's possibly one of the best cards dollar to performance value that has ever been made when it comes to gaming. It's a great card.
  3. jeff

    Hardware recommendation

    How large are the assembly files that you have open? This could have a serious impact on performance. Also as said above, how much RAM, and is it fast RAM? I would get the best Quadro card that they will buy. P4000 would be the minimum, I have one and even that won't handle large assemblies all too well when rotating the screen.
  4. jeff

    Tool Inspection

    That's too bad, I'm always interested in stuff I don't regularly do.
  5. jeff

    Tool Inspection

    That must be one hell of a groove if it has a 1 hour run time! Can you share a picture?
  6. It could be the 1125 grade, (I'm a mill guy). I was relaying information to our lathe operators.
  7. Thanks guys, we're going to use Sandvik grade 1105? and start around 175SFPM. Oh and these get knurled too. That should be fun.
  8. At my old shop we had a newbie operator on our mill. And at the end of the shift we would use a small garden style hose attached to the coolant to hose down the inside of the machine. Well he was doing this and it came off the connection and started shooting coolant all over the place. He panicked and used his body as a shield so it wouldn't go onto the floor until someone ran over and hit the Coolant Off button lol. One of the funniest things I've ever seen in a shop.
  9. I just saw the print, and it's just a turning job, some pins that are 4-5" long and have a journal the majority of the length with a #8-32 thread at the end. Stock size is 1-1/4" dia or so
  10. We have some parts to turn and maybe mill out of this stuff. Any tips for general turning and milling/drilling?
  11. ITT: My way is the only way things should be. I want the world to do everything the way I want it. No other program should be formatted differently than mine. I'm the best.
  12. jeff

    Creating a new Machine Simulation machine

    the nozzle at the bottom is what I want to remove. for interference purposes.
  13. jeff

    Creating a new Machine Simulation machine

    I want to make a small edit on one of my machine's Z axis and remove a coolant nozzle. How would I go about doing that? I don't know how to change the STL model.
  14. jeff

    Happy 20 Year Anniversary

    Jan 2002 for me. Ah the good ole days.
  15. Then write your own post.

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