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  1. metalmansteve

    Mastercam Purchase

    I would think too that the first year would be included.
  2. metalmansteve

    Tool database?

    I think I've heard Crazy mention he always locks his holder and tool together. What are the pros and cons of doing that as opposed to doing what is mentioned above? I need to build a new robust tool library from the ground up and want to get it correct from the beginning.
  3. metalmansteve

    What Are Misc Values

    I'm moving out of the dark ages and starting to utilize probing for setting up and tool breakage detection. Currently I'm just entering the code manually after the last operation of the tool I want checked. I read Bob's last post and it sounds like he's using integers/reals for tool breakage code. I'm sure there is a good reason but can someone explain how that works?
  4. metalmansteve

    corrupt file?

    That was it....phew....thank you!
  5. metalmansteve

    corrupt file?

    It's a tower with dual nvidia K1200 video cards. The power supply went out on this about a week and a half ago which I replaced
  6. metalmansteve

    corrupt file?

    I'm experiencing wire-frame geometry "disappearing" when I spin it or view it in isometric view. It reappears when it's in top view. Is this a sign the file is corrupt? Or am I having a graphics card problem? It's not happening on other files though that I can see.
  7. metalmansteve

    changing multiple diameters

    Thank you!
  8. metalmansteve

    changing multiple diameters

    What is process of changing multiple hole diameters? I want to change a bunch of .078" dia. to .080" dia. It must be something simple I'm just not seeing.
  9. metalmansteve

    alloy 42 drilling

    Also Walter A1249XPL work well. I cut alloy 49 with these two.
  10. metalmansteve

    alloy 42 drilling

    Gurhring 3899 series
  11. metalmansteve

    Printing defaults to 12x18

    I'd like to bump mc defaults to 11x17 ....have you found a way to get the printer setting to stick?
  12. metalmansteve

    Nethasp and VPN

    I've been wanting to setup a home pc but was told I needed to switch my dongle to a nethasp and my re-seller warned that it wasn't a supported. Is there a way of doing this with a dongle?
  13. metalmansteve

    haas low air pressure alarm

    I have an old carousel tool changer machine with the alarm. It's not so much an alarm as it is a message that says "low air pressure". The machine still runs fine and I'm guessing this will bite me in the a$$ at the worst possible time so I should probably take care of it. Tool restore doesn't work.
  14. metalmansteve

    What is it with this? model your vise nicer than I model my parts....I need to step up my game.
  15. metalmansteve

    home computer

    Thanks for the input gentlemen. The price quoted to transfer to nethasp wasn't that bad. I hadn't lost a set of keys for 20 years but somehow I'm on my third set of keys this year...needless to say I don't trust myself carting around a dongle.

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