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  1. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the question but this is how I use transform using multiple work offsets with the operations as subroutines on a VMC.
  2. My mom grew up above the arctic circle in Sweden and her ancestors are indigenous reindeer herders called Sami. Supposedly they have 180 words for snow and over 1000 words for reindeer.
  3. Every time I open mastercam 2021 my orderly display of toolpaths/planes/solids/levels are garbled up on top of each other which is annoying. We recently had a burglary and needed to buy two new monitors. The stupid thieves left the computer, thank god. About a week before that I upgraded (downgraded) from windows 7 to windows 10. I don't remember when this started happening but I've been using this 2021 on this machine for a while with it opening basically as I left it. Is there a setting somewhere that fixes this?
  4. Dylan, This seems to have solved the problem. I wasn't using machine sim....the problem started after I edited tool geometry so changing machine sim didn't cross my mind. THANK YOU for the help! -Steve
  5. This is happening to me now and driving me crazy. Has a solution been found?
  6. Working 12 hours a day trying to avoid an 8 hour a day job....that's me and I'm burnt out.
  7. I'll be up in your neck of the woods next week visiting family. If you have time for a 10 cent tour I'd love to see your shop.
  8. Interesting indeed. I have a small shop with MC lathe and mill licenses. The parts I make don't require surfacing / 5 axis paths etc. so I never considered ponying up the money for those licences since I'd never see a return on investment. Sounds like I can buy this hobby version and play with 5x and blade expert for fun as long as I don't sell any of those products...pretty cool. I'm sure plenty will abuse this but plenty already do.
  9. This is a somewhat related topic to what I'm working on today. I'm going to hold this on a spud or expanding collet. I would generally program center of rotation with one work offset. However some of the depths are +/- .001 and to nail the depth I'll need to probe the top surfaces of the part. Parts are pre-finished on 6 sides. What is the best way to program / workflow this? Duplicate work offsets? I'm looking for best practices as I am going to have multiple parts to do that are similar to this one.
  10. Not sure I'm buying the 'algorithm does the most efficient path' stuff. Maybe there was a better way but I saved a lot of cycle time creating my own toolpath geometry on this shape.
  11. The auto-cursor ribbon bar is there but the recording software isn't showing it. Here is a video of me opening the selection settings. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv00p2k7j050yqh/Untitled 8.avi?dl=0
  12. I'm in the correct construction plane. This is driving me a little coocoo. Something so simple holding me up. https://www.dropbox.com/s/06mosvcshovsf54/dimensions.mp4?dl=0
  13. I'm having this same problem and Snap to grid is not enabled. What am I missing?

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