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  1. pullo

    2021 reinstall

    Go for 2022, it's been super stable for me. Actually , yesterday was the first time it died on me. So , like 4 months without any crash. Gracjan
  2. pullo

    multi axis pocket

    5-ax pocketing is not adequate here as your machining geometry floor is not radial. And then even if you create an imaginary floor surface which could be radial ( like the top of your part ) then the tool axial deflections will not help to clear out the external surface undercut. I would suggest a 3-ax roughing strategy and then swarfing. Gracjan
  3. They were made uneditable because there could have been unintentional side effects , a thing I have never myself experienced. I now read your answer in full and I seemed to have hit the crux of it yesterday. Mastercam has no manual that comes with it , it was last seen in X5 , so you have to hunt the info down from the Help or on Youtube. A full self education of Mastercam based on the written word would require reading this manual and then reading all the What's New PDFs X6-2022. Gracjan
  4. so much to take in... For now I'll just address your statement that you cannot modify the existing planes . All planes created by the user can be modified through the edit function in the RMB. If you are referring to the fact that the default 9 planes cannot be edited (Top , Front ....Trimetric) , that is true. I think it was around X5 a decision was made to chisel them into stone . Gracjan
  5. pullo

    Error: Cannot load resource file.

    What are you downloading and where from ? An NC-program on your machine or Mastercam from somewhere ? The message is on your control or on your PC? ....... I think you are getting my drift here Gracjan
  6. it's a bit late now, but I would have made a test run before the final cut, with 0.005" stock to leave , measured that it's leaving the 0.005" and then cut based on the outcome of the measurement. This comes up very often when I have to make holes for calendar inserts in molds. for a hole of D6-8 mm and depth f 12 mm if I leave .01 mm even if I hammer the insert in it wont go down all the way. Overcut it by 0.005 mm and it falls out. So i make a test cut with a step of 0.005 mm and measure it as the hole grows. I usually get it down to 3-4 cuts altogether. Gracjan PS . I suspect your tool was not in the center , or you had a chip between the tool and the spindle. I just had a case like that a few months ago. No simulation will help here.
  7. pullo

    Benchmark 3.0

    I ran the benchmark 3.0 on my home machine , a 4,00 GHz i7 on all the mcams I have installed: 2019 4:54 2020 4:18 2021 4:06 2022 4:21 the 2022 was a bumpy ride . Gracjan
  8. pullo

    Benchmark 3.0

    "!When handling hardware threads marked for high performance, Intel® Turbo Boost Technology increases the clock speed up to the Max Turbo Frequency. For example, the Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processor has a base frequency of 3.60 GHz, and a Max Turbo frequency of 5.00 GHz" Source : intel.com Gracjan
  9. you are trying to go for the impossible . the two lines must be in the same plane. its spline blend after that . Gracjan
  10. pullo

    Benchmark 3.0

    how did you get from 2.4 to 5.3 ? !!!!!!!! i went from 4 to 4.4 and after that the pc became incoherent. Water cooled. Gracjan My favorite shoutout 3.33 ----> 3.32 Gracjan
  11. pullo

    Solid trim operation would destroy solid

    cutting a solid into two results in a disjoint body. Also no matter how small a part is left , as long as its larger than the tolerance of the solid modeler it's still logically a part... A file would go a long way... Gracjan
  12. pullo

    Morph multiaxis

    yes ,you could make it using lines as 5-ax axis direction. Gracjan
  13. pullo

    Morph multiaxis

    A surface has a positive and a negative side .They can differentiated by turning on the "Backside" toggle switch in the View menu. Just to make it absolutely clear, all 5-ax functions (also described as Module Works or "MW" toolpaths ) create toolpaths on the positive side of the surface. This absolute rule becomes less absolute when defining the ceiling and other non - critical surfaces in Pocketing a MW 5-ax roughing t-path. I have witnessed a Pocketing toolpath suddenly producing an output when the Ceiling surface has it's negative face facing towards the volume being machined. Gracjan
  14. pullo

    Morph multiaxis

    View , Backside Gracjan

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