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  1. jlw , wanted more info about setting up the post , so here it goes : it's a table - table , with the B-axis vector always provided by DMG as in the picture: other than that , nothing special about setting up a post for it .
  2. So it turned out that my C-150 was just one special solution for one problem , but it would not have worked in general. It turned out that by tweaking two parameters in my Camaix post I was able to output the right angles without the C shift . Gracjan
  3. So , did not get an answer here , I will have to continue my snooping work the next time a 5-axis (M128) case comes around . .... Gracjan
  4. So many answers I have to give here.... Actually , I was hoping to get an answer from my esteemed colleagues Greg Williams : "this value of -150 gets added to every C axis output." . This is the definition of a shift . We are of course talking of a rotary shift. If you mean that I could get the shift done on the control , yes I could do that probably with a Cycle Def 7.0 Datum Shift , C-150 command . The result would be the same. However , if for some reason the operator would negate the command we'd get a crash... mkd : yes it is a Heidenhain control on this machine. I was referring to machining when RTCP is turned on (M128). The plane spatial/Cycle 19 works fine , as I can sidestep the issue of outputting the B-angle by outputting the A and C angles. The machine will calculate the right B angle based on A . JLW: I will slam dunk this probably today. I will measure the position of a hole on the outer axis of the the table ( for max angular precision) in 3-axis mode and the I will position a gauge above the hole in RTCP /M128 /5-axis mode and see if the positions aline . I realize this is a reverse engineering approach, but it's one that will get me close to the end result and that will give me time to ask around/figure it out , whilst the customer is chugging away on his new DMU-60 evo
  5. Seems like gcode is responsible for the 670 evo . It is , I say again DMU 60 evo. Gracjan
  6. I just realized that the heading is WRONG IT SHOULD BE DMU 60 EVO well anyways back to the subject... and this is the result on the machine , or in laymen terms , all is fine. the axis of the tool intersects the axis of the cental hole of the part , etc..... Gracjan
  7. So , in order for a post to work properly for this machine ,these vectors have to be input : 1. The vector of the spindle 0,0,1 2. The vector of the variable rot. axis (C) 0,0,1 3. For my machine ( these values will slightly differ from machine to machine ) 0.5849.... , -.5735..., 0.5735... which is 44.6 degs from TOP and 44.6 degs from FRONT with these values I tried to machine the chamfer on the part , the axis of the tool pointing towards the center and this is what I got ( a totally senseless result) After manually trying out a few values , I came to the conclusion that a Shift in the C-axis of -150 was more or less what I am looking for (this value of -150 gets added to every C axis output. With the shiftc of 150 in my post , this is what I saw on the machine :
  8. I have right now ascertained , that I have to use a shift of "circa" -150 degs on the C-axis for the machining to look "right" , so that is the ballpark , but what is the precise value, ? Gracjan
  9. pullo

    changing multiple diameters

    if the arcs are driving a solid , once in a while , not always propagation will kill Mcam when regenning the solid..... Gracjan
  10. pullo

    Benchmark 3.0

    ok I'll report it to gcode. It works for me , but I was also the one who put the link there, deleted the file and asked to make the link work again.... Gracjan
  11. The graphic file was a .bmp, 256 color, the size 266x241 pixels Gracjan
  12. Never mind , I figured it out Gracjan
  13. Could someone shed more light on how to substitute the graphics shown in drilling cycles ? It involves putting them in the \common subdirectory under \shared Mcam2019 .... Gracjan
  14. pullo

    Benchmark 3.0

    Just tried an upload from the first comment in this thread . It looks like it's working. Gracjan
  15. A guy who did a post for an 80 evo had identical values for his B axis vector, so it's no coincidence... Gracjan

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