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  1. The Cathedral

    Standing vs Sitting Desk

    I have the Pro 48 and it holds 3; you'd have to be creative to get 4 on it.
  2. The Cathedral

    Standing vs Sitting Desk

    I have a Varidesk that can switch between sit/stand, but I never put it down. I don't even have a chair anymore. I haven't "sat" at my workstation in probably 2 years. I do so much walking back and forth to check on things that sitting down would be impractical. I'm also 6'2" and standard desk height at 29" plus this thing rising roughly 16" wasn't enough for me so I had to build some 6" risers. A bunch of people have them here and they alternate pretty frequently between sitting and standing. At 35, I'm one of the youngest people in management here so standing doesn't bother me as much--my beer belly is still a work in progress and doesn't affect me yet. The key is finding comfortable shoes and a good mat.
  3. The Cathedral

    Viewsheets. Why you no click it?

    Viewsheets are great for tombstone work.
  4. The Cathedral

    Slim profile tool holders

    Check out Techniks with their Slim-fit system. We use them constantly and they have excellent runout control. The system uses an internal nut, and they supply the drive key that is small enough to fit an Okuma knob thru-hole. They can hold up to a 1/4 inch with the right collet, but they really shine with smaller tools. You can get them in 4, 6, and 8 inch lengths. We use ER11's also, but I prefer the slim fit.
  5. The Cathedral

    British pipe thread milling

    Because you guys are supposed to be doing your Duty to this Country and telling any commie Frenchman who tries to use metric to get their head out of their butt and switch over to Freedom Units. I'm being sarcastic, of course. It would be useful as sometimes to need to see exactly where a tooth might cut. Only way around it is to use custom defined tools.
  6. The Cathedral

    GPU for 3440 x 1440

    I just posted in another thread that I bought a new workstation with the P2000. It's "mid range" for their P architecture, roughly equivalent to the older M4000 models so it's a good card (supposedly. I haven't got by new workstation yet to confirm.) Check out this article where they benchmark the new P architecture to the old M and K: The K, M, P stands for the architecture: Kepler, Maxwell, Pascal.
  7. The Cathedral

    Dual Montior jumping back and fourth

    I just ordered a new workstation with the E5-2620 Broadwell CPU, 32 gig RAM, and the brand (spankin'!) new Quadro P2000. Watercooled, too! I am Much Excite. Should be here later this week. Ordered it from Titan Computers. Was spec'ing out a Dell (because corporate, duh) and they didn't offer the P2000 and anything comparable older gen cost an extreme amount for what it was. So I got a better computer for half the cost, and that's how I managed to seal the deal.
  8. The Cathedral

    Dual Montior jumping back and fourth

    I have this problem now with 2017, never had it with previous releases. I even took a video of it and sent it to CNC Software; this was over a year ago and it never got any traction because they couldn't replicate it. I posted the video below. I run triple monitors, but I trimmed it to two for the video to make it easier to see. It only seems to happen if I click on the ribbon bar or above, so to stop it from following I have to click somewhere below it.
  9. The Cathedral

    new error w/ 2018, server busy

    I'll just throw in that I don't use X+, nor do I have Chrome installed on my PC, and I still got the error.
  10. The Cathedral

    Helix bore subprogram

    Hole dia, tool dia, depth, pitch, feed plane height, feed. The macro can adjust the feed to compensate using the internal radius reduction formula. I also do the same this with a threadmill macro.
  11. The Cathedral

    new error w/ 2018, server busy

    Yeah, I saw that this morning as well. Eventually it closed out by itself.
  12. The Cathedral

    Helix bore subprogram

    I run helix bore macros that are stored in the machines, and I've set up my post so that when I program a helix bore, the post pulls all the important info from the NCI and outputs it as a G65 (or G66) macro line; and since the macro is in the machine there is no subprogram to worry about outputting with the main program. Also, since I switch it on or off using a misc var, it has no effect at all on backplot or verify. So, basically like Colin said, minus the additional sub routine.
  13. The Cathedral

    HAAS Y axis lathe

    Mcam can do C and Y all day long. Heck, I've used it to program parts that don't have a single turned dimension on the part.
  14. The Cathedral

    keyboard preferences

    I've got a Velocifire w/ Cherry brown knock off switches. Not the same feel as reds, obviously, but pretty good for day to day use.
  15. The Cathedral

    Contract Programming

    And apparently one of the perks is being able to day drink...

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