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  1. Code_Breaker

    2020, Simulator Problems

    Thanks, Ron, I have the latest RTX4000 drivers...also, working from home with the Company's computer via VPN. It would freeze on Startup and although I can Click through the Menu button, the Toolpath did not move. If you tried to close it, I would get Server Busy Message, but could not Switch To..., nor Retry. I had to go to the Task Manager and End Session for MasterCam. I can only think it is the STL file … so I started over … Ran Operation 1 on a fresh Solid in MCAM and then saved the STL (RUFF-A.stl). Operation 2 uses that STL as a Stock Model. I then Prove out the 2nd Operation and save that STL (RUFF-B.stl). It would freeze using RUFF-A.stl. But, I think re-making my STLs over, everything seems to work. It there a way that using a Created WCS, the Simulator viewports would use the same view as MCAM as it did in the Past Versions? For example, I would be in an isometric view of my WCS, but the simulator would be in the World WCS Isometric view with the Focus Icon selected to Workpiece. I changed it to Multiple Workpiece and it works. Is this what is expected? Don Dawson Corona, CA
  2. Code_Breaker

    2020, Simulator Problems

    Good Day, Everyone, I am having several problems with he Simulator after Updating all the Patches to 2020. 1) Locks up at Start Up, have to use Task Manager to close Program. 2) Simulator's View doesn't match MCAM's view at Startup using WCS Don Dawson Corona, CA
  3. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Thanks Ernie, I added an Exception to AVG and this file worked OK, including Bug Fix. My IT guys wants to Document the Problem Solved explanation. How can he contact Verisurf? Is sending them to Sean OK? Send me an email at [email protected] Don Dawson Corona, CA
  4. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    I still cannot install ... Don Dawson Corona, CA
  5. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Thanks Ernie, I report the bug that led to this fi, and I cannot get it to work. I set an "exception" tag for this file. It goes through the Setup routine and then say "Install Successful." However, it uninstalled the Original Verisurf and there is no option for Verisurf. I have to Re-install the Old file, but the Bug bugs me. Don Dawson Corona,CA
  6. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Ernie, I am running MasterCam 202 Patch 2. I cannot Install your Newer Version of VERISURF_2020_TOOLS-mc.exe Also, why is the NEWER version (67,855KB) smaller than Original version (115,862KB)? Don Dawson Corona, CA
  7. Code_Breaker

    Flatten a surface with holes

    Hello, I need to flatten a surface with holes so I can machine a cover/overlay that will cover the surface. I tried the C-hook FlattenSurf, but it filled in the holes. Thanks for the help Don Dawson Corona, CA
  8. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

  9. Code_Breaker

    VERISURF TOOLS for 2020

    Ernie, I downloaded the 2020 version two days ago on 3/21/2020. I am having trouble with WCS XYA-ABC when using selection "Relative to:" as WORK_WCS_TOP (See picture #1 below). What happens is the Home Position is OK, but it uses the System Natural Coordinates (see picture #2 below). I want to keep the HOME position, but Rotate 180 degrees about X axis. I could do this in 2019 with no problems. How does it work in 2020? Don Dawson Corona, CA PS...I am able to do this within MasterCam by Right clicking on a Duplicated Coordinate System, then Rotating incrementally. It makes Vericut WCS XYZ-ABC useless.
  10. Code_Breaker

    Mirroring Toolpaths - 2020 take

    Maybe I should rename who I am to Johnny-come-lately? If I get the luxury of Knowing I have a Left Hand and a Right Hand Project, I program the First Part to the Print. I also plan all my Toolpaths in Advance anticipating Mirroring the Toolpaths. This will make Mirroring easier. Then, as mentioned above, mostly 2D contours and the likes, will need to be re-selected if using Cutter Comp/Wear to change directions. I used Designated Level for anything I will be mirroring as well. Makes life simple. This includes Level 15 as my Mirror lines for X and Y of equal lengths and crossing in the Middle for Center of Rotation for some Tool Paths. Just my humble opinion, but I help it if I am right? Don Dawson Corona, CA
  11. Code_Breaker

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    Yes, I would like to know that also: "Doesn't rigid tapping lock out speed/feed controls at the machine? Don Dawson Corona, CA
  12. Code_Breaker

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    This is what I am getting: (1/2-13 TAPRH) N6000 T6 M6 G0 G90 G54 X-4.625 Y2.075 S1200 M3 G43 H6 Z6. M8 Z1. G95 (feed per revolution) M29 S1200 G98 G84 Z-1.5 R.3 F.0769 Y.075 Y-1.725 G80 Z6. M5 G91 G28 Z0. M9 G28 X0. Y0. M30 % Feed Rate equals Pitch (ie. 13TPI = F.0769; 20TPI=.0500...{1/pitch]) G95 tells the Control that Feed is based on Revolution, regardless of RPM. Allows the Operator to increase/decrease RPM without changing the PITCH. Otherwise, both FEED and RPM must be changed proportionally (inviting Operator's Error). This is the way it works for FANUC Controls. I wanted to know how it works on a HAAS without testing it. I don't want to TEST until I am fairly sure of the Outcome. Don Dawson Corona, CA
  13. Code_Breaker

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    Thanks, No G95? Isn't the Feed Rate equal to Pitch? 11 TPI = .0909 Just wondering. Don Dawson Corona, CA
  14. Code_Breaker

    HAAS Rigid Tapping Code

    Afternoon Everyone, It's been awhile since I wrote code for a HAAS VF2ss...Anyone have an example of the Rigid Tapping Code Output? Thanks Don Dawson Corona, CA
  15. Code_Breaker

    Windows 10 1709 update issues update

    I updated yesterday and wow ... the speed was remarkably different. Don Dawson Corona, CA

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