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  1. hoa75nguyen

    Update old Post very 9.1 to 218

    Hi everyone, I have an old Post from Version 9.1 and I wanted update it to 2018 version. it there a way to do it? Thanks so much for the help!
  2. hoa75nguyen

    .125 alum. sheet

    Thank you for all the tips! I used RaiderX advice, .5 with .01 work like a charm
  3. hoa75nguyen

    .125 alum. sheet

    Hi Everyone, I am cutting a profile on alum. sheet .125 thickness. Just wonder how long and thinkness of the tags to leave it. Thank you
  4. hoa75nguyen

    haas coolant .nozzle

    Hi Everyone, Does anyone know how to turn on a haas vf2 coolent noozle in parameter? I cannot access or highlight the coolant position in tooloffset page. Thank you
  5. hoa75nguyen

    Haas Disk Abort on USB

    .nc file will not work, change your file to .txt. That will work
  6. hoa75nguyen

    dynamics toolpath?

    just wonder does anyone leave .005 on the floor and come back with a finish path or none? what is best Thank you
  7. hoa75nguyen

    Happy New Year!

    I would like to said Thank you for all of you guys help! Happy New Year everyone!
  8. I am curious, I thought mpmaster post is for fanuc control?
  9. hoa75nguyen

    MC_chooks.ft error

    Hi David, I did what you said and it load without error. But I was afraid what will impact with the part at the end. Thanks
  10. hoa75nguyen

    MC_chooks.ft error

    Thank you for a quick response! I will try it out
  11. hoa75nguyen

    MC_chooks.ft error

    I just wonder does anyone run into this error when startup mastercam? or know will effect to the programing at all. Thank you
  12. After I update 2 for mastercam 2017, a message at the bottom of the screen said "waiting toolpath disk....." when I make a new toolpath or a dirty operation. Have anyone run into this after update 2?
  13. hoa75nguyen

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    never mind, I find out what i did wrong. Thanks
  14. hoa75nguyen

    X+ 2017 (Public Beta 4)

    Hi Everyone! I am using mc 2017, I was able to pull my own logo on the sheetup but having a problem removing the orignal logo that stack right on top of my logo. Any idea or advise to remove it. Thank you

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