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MPMaster 5AXIS post

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Hello everyone,

    I would like to purchase STANDARD 5X HAAS POST from MPMASTER, I wonder who I talk to or how much does it cost?




PS: I already took a look at the STOCK MASTERCAM 5AXIS HAAS post, they locked everything.  Therefore, I cannot edit like the way I want.  I think if I purchase MPMASTER POST 5AXIS for HAAS, I can make it like the way I love it to be.



Thanks for your responds.

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all 5axis posts will have an encrypted psb file, regardless of the source.


to the best of my knowledge there is no 5X MpMaster.. though Inhouse


will build a post to your specifications.


The normal procedure is to request a quote though your dealer

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   I would like post is without LOCKED file such as .PSB file because I can't modify anything.  MasterCam 5AXIS is great but not allowing me to modify.  Will mastercam sell 5AXIS post without CLOCKED file PSB?






Thanks GCODE.

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You can use the Generic fanuc or Haas 5 Axis post that comes with Mastercam and configure it for most of the machines out there. What kind of machine do you have?


   I would like to get an UNLOCK version of MASTERCAM 5AXIS post because I can't edit much with a LOCKED file PSB.  Do you know who I can talk and get the post without the LOCKED version?



Thank you MSL.

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I don't thing you can find one out there. Only Mastercam reseller have access to the encrypted portion of the post and they will not going to share it. The .psb file is a big file and its not easy to work with. I could not believe it until I saw it.

Unless you are trying to make DWO and TCPC work for you, you don't need to have access to .psb file.

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Actually, there are some issues that have been encountered when trying to implement both DWO and TCPC. Certain approach and retract moves, that are affected by internals within the binary, especially with null toolchanges. I'm speaking from experience here :)


Only CNC software (and not resellers) has access to the encrypted portion of the post, and they will keep it this way because it has proprietary calculations within.


Your best option is to contact your reseller and get a quote for a customised post processor, either via the reseller themselves, or the reseller utilising one of the third party post developers.

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I wish there is a way that I can purchase the post without LOCKED file.  Thanks.


In that LOCKED file is the link to you hasp.

So that locked zone is self defence for the resellers.

There is a lot of knowledge (and $$$) in the 5-axis posts.

I can imagine they don't throw that out on the (digital) street.

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Question: I am using X8 and we no longer have maintenance with MC. I am  trying to post a simultaneous 5 axis program for our Mazak Variaxis  with the Fanuc post supplied with MC. The A axis is posting out as B. I have been manually editing for any positional work but now I need simultaneous and that would be pretty spooky to edit. What would I need to change in post or machine definition to have this axis post correctly.  Thanks for any help


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Your Mastercam dealer is the best place to start

There are 5X Haas and generic fanuc posts available for download

on the Tech Exchange at Mastercam.com. There are also machine specific posts for sale there

You can buy excellent posts from In House  ( the owers of this website)

and Postability 

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