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  1. cobra95kev

    How to set MasterCAM on a 4K screen?

    Can you show a screenshot? I run a 4k monitor with X9 on Windows 7 and it looks great. I do have 20/12 vision though and my monitor is 39" . which may make the icons a little larger and easier to see. What size is your 4K? I have gotten so used to having the extra resolution it would be very hard to go back to 1080P now. It would be like going from two monitors back to one again. Kevin C.
  2. cobra95kev

    Need urgent planes help.

    Make sure your tool planes are different than the WCS. This should give you rotation. Kevin C.
  3. I don't know if I am missing a setting somewhere or what but I can't get any tool axis tilt at all in any of the various types under triangular mesh. It seems to be stuck at 001 tool Axis. Has anyone got any tilt using these toolpaths since X9 came out? I hope it is just something I am missing in the settings but I don't think so. Thanks, Kevin C.
  4. Back plot shows the correct tool .500 .120r , verify shows square endmill no radius? This is using x9 with the latest updates? This tool was also created from scratch in x9.
  5. cobra95kev

    Did you know Mastercam has "hidden" 5-axis toolpaths?

    I have a question for the adaptive/triangular mesh gurus, I am trying this toolpath for the first time in X8 and I am running in to a problem with the roughing and adaptive cuts turned on using the climb and conventional option turned on it is giving me a feedrate on the conventional cut of 39.37 IPM and I am not sure where that feedrate is coming from, I see no option anywhere to change it? Is it a bug? Edit: I did also download the help file linked earlier in this thread and was not able to find an answer in there. Thanks, Kevin C.
  6. cobra95kev

    Machining apps for iphone?

    I can't seem to find the iMachinist app in the app store on my iphone 6? I just got my phone is there something I am doing wrong? Thanks, Kevin C.
  7. cobra95kev

    Dynamic mill burying the tool

    This is why I use optipath in vericut to monitor the volume removal rate, it can be set up to check for cuts like this even if you do not buy the optipath license. Kevin C.
  8. cobra95kev

    Problem with Dynamic Core Milling

    I was talking about in the toolpaths Colin posted on his files he uploaded. The mesh toolpaths. Thanks, Kevin
  9. cobra95kev

    Problem with Dynamic Core Milling

    Colin, Thanks for posting those toolpaths. I didn't know that was possible. One question, what about the back feedrates when it is out of the cut? Is there any way to speed them up? I tried a few things and could get nothing to work? Thanks, Kevin C.
  10. cobra95kev

    Planes ALWAYS=WCS problem? Bug?

    I have been informed this was logged as a problem. R-03030 Kevin C.
  11. cobra95kev

    Planes ALWAYS=WCS problem? Bug?

    here it is I think .Z2G
  12. cobra95kev

    Planes ALWAYS=WCS problem? Bug?

    Try this file guys, I am going to send it to QC. Regenerate both ops first time do it without the planes always = wcs set it should generate fine both ops 1 and 2. then turn on the planes always=wcs and regenerate again. op1 (surface rough pocket) does not generate right but op 2 (horizontal area) does. Thanks a bunch, Kevin C.
  13. I also posted this on the new mastercam forum. I have always used this setting under the planes menu in the status bar and now it is causing me problems. Can you guys try this to see if you get the same results. I opened up an MCX file not sure which older version it was but it was before there was a version extension on them. I always turn on the planes ALWAYS=WCS setting to make changing between WCS faster.This particular file has some surface rough pocket toolpaths that when regenerated result in no toolpath. The strange thing is if I turn off the Planes ALWAYS=WCS setting the toolpaths regenerate fine. I can switch that setting back and forth and every time it is on the toolpaths will not regenerate. Sure looks like a bug that needs fixing to me. Thanks, Kevin C.
  14. cobra95kev

    Planes always = WCS Broken in X8

    I do mostly full 5-axis here. Hardly ever have to create tool planes with the advanced multi-axis toolpaths. Some of the file sizes we work with here are over 500megs. Which makes the view/plane manager very slow in coming up. Before when the planes always = WCS was working I didnt have to go in to the manager to change WCS. I could go to my right click where I have named views setup and select it from there and the T/C planes would automatically follow it.
  15. cobra95kev

    Planes always = WCS Broken in X8

    I am actually talking about Planes ALWAYS = WCS which is similar but is modal and always make them change together. I run in that mode 95% of the time.

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