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  1. Can someone post a link to these new drivers for the 4000 FLX please?
  2. Update on the Quadro FX 500 I just installed drivers from here: http://www.pny.com/support/drivers/?prod=quadro I had been using the Dell drivers. Things are much better now. Able to re-enable hardware acceleration. SP1 installed
  3. If you're planning to use solids, I'd stay away from the FX500. I have one and am trying to upgrade. I've had problems with the little popup boxes that explain icons refusing to show up, and solids look crappy. Turning off hardware acceleration got the popup working. If I click on a shaded solid it turns a funky color and Repaint doesn't clear it up. I have to turn Shading off and back on.
  4. Can you get a sample of material and do some test cuts? I think it would be wise. See if your planned speed, feed, tool, and tool path work.
  5. Welcome Zacs Honestly, if you have the resources to obtain and run all that equipment and need to KEEP it running why not spend a few bucks and get some training?
  6. Rob sitting on top of a huge pile of CDs throwing them in the air saying "mine, all mine."
  7. Now that a few folks have started using X. Please post golden nuggets of advice here that us X noobs can read before installation. Things like configuration tips, default settings, etc. Anything that you wish you had known day one with X.
  8. quote: I think it'll mess you up if the chain reaches a branch point. Chaining in X: not for the timid.
  9. Not too close, you wouldn't want to get hurt when the mailman takes his shot
  10. May I reiterate? Any V9 option available now at half price that will see it's funtionality blossom in X should be made available at a discount when (ever) X appears. (like it essentially has for our good pal Gcode now) Maintanance, offered as a buy now get X free later, has left an icky taste for many. Don't do that or anything remotely similar again. If X has features that will make a V9 option shine, then it's really an X option not a V9 option. Offer the deal when X is reality.
  11. I run small carbide drills in an air spindle at around 24000 rpm and feed about .00003" per flute and peck about .003" in 304 stainless. Coolant access is a big deal. An ER16 collet will sling /block coolant and leave the tool dry. I have good luck with .04" drills in a slender shrinker at 12000 rpm. It's hard to specify the size of flutes on circuit board drills, but use the stiffest ones you can find. Some I've tried had a very roomy flute and the lack of tortional stiffness caused unpredicable life. Mitsubishi makes some very nice small drills but they are very expensive.
  12. Maybe I can try again. If Verify in X works so sweet that after seeing X (some time in the future) and I'd say "shucks, I shoulda bought an upgrade to 9 when it was 1/2 price so I could use it now with X where it works much better than it did with 9." Grrr... Does that make more sense?

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