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  1. Yes, I tried same file from server and from desktop 129,000kb and about 10s longer off server . one minute 10s to open . That seems way to long . Even a smaller files take 50s to open .
  2. I know if a part file is large it might take awhile to open in mastercam 2021. My issue is every file takes long to open up . Now my files are off a server so I get that might be most of the problem but I don't know if that's what my case is. Anytime i switch to a new window in side mastercam it drags . Example would be editing tool parameters . It takes way to long to open up . MY question is that maybe I got something not optimized in my mastercam settings that is slowing everything down is it my computer . Does anyone think my setup is outdated . Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s) NVIDIA Quadro K4200 32 gig memory SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series ATA Device
  3. I have a part material is cast magnesium. It is a mill job . Does anyone have some helpful tips on machining this stuff. I just know about 25yrs ago a old timer was tuning this stuff and it caught fire and bout scraped the lathe . Just have not had this stuff in the shop except fot a long time ago. Thanks
  4. jeez Right in front of me . Must be a Monday
  5. Good Monday ! Is there a way convert a note from auto cad to geomerty in mastercam Thanks
  6. Good Morning , I am not asking for a post . I've have been a member too long not to know this . I do have a question that might save me some time .Is there a generic post maybe here or on the main mastercam site I can download to use. I have a teacher that used to work with me now is a industrial arts guy. He has a hass mill at his high school . They have no cad software and he wants to see if I can make a couple of name plates for the school . Basically trying to help him out . Thanks
  7. CH002499r2.tifCH002499r2.tif If you look at the hybrid tool path it is not going all the way down from the top to the bottom . At some point om the way down it jumps down to about the top of the fillet in the bottom . then goes back where it left off and finishes . Nothing gouge but you can see the squiggly line that takes off about in the middle and starts somewhere else . I don'y know if there is a problem with the model but I have tried missing with different settings in the toolpath but know luck. I tried both machine as solid and surface and same thing. Any ideas whats causing this . Thanks
  8. Good Morning , I tried a few times and I have not got a link from in e-mail. I uses a couple of ones and neither one had any luck .
  9. My company picked up the maintenance for 2021 Mastercam. Is this correct that X+ set up sheet is not a free dowmload .
  10. Good Morning Ron, I was able to machine the backside of the 2 threads with the mult axis flow tool path and that cleaned up that choppy looking back side with .02 dia ball endmill. Then a little polishing . Thanks the help . I have been in and out of the shop with this pandemic slowing things up and the chiller went out on my mill also . Murphy's Law lol
  11. Ron , You cant see it but it has is two thread segments . Both identical . So I was wondering why one toolpath looks good and the other doesn't. So if I understand you right there is a slight deviation between the surfaces ? 
  12. Hi Ron I got some tapered end mills (harvey tool) that I think will work . One thread 10 deg looks good the other won't stay down . Not sure why on is giving me problems they ate both the same thread spec . If you look close you can see the toolpath on the screenshot. One thread looks like it is blending well and the one is up off the bottom . I'm running 2019 Do you have any idea how to force that down to the bottom of the radius . I have surfaced machined the 4 ends of the thread before and it has worked good. 0 and 180 index to complete . My other question is blending the form on the tops of the threads . What was your idea on that. When you get some let me know what you think . Thanks
  13. Ron I'll look into that angled cutter thanks
  14. Ron I played around today with both those paths . I have a crack at it again Monday .

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